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    Things To Do Before Moving into an Apartment

    2 months ago · · Comments Off on Things To Do Before Moving into an Apartment

    Things To Do Before Moving into an Apartment

    Justin Becker

    Updated: July 11, 2022

    If you have ever moved into an apartment, you understand how stressful it can be. For instance, the moving process alone is very tiring and costly, especially if you decide to involve a moving company.

    For your apartment move to be successful, there are a few things you need to do; but first, you need to walk through and sign your rental lease.

    This article considers the critical things every tenant should do before moving into a new apartment.

    Things To Do Before Moving into an Apartment

    If you want your apartment move to be successful, keep the following apartment tips in mind:

    Save Money and Resources for the Apartment Move

    If you have ever moved to a new rental unit, you understand the costly nature of the whole process. You will be forced to incur different costs before, during, and after the move.

    For instance, most landlords require you to pay the first and last months rent before the movein. In some cases, you will also pay different movein fees, including application fees, pet deposits, administration fees, and a security deposit (learn how to get the apartment deposit back here).

    During the move, you will have to pay a moving company to help you with the process. Most moving companies charge as per the distance moved. Checkout our list of the top movers in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

    After moving, different utility costs are waiting for you. They include internet, water, gas, garbage, sewer, and electricity costs. In some cases, a renter’s insurance policy is also required. Learn more about what bills come with an apartment here.

    We, therefore, recommend that you save enough money for your moving budget to have an easier time moving. If possible, ask your potential landlord or neighbor for estimated costs for the utilities within the apartment.

    Contact the Current and New Property Manager

    We understand that most tenants moving into a new apartment are just exiting another rental unit (read our guide on how to move-out of an apartment here). As a tenant, notify the landlord in the current apartment of your intentions to move. Let them know that you have no intention whatsoever of renewing the lease.

    You should also let them know when you are likely to move-out so they can prepare your security deposit. This way they can complete a move-out checklist and let you know how you can return the keys.

    After you are done with the current landlord, it is time to contact your new landlord. Let them know the exact moving day and move-in date you have in mind.

    Ensure you ask them the following questions:

    • When will the apartment building be ready for you?
    • Is there enough parking space for your car within the apartment community?
    • Does the apartment have an elevator for moving heavy items?
    • Is paying all the required fees mandatory before moving into the apartment?
    • Does the property manager respond quickly to maintenance requests?

    Be sure you know what to ask when apartment hunting so you are well-prepared.

    Pack Boxes Properly for Easier Transportation

    There is a lot you will be carrying while moving into an apartment. We recommend that you start with collecting the moving supplies. You can track down several free boxes and buy any extra boxes that you need.

    Remember to purchase black sharpie markers, strong packing tape, and packing paper. Ensure that you label all the boxes to track where you kept everything. If you fail to do this, you might be forced to open and sort through the boxes to identify things, like your coffee maker.

    If you do not have boxes, don’t be in a hurry to buy them. In most cases, local grocery stores or movers can offer you boxes for free. Just ask them in advance to be sure about the boxes’ availability.

    While packing, avoid packing the towels from your linen closet. Instead, use them to wrap delicate items and to pad the bottom of your boxes. You can tuck them in empty spaces to prevent delicate items and breakables from shifting in the box.

    For the case of large breakable items, such as a television, wrap them with blankets. You can then ensure the blanket is secure with packing tape.

    If you want small items to remain contained, employ sandwich bags. You might be forced to take pictures of some items during disconnection. This will help you during reconnection after moving into your new rental unit.

    Acquire a Renters Insurance Policy to Secure Your Property

    Most property managers require tenants to have renters insurance (learn if renters insurance is required in Michigan here). We can confirm that it is always a good idea to have one.

    The renters insurance aims to protect your things against fire, theft, or natural disasters. You will be assured of a certain amount of money for your damaged belongings.

    The good news is that the insurance is available for as low as $10 per month.

    If you own renters insurance for your current apartment, just link up with the relevant agent. This way, they can update the insurance to your new address and, if possible, let you know of any price change.

    We recommend taking time to research the available insurers to determine the best one for you.

    Select the Perfect Location

    Every tenant wants to live in a perfect location. However, most tenants do not know that this requires constant research and patience to get a good location.

    The best apartment location is one that is closer to your workplace. If you can’t commute by foot, then it should have quality transportation options, including traffic patterns, parking spaces, and road infrastructure.

    We recommend selecting a place that is nearby quality amenities, such as restaurants, shopping centers, and grocery stores. If you like the environment, go for a green area with quality landscape features.

    Finally, safety and security are very important for your family. At the very least, the location should be free from crime. We recommend renting an apartment with a security system in place. Learn what else you need to know about renting an apartment here.

    Read the Apartment Lease

    The apartment lease is among the most important documents you will ever come across. With most apartments, it is mandatory to sign the lease before occupying the unit. We recommend that you read the lease agreement carefully to understand the landlord’s terms and conditions (learn how to review an apartment lease here).

    You need to fully understand the lease for things like the apartment pet policy, common amenity usage, late rent payment, and monthly rent payment. Seek clarification on apartment maintenance, garbage collection, utility costs, and parking space. If you find certain rules uncomfortable, discuss them with your landlord.

    Contact a Professional to Inspect the Apartment

    It is the wish of every tenant to acquire the best apartment for their family. The truth is that achieving this requires constant dedication and research (learn where to find apartments for rent online here). Before settling on a new apartment, we recommend exploring all the available options within the new neighborhood.

    Have a professional inspector walk through the overall property condition. This includes water damage signs, such as dark spots or crumbling paint. They should also focus on poor upkeep and HVAC issues, among other problems.

    The inspector should guarantee that the apartment is free of pest infestation. Most important is the security considerations. Here, you must ensure the availability of fire escapes, fire alarm systems, and security systems. Checkout our guide on whether hard wired or wireless home security systems are better.

    We recommend that you take all of the pictures and document pre-existing damage. This will help when you want to move out and want your security deposit back.

    Buy the Critical Items Your New Apartment

    You would not want to move into an apartment and lack the basics to make your life comfortable. Therefore, you should check if you have all the required items and buy what you don’t have.

    For instance, there are essential bathroom items that you should have, such as:

    ●     Toilet paper

    ●     Soap

    ●     Toilet brush

    ●     Washcloths

    ●     Toilet bowl cleaner

    ●     Shower curtains

    ●     Toothbrush holder

    Also, you will need:

    ●     Mattress

    ●     Bed frame

    ●     Box springs

    The kitchen must have all the required utensils and items, such as a trash can and coffee table. If possible, purchase new furniture, cleaning supplies, and provide storage solutions.

    Even though your landlord might supply household appliances, such as light bulbs, first aid kit,  and vacuum cleaners, confirm that everything you need is available and in good working condition.

    Hire Movers to Handle the Moving Process

    If you have ever moved to an apartment, you understand how tiring the process can be. It is not something that you can successfully finish by yourself. This is why we recommend seeking help from professional moving companies.

    There are many professional movers who can make your moving experience easy. In fact, they can take over everything from packing items in the current units to transporting in a moving truck; and later, rearranging them in the new rental unit. Consider scheduling movers about 6-8 weeks before the move date.

    Please note, you will have to set aside a lot of money for the moving fee. The amount you will pay depends mainly on what you own and the distance to be moved.

    Organize and Pay for Apartment Utilities in Your New Apartment

    When you enter an apartment, there are different utilities that you will want to enjoy, such as internet, electricity, and gas. Check the lease to determine the utilities that are offered by the landlord and those you are responsible for. Here is a list of apartments in Farmington Hills, MI with utilities included, like Botsford Place Terrace Apartments.

    In many cases, property managers cover both trash and water. However, they leave electricity, internet, and gas bills to the tenant. Expect to pay such bills monthly.

    Final Remark

    Moving into a new rental unit can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right information beforehand. However, we have made everything easier for you by outlining what you must do before moving into your new rental unit.

    Ensure that you constantly communicate with your new landlord through every step. They can help you have an enjoyable moving experience.

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