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    The Ultimate Guide To Renting Apartments In Michigan

    7 months ago · · Comments Off on The Ultimate Guide To Renting Apartments In Michigan

    The Ultimate Guide To Renting Apartments In Michigan

    Justin Becker

    Updated: February 22, 2021

    So the next phase of your life is going to be in Michigan. Congratulations! The quality of life, friendly people, and happening events in this place are sure to give you a fun time ahead. People have been enjoying life in Michigan years ago.

    However, it’s not enough to just decide that you’re going to live in a certain place. When you move to an area like Michigan, finding a house on rent is going to be a tough process for most people. Unless you contact a company or another trusted party that sorts out a specific square feet house for you, browsing through the available rentals of Michigan is a top priority.

    How to Rent an Apartment in Michigan

    Finding apartments in Michigan for rent might be a challenge but it’s not a hopeless task. In fact, if you do your research about 1 bed, 2 beds, 3 beds, 1 baths, 2 baths, or a specific number of bathrooms available. The perfect place might be available sooner than you think. It’s always a good idea to be prepared and updated, though.

    So, here are some friendly tips on renting an apartment Michigan:

    Consider the renting period

    Before you sign any lease and contact someone via email or other communication media, take a look at how long you expect to stay in Michigan. You might be here because of a company transfer, a new job, etc. If this is so, you may reasonably expect staying here for a long time. If you’re here just to look around for a new job or want to move to a house in a few months, regular renting could be tricky.

    Most apartment leases, 1 2 beds, 1 3 beds, or 3 beds require a tenant to commit for at least a year to rent in Michigan. If that sounds too long, make sure you clarify 1 day that it’s a month-to-month (last updated) lease or a sublet is required.

    The roommate factor

    If you’re determined to live alone, be prepared to pay up the price. Having a roommate can usually make it cheaper to rent a 2 beds apartment, so think about your budget after you know the price.

    If you do decide that a roommate is acceptable and friendly, it’s best to look around and ensure that you’re living with someone compatible in Ann Arbor. Ask your social circle via email or any social media platform if they have any ideas and make sure to check out both the apartment and the person living there before making a decision.

    Decide on the living needs

    The amount of needs you have will determine the level of rent that’s within your budget. If you’re not careful, a Michigan apartment could dazzle you into agreeing for a much higher rent than you can afford.

    A wrong decision here can result in the renter’s remorse. Therefore, you should take out 1 day to ascertain the amount of space that you absolutely need and compare it with the price of the apartment. So, you require 2 beds, a home office, studio 2 beds, space to entertain, hardwood floors, and a balcony? Asking yourself such questions about the property will narrow down the amenities (including the washer dryer) before you drive out to see anything. This way, you can hopefully get an affordable apartment without any bells and whistles.


    Before you start looking at the updated information about rentals, take out the time 1 day to do the property research. Look up map data 2021 Google provides and check the neighborhoods that seem fairly decent. After that, explore if they offer equal housing opportunity and a friendly environment.

    You might be looking for a neighborhood with several friendly families nearby to socialize with your own brood. Young professionals also seek out places where they can easily make new connections and network. You can email those you know already.

    If all seems well according to the last updated information you get, drive or commute from that area to your workplace and other places that you frequent. You can use data map for that. Finally, you’d want to confirm that the rentals are affordable and decent. Therefore, it’s wise to email the property manager beforehand.

    Answering ads early

    It’s best to answer ads early, as you want to be among the first to respond to the listings that are updated just a while ago. Apartments in the state of Michigan usually don’t stay vacant for long, especially if they have 2 beds and are within an affordable rent range.

    However, one area might give you an apartment if you’ve conducted ample research two to three weeks ago. Others might require you to start your search a few months before you need an apartment. Contact or email brokers, family members, and locals about the best time for answering the listings.

    Gather the necessary items

    Before you view a likely property for rent, collect your updated documents and bring them along. These will be absolutely necessary if you like the apartment right there and don’t want to lose out:

    • Two bank statements that you’ve been using a few months ago
    • Checkbook
    • Updated tax returns from last year (both the signature page and the first page)
    • A letter of employment
    • A tape measure to make sure you have enough room
    • A camera and a notebook to remember things
    • Two pay stubs that you got a few days ago
    • A letter of reference from your previous landlord or employer

    It’s equally important to email the softcopy of the documents to a family member just in case you happen to lose any of the documents.

    Questions about deposits

    Some property managers will ask for a deposit just to hold a likely property before you finally sign the lease. Find out how much that deposit is for rent, when you’ll get it back, and how you can lose it. Also, email them and ask if they need any other document.

    There might also be a security deposit as well as other fees to pay before moving in to rent a property. Make sure that you know about these along with the expected payment for utilities.

    Check the place inside and out

    Do take your tape measure and check out the interior and exterior of the apartment including the studio 2 if possible. You should also be checking out the condition of the neighborhood as well as the building. If you need any amenities, such as a washer dryer or a fitness center nearby, check their availability.

    You can also ask the Detroit MI or Grand Rapids MI building department about a building/unit in their area. In fact, any building department in the area you’re considering will be able to tell you in a friendly way whether a building had any violations or issues a few months ago. You should also inquire about the pet policy.

    Be aware of civil rights

    There are legal outlines that protect you while renting units in this state, whether it’s Detroit MI or somewhere else. To start with, no property landlord can discriminate against you on the basis of religion, ethnicity, race, age, disability, marital status, or sex.

    There are several centers you can visit in case of any concerns with apartment homes for rent. In this state, two examples include the Fair Housing Center of Southeast and Mid Michigan and Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan.

    Read the lease

    Finally, make sure you read the lease before placing your pen on it. This lease will outline your rights, what you can expect from the apartment, and your own responsibilities. Several clauses might not be allowed when leasing Michigan apartments; even if they’re in the lease, your landlord won’t legally be allowed to enforce them.

    Apartments in Michigan

    The Takeaway

    Finding proper apartments in Michigan is easier said than done. The process can be fun as well, with the exciting options and checking the last updated listings. Take out enough time so that you’re not rushed and email the contact person whenever you have a query. Even if that’s not possible, following the steps above will hopefully tick enough boxes for that property to rent.

    Having some knowledge of real estate will also help, combined with patience and a bit of luck. If things seem slow, remember that there are always at least a few apartments for rent!

    About The Author

    Justin Becker is a property owner in the state of Michigan and has a passion for managing communities. He owns both apartment complexes and mobile home communities and has been writing his own blogs for his properties for several years.