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    Things Everyone From Farmington Hills, Michigan Knows Is True

    7 months ago · · Comments Off on Things Everyone From Farmington Hills, Michigan Knows Is True

    Things Everyone From Farmington Hills, Michigan Knows Is True

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 18, 2021

    Farmington Hills, MI, in Oakland County, is a city of moderate size with a population of around 80,000. 66 percent of that population is White, with 20 percent being African American, and 11 percent Asian. It’s a pretty family-friendly region, with 81 percent of the people over 15 married and 61 percent of these having kids. 

    These statistics might make it tempting to settle down in the city of Farmington Hills and make it your new home. However, there are several factors to consider before taking the plunge. The livability scores are one tool to use but what about the nitty-gritty truths that every Farmington Hills resident knows?

    Let’s have a look at some of these before deciding on anything final.

    1. Diversity adds interest

    In the city of Farmington Hills Michigan, you’re quite likely to have a lot of diversity in your neighborhood. Take a peek next door, and you might find someone of Chinese descent. They might also be African American or of Armenian, Jewish, and even Iraqi descent. This is one of the few places in the world with a diverse collection of people. One thing is for sure; socializing will hardly be monotonous or boring here.

    2. You might have to go to other towns to party

    While there are a few activities in the downtown city of Farmington Hills, it’s hardly the partying center of the state. If you’re just looking for a nice way to pass the time, the city of Farmington Hills will probably do for a bit. When you’re ready for something more exciting, it’s time to head out. 

    3. You get the amenities and other basics without any hassle

    In the city of Farmington Hills, you’ll have the benefit of getting excellent amenities, a low crime rate, great housing, and so on. While the employment opportunities are middling, there’s no denying that the city of Farmington Hills is high on the livability scale. The weather might be an issue. But you usually have access to restaurants, decent grocery stores, and lovely coffee shops. 

    4. You forget to be afraid

    Looking for a sense of safety above all? The violent crime rate in the city of Farmington Hills is 114 out of 100,000. This makes it a lot lower than the United States’ national average. With the low crime rates, we can also look forward to increased home appreciation rates and an inherent sense of community. 

    5. Investing in real estate is a win

    Getting some land of your own is usually a risk, but it’s probably worth it if it is located in the city of Farmington Hills, MI. Even if it’s your only asset, it’s a very valuable one. If you’re renting, though, the monthly rent will probably be among your largest expenses. Overall, the housing in the city of Farmington Hills is a lot higher than average. 

    6. Community counts for a lot

    Farmington Hills City Hall is open to the public which is just one example of the close-knit community in this city. The shops help along with local businesses and everyone feels connected to their area and the history attached to it. 

    7. There’s always something new to explore

    Even those who grew up in the city of Farmington Hills feel like there’s a lot more to discover. You have some nice shops, a library, and the Saturday farmer’s market to start with. Look a little further, and you’ll find several more activities to pursue.

    8. Everything is close to you

    It seems like no matter where you live, it’s just a short march to your school, the shops, or a decent restaurant. The close proximity of almost every amenity is both fun and convenient no matter what your idea of fun is like. 

    9. Neighbors might take over your chores

    If you’re not careful, your nice neighbors might end up plowing your driveway. Even if you don’t get that perk, everyone is usually looking out for the other person.

    10. Everyone can eat

    It doesn’t matter even if you’re a vegetarian. Dietary restrictions are no excuse not to eat in the city of Farmington Hills! There are various food options including vegan restaurants. 

    11. Parks are everywhere

    Want to take a peaceful walk, let your dog get some exercise, or plan an exciting picnic? There’s always a beautiful park nearby for all your excursions. Heritage Park is one of the major landmarks. 

    12. Everyone loves the place

    Whether it’s a community college in Oakland County or an excellent school in the region, many people are more than happy to stay right where they are. While students might think of moving away to college or university in the near future, they always remember the love in the city of Farmington Hills and don’t usually forget their close connections. 

    13. Everyone will welcome you

    Ask any Farmington Hills resident what to expect when you arrive there and they’ll probably tell you to expect a warm welcome. Almost everyone there is warm and welcoming even if they’ve never seen you before. This might seem strange to someone who isn’t used to the city’s culture. But it’s certainly not unpleasant. 

    14. Commuting is a breeze

    Commuting is usually a pain but most nearby cities are a mere 15 minutes’ distances away from the city of Farmington Hills. The metro Detroit area is at your fingertips!

    15. Celebrations are a must

    The peace and quiet are routinely shaken up by the holiday celebrations. 

    16. You can trust the teachers

    Children in the city of Farmington Hills are lucky enough to get placed right where they should be. While there are some ups and downs, you can be fairly sure of the teachers listening to you and helping your child achieve their dreams. 

    17. Privacy and choice are facts of life

    Even though everyone cares about each other, privacy is still a thing in this city in Oakland County, Farmington Hills. The city is also geared towards those who want the integrity of choice for their future lives. 

    18. The roads are always under construction

    We’ve seen the upside to the city of Farmington Hills, but it’s not all rainbows and roses. While this is certainly one of the best places where you can raise your kids, there are certain downsides. One of these is the seemingly never-ending construction on the roads which can be both dangerous and inconvenient. There’s a lot of monitoring, though, so the danger factor is mostly canceled out. 

    19. People stay here for a long time

    You’ll see people who came here as kids, settled down, had kids and grandkids, and still have no intention of moving anywhere! Farmington Hills is their forever home and they can’t see any reason to leave. 

    20. It’s always family time

    It seems like everyone who comes here gets married and starts a family. You’ll see a lot of kids and teens around with family picnics and activities galore. 

    21. Academic opportunities are all over

    Farmington Hills has the International Baccalaureate Program as well as a nice STEAM program. The academic potential of students is not likely to go unnoticed here. 

    22. Gatherings are frequent

    The small community seems to look out for chances to get together and they’re usually successful. There are swing dances, Miss Farmington Hills competitions, and several other events where the residents mingle and enjoy themselves. 

    23. There’s a lot to learn

    There are several centers in Farmington Hills where one can go to fuel their minds. The academic institutes are definitely among the top ones. However, the Finnish Center Association Cultural Center and the Holocaust Memorial Center are always worth a visit no matter how long you’ve lived in the area. 

    24. Relaxing is serious business

    We’ve already talked about the parks while the wooded areas are also a hit with people who want to be closer to nature. For those who want a more controlled environment, the REST spa is a must-visit. The experience will allow one to relax and recharge their bodies completely. 

    25. You pay for what you get

    Farmington Hills is a classic suburban location which means that you also have to pay the price of living there. Housing is expensive and the daily cost of living is a whole other consideration. But it’s certainly not something that’s accessible to the lower-income ranges. 

    26. Everyone is young or young at heart

    With several families and a lot of newcomers every year, the community remains youthful.

    Farmington Hills Michigan

    The Takeaway

    When you come to Farmington Hills Michigan, you’d be assured of safety, low crime, and several other positive factors. Every region has some downsides. So, don’t expect a total paradise, either. Overall, though, it seems like this city is among the top-rated places to live in. Perhaps, this might even be the place where you and your family settle down for good!


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