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    The Top Apartments Near Farmington Hills, MI

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    The Top Apartments Near Farmington Hills, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 2, 2022

    Farmington Hills is a suburb of Detroit, and it has a consistent ranking among the best cities to live in the state of Michigan. The wooded neighborhoods, rolling green lawns, Farmington Hills parks, and amazing Farmington Hills shopping malls make for a great lifestyle without compromising on any amenities. Farmington Hills, MI is also among the largest cities within Oakland County. Overall, it is a safe community with several top elementary schools for kids.

    Settling Down in Farmington Hills, MI

    Several families, couples, and individuals are settling down near Farmington Hills or planning to do so in the near future. This should not be a surprise, as there are many factors to recommend this place as your forever home. Here are just a few of them:

    • There are many lakes, state parks, and other places where one can enjoy nature (don’t forget the proximity to Heritage Park)
    • You can get access to different housing options, such as a studio apartment, a one bedroom apartment, or a three bedroom apartment, according to your needs
    • There are several easily accessible shopping centers near most apartment complexes and other residential areas
    • You will be close to major cities, such as Detroit. So, getting more amenities and entertainment options on occasion should not be a problem
    • There are several interstates nearby, which makes work and study commutes very easy when you live in Farmington Hills apartments
    • The community is a peaceful and friendly one
    • Farmington Hills, MI is known for its excellent public school system, which is better than most other setups in the state; the Farmington Hills elementary schools are especially good for providing a well-rounded and effective education

    The Average Rent Rate Near Farmington Hills, MI

    One of the first things to ask when apartment hunting is how much its average rent rate might be in a certain area. If you are looking to rent an apartment in Farmington Hills or nearby locations, keep in mind that the average apartment rent rate will vary according to the places you look.

    For instance, the lowest cost of renting an apartment in Farmington Hills, MI can also go all the way up to $1,990 per month, with the overall average rent being around $1,205. Following is a breakdown of the average rent in Farmington Hills according to the type of apartment you get. This will hopefully help in estimating an average of the rent while searching for apartments near the area as well:

    The option of a studio apartment is usually the cheapest one in any kind of area. In Farmington Hills, a couple or individual might go for this option when they are just starting out. Since the suburb of Farmington Hills, MI is so beautiful and convenient, the rent for such apartments starts at around $875. If you are a complete beginner, here is some advice on when to start looking for apartments.

    A one bedroom is just a step up from a studio apartment, but it is still an economical option that offers privacy and, perhaps, some more amenities. To this end, the average rental payment for such an apartment is around $1,205.

    A two bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills, or near it, will be perfect for those with small families or two roommates living together. The average rent rate here is around $1,667 per month.

    A three bedroom apartment is usually the maximum a regular apartment complex will allow. However, there might be places that offer more rooms near Farmington Hills, MI. In any case, the average rental amount for three bedroom apartments in this area is around $1,990.

    Apartments Near Farmington Hills, MI

    If you are ready to move to Farmington Hills, MI, this is the right time to wonder how long it takes to find a good apartment. To move in and get settled as quickly as possible, we will have to talk about some of the top apartments available near Farmington Hills, MI. Just a few of the best options here include the following:

    1. Botsford Place Terrace Apartments

    Firstly, we will come to our top choice for the best apartment in Farmington Hills. With Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, residents can get the quiet and practical life they have always dreamed of. Plus, the lifestyle here is both luxurious and affordable – we really can’t think of a better combination.

    The Botsford Place Terrace Apartments have many units going at the average apartment rent rate for the area. In fact, the offerings here may even be up to 35% lower than the average rate in Farmington Hills.

    Where are These Apartments Located?

    You can find Botsford Place Terrace Apartments at 27883 Independence St, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

    What Other Amenities Do These Apartments Have?

    So, why have we put Botsford Place at the top spot for apartments in Farmington Hills? Below are just a few factors that will help you analyze that these are the top luxury apartments one can think of:

    ●       It is a well-lit area with trees lining the streets; both picturesque and safe at all times of the day

    ●       The community is a friendly one, with the staff caring about everyone as well as their pets

    ●       The three bedroom unit has an open floor plan

    ●       A lot of storage in each unit, especially the three bedroom ones

    ●       Spacious living areas with all the comforts of a modern home

    ●       A strategic location that provides convenience in everyday life; it is right near the M-5 and I-696 expressways and at a walking distance from the Beaumont Hospital

    ●       The top-performing schools in the district, both high school and elementary, are very close by

    ●       Ample parking space for all vehicles

    ●       Friendly apartment pet policy and also close to many dog parks

    2. Covington Club Apartments

    If you are in search of the top luxury apartments in Farmington Hills, this is certainly one of the best options out there.

    Basically, the main aim of every unit in Covington Club is that of extravagance and luxury. You are assured of a private entrance, roomy suites, luxurious master bathrooms, whirlpool tubs, and breakfast nooks in spacious kitchens.

    Where are These Apartments Located?

    The exact location of these apartments is at 33000 Covington Club Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.

    What Other Amenities Do These Apartments Offer?

    The large spaces in each unit are luxurious in themselves, but here are some more reasons why Covington Club might be the most exciting choice so far: =

    • It is an ideal location, being close to Downtown Detroit, West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Livonia, and several other happening places
    • The amenities are similar to that of a country club, with both privacy and loads of entertainment/relaxation options
    • The top-rated schools in the area are very near
    • The apartment units provide attached garage, private basements, skylights, etc.

    3. Village Club of Farmington Hills Apartments

    The Village Club of Farmington Hills is best known for its resort-class amenities, making it feel like you are living in a country club all the time. There are mostly one and two bedroom apartments on offer here, with both premium and base finishes to cater to a large demographic.

    The amazing amenities here include an outdoor pool, sauna, car wash on-site, and a Whole Body Fitness Center that’s open 24/7. There is also a rent per roommate program going on there now, so you can call them for details if you are interested.

    Where are the Village Club of Farmington Hills Apartments Located?

    The location of these apartments is 39365 Village Green Boulevard in Farmington Hills, MI 48331. This point is perfect for those who want to live in suburban Detroit, yet have easy access to the top schools for their kids, work opportunities in major companies, and popular entertainment options for everyone in the family.

    What Other Amenities Do These Apartments Offer?

    The quality amenities don’t stop with just outdoor facilities. Here are a few other perks that might pique your interest:

    • Option of a virtual apartment tour for those who don’t want to or can’t visit the units in-person
    • A pet-friendly policy with certain rules in place
    • Contemporarily designed kitchens with electric appliances already in place
    • Modern, spacious bathrooms with oversized showerhead for a luxurious feeling
    • An entertainment club room and terrace club that includes a billiard room
    • Landscaped grounds with fitness trials
    • Fiber wired internet that is both fast and reliable around the clock
    • A guarantee of 24/7 on-site maintenance services

    4. Lakeview Apartments

    If you are on the lookout for a centrally located apartment, a unit in Lakeview Apartments might be just your cup of tea. Once you walk up to the place, it will feel like finding a hidden treasure each time. The grounds are gorgeously wooded, with the water fountain providing soft, tranquil sounds every minute of the day and night.

    Lakeview Apartments are known for their large and spacious one and two-bedroom apartment units. They also usually have either a balcony or patio, depending on what floor they are on. There are several facilities and perks that the residents get here, which we will discuss.

    Where are These Apartments Located?

    The exact location of Lakeview Apartments is 23960 Middlebelt Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48336. This is a nice area of Oakland County that offers proximity to some excellent schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and so on.

    What Other Amenities Can Lakeview Apartments Give Us?

    Here are just a few of the perks we get when we live in Lakeview Apartments:

    • Covered parking for all vehicles
    • Grounds with beautiful landscaping
    • Central air conditioning in all units
    • 24-hour emergency maintenance service
    • Water fountain and pond in the view from selected apartments
    • Laundry facilities on-site
    • Community amenities
    • A sparkling swimming pool (complete with sundeck)
    • A quick commute to and from several companies with job opportunities in Oakland County

    5. Canterbury Park Apartments in Livonia, MI

    If you can’t seem to find the perfect apartment in Farmington Hills, MI, make sure to check out the nearby city of Livonia for more options. This prime location is just nine miles from Farmington, which means approximately a 17-minute drive, on average. By opting for Canterbury Park Apartments, you get to enjoy all the facilities, entertainment options, and dining options in Farmington Hills.

    These apartments offer both one and two bedroom apartments, with a full-sized washer and dryer setup in every unit. There is also noise-barrier flooring, as well as modern sliding glass doors for the balcony or patio.

    Where is this Apartment Complex Located?

    The exact location of these apartments is 19400 Mayfield Avenue, Livonia, MI 48152. This location is very convenient; with the place being just two miles from several interstates.

    What Other Amenities Do Canterbury Park Apartments Have?

    Knowing more about these apartments can help you make a decision about moving here or not. Without further ado, let’s have a look at what the housing opinions of these apartments can offer for an exciting, safe, and productive lifestyle:

    • The apartments are renovated, with their own kitchen appliances, nickel-brushed hardware, and upgraded lighting package
    • There is a private laundry room for those who prefer it
    • The bedrooms are large, with customized walk-in closets
    • There are gorgeous wooded views from almost every window
    • Resort-class facilities, including an outdoor kitchen and pool
    • A remodeled clubroom with amenities, like free Wi-Fi and a gourmet chef’s kitchen – all available for rent as well
    • Award-winning public schools nearby
    • Walking distance from bakeries, meat markets, and produce markets

    The Takeaway

    Farmington Hills, MI is certainly a gorgeous and peaceful place to live. However, before you sign off on any MI apartments, make sure to check out the rent trends in that area. Along with all the other apartment-related info you can find, these trends will let you know what kind of a deal you are getting.

    You should also make sure to tick off most of your priorities before finally renting an apartment in Farmington Hills. Parents of kids will want to be near the elementary schools and probably want a two bedroom apartment, at the very least.

    Finally, make sure to check all real estate licenses before putting complete trust in any agent. If this is the first time you have begun apartment hunting, here are some tips on how to shop for your first apartment.

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