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    How To Save Energy In Your Farmington Hills Apartments This Winter?

    12 months ago · · Comments Off on How To Save Energy In Your Farmington Hills Apartments This Winter?

    How To Save Energy In Your Farmington Hills Apartments This Winter?

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 17, 2021

    Winters in Farmington Hills can be less than ideal at times, and regardless of where you live, knowing how to save energy and keep warm during the winter months is crucial. That said, there are a variety of things you can do to save money as well as make sure your apartment home stays nice and toasty.  Here are some apartment living energy-saving tips to consider this winter.

    Keep Air Vents Clear (And Only Open The Ones You Need)

    Chances are if you live in an older apartment community or building, then you may have forced air heating. If in fact you do, then you should check all your vents when it is time to winterize your apartment. Not only should you make sure that your vents are not being blocked by any of your belongings, but you should also try to keep the air vents as clean as possible. Doing so will allow your apartment to be properly heated or ventilated, which means you will not have to jack up the thermostat to stay warm. Note, if there are rooms or areas of your apartment home that you do not use, then you may want to consider closing vents in those spaces in order to keep your utility bills down.

    Heat-Resistant Radiator Reflectors

    On the other hand, if your apartment comes equipped with heat resistant radiators, then you may want to invest in heat resistant reflectors. If this is your first time hearing about heat resistant radiator reflectors, there is no need to worry. These simple foil contraptions or reflectors easily fit behind your radiator and can help ensure that you are not letting heat escape through the walls of your apartment. Note, if you do not have a drafty apartment home, then likely your unit is well insulated, and therefore you may not need to invest in reflectors.

    Enjoy The Sunshine!

    Yet another way to cut down on the amounts of heat or energy you are using this winter is to let the sunshine in. If you have blackout curtains or are constantly keeping your blinds closed, you may want to reconsider this as the sun is a great heat source, especially for smaller apartment homes or units that have ample sun exposure.

    Use Rugs On Bare Floors

    You can also make use of rugs, which help keep cold floors warm as well as provide a layer of insulation, especially if you are located on the first floor. Rugs also are beneficial in typically colder rooms like bathrooms, your kitchen or areas that are less likely to benefit from sun exposure or direct vent access. If you want, you can kick things up a notch, then invest in some rug pads for even more insulation.

    Insulate Your Windows

    Speaking of insulation, you can also keep your apartment warm and your energy bills down by making sure that you insulate your windows. Of course, there are a variety of ways to shore up your windows that will not affect or take away from your security deposit when you move out. In fact, there are inexpensive film kits that work well and even window draft stoppers that you can purchase online for less than $10 that will also do the trick. Obviously, it is important to insulate/shore up drafty windows because you can increase your apartment home’s efficiency by 70 percent or more.

    Seal Up The Doors

    Along those same lines, you can purchase draft door stoppers and use plastic film kits for your doors. This will ensure that your apartment home stays warm and that you are not losing the battle against drafty areas in your home. That said, it is important that you once again do not use any caulking or duct tape to seal up doors, as this may cause damage that you will be responsible for later on. You should also make sure to plug up any holes that you come across in your apartment.

    Pack Your Freezer Tightly

    This one may sound strange, but it is highly recommended that you pack your freezer tightly. As you are more than likely aware, most apartment homes do not have double door refrigerators and freezers that are energy certified. Instead, you will likely find more traditional appliances. As a result, an empty or poorly packed freezer in a standard fridge can force additional cold air into your apartment.

    Close Your Fireplace Damper

    If you are one of the lucky ones and you have a contemporary apartment home with a real fireplace, then you should always make sure to winterize your fireplace once the seasons change. If you do not have a lot of experience with winterizing a fireplace or closing your fireplace damper, then we highly recommend that you speak with someone in the front office about having maintenance come to close the damper for you.

    Use A Humidifier

    Though it may make you feel like you are finally adulting, it is wise to invest in a good humidifier. The truth is, in addition to making your home feel warmer, there are a whole host of benefits that come with owning a humidifier. For instance, humidifiers have been shown to help stop the spread of airborne viruses, prevent dry skin, decrease snoring, relieve allergy symptoms and even reduce static electricity. What’s more, if you have wood floors or a lot of old wood furniture, a humidifier also prevents hardwood from drying out fully during the winter months. Finally, a humidifier will help you save on your heating bills.

    Circulate Warm Air

    Likewise, if your apartment home has ceiling fans, then this is another great way to keep your apartment warm this winter. Most ceiling fans have a switch that you can flip during the winter to reverse the airflow. Switching the fan to run in reverse will create a mild draft that pushes warm air down from the ceiling and back around the room.

    Use Smart Power Strips

    You should also invest in some smart power strips, if you have not already, as they will help to keep your apartment home more energy-efficient. Thanks to their overall design, smart power strips save energy because they actually cut off power to devices that are still plugged in. When you use wall outlets without an energy-saving power strip, even items or electronics that are off still use energy. In contrast, a power strip will ensure that you are not using more power when you do not need to be.

    Utilize The Old Standbys

    Last but not least, if all else fails, your favorite blanket, a nice fire and a small energy-efficient space heater can help keep the chills away and make your apartment home feel warmer. Plus, a cup of tea or a warm bath can help you unwind after a long cold day.

    Take Away

    There are a variety of things you can do to ensure that your apartment is winterized and more energy efficient. The tips mentioned above are just a few things you can do right now that will cost little money and will make a world of difference. That said, if you notice that your apartment home is still drafty after doing everything possible, then you may want to schedule maintenance to come and see if there is anything they can do as well. Ultimately, if you have recently relocated to your current apartment home in Farmington Hills, Michigan—then you might want to see how colder nights or days go before you start buying humidifiers, draft blockers and more.

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