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    Make Your Farmington Hills Apartments Smell Clean

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Make Your Farmington Hills Apartments Smell Clean

    Make Your Farmington Hills Apartments Smell Clean

    Justin Becker

    Updated: June 4, 2021

    Are you looking for ways on how to make your apartment smell clean and fresh at all times? These tips and advice can surely help you out! With these tips, you can be sure that your rented apartment will smell great all day and night.

    Use Dryer Sheets

    Stuff a few dryer sheets in your drawers and closets. Place some of it too in your air vents for a fresher and cleaner scent.

    Baking Soda Magic

    Use baking soda cleaning solution on hard to remove dirt and stain. The natural ingredient of baking soda will eliminate the stain and will remove any kind of odor that it carries.

    Place Some Scented Candles

    Place few small scented candles on each and every corner of your apartment. Make sure to place a batch of it on heavy traffic areas or room.

    Indoor Fresh Plants

    Buy some indoor fresh potted plants and place them strategically at your apartment. Great plan options are Lavender, mint and Plumeria. These plants will help create a fresh aroma and can purify the air inside your apartment.

    Essential oils

    Aside from using it in a diffuser, you can also pop few drops of essential oils on your air filters to influence the smell in your apartment. You can also drop some on a water bottle to spray on your pillow and bed.

    Bake some cookies

    The easiest and most enjoyable way to make your apartment in Farmington Hills smell great is to bake some cookies. Just let the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies roam around your apartment.

    Eliminate the garbage

    Very basic but often neglected tip to make an apartment smelling fresh and clean is throwing away the garbage. Don’t let the garbage can to be filled completely. Make it a habit to throw thje contents away before the day ends. This will prevent any kind of odor or smell from lingering around your rented apartment.

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