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    How to Adjust to Apartment Living

    6 months ago · · Comments Off on How to Adjust to Apartment Living

    How to Adjust to Apartment Living

    Justin Becker

    Updated: January 10, 2022

    There is no denying that you’ll love your new apartment due to the amenities you have always been dreaming of. However, there is so much that you don’t have control over. For instance, you might realize that the unit lacks the ‘it’s my home’ feeling.

    After moving into a new apartment, it’s normal to miss your old home. Worry not. You can still find comfort and quickly adjust to your new place if you take the right steps.

    Adjust to Apartment Living

    If you aren’t sure how to give your new apartment that homey feeling, go through the tips below.

    How to Adjust to Apartment Living

    Below are tips for adjusting to living in a rental unit:

    Unpack Immediately

    In fact, we recommend that you unpack all your belongings within the first three days upon moving. We understand that moving can sometimes be a stressful experience, but how you handle the moving process determines how fast you adjust.

    Start by unpacking all the boxes immediately to make stepping into your new apartment a pleasant experience. If unpacking immediately seems too tiring, we recommend that you place them all in a single corner.

    Give yourself at least three days to unpack all the household items and keep them where theyre supposed to be.

    Prioritize the Bedroom

    To relieve your exhaustion, you’re more likely to find yourself jumping onto the bed and sleeping. For your rental unit to feel like home, we recommend that you set up the bed with new sheets of your preferred colors.

    Once you’re done organizing the bed, add the coffee table and dressing table in a similar setting as your previous home. When you enter your bedroom, never remind yourself about unpacking the next day’s chores.

    In fact, you can opt to grab a nice book and start reading it till you fall asleep.

    Add Personal Touch to Your Living Room

    Do you own home decor items that make you remember some good times? Reconnecting with emotional stuff is one sure way to adjust to the new space in less time than expected.

    You, therefore, don’t have to pack everything when moving from one place to another. Just make a list of your favorite items, such as a sentimental frame that hung in your old home, your graduate shield, or a decoration piece gifted by your uncle.

    When moving into a new apartment, keep such items in the handbag and place them in the new apartment’s living room as soon as you arrive. Apart from this trick helping you personalize your home, it’ll also create familiarity with your new apartment.

    Use the Right Lighting

    There is no denying that a dark living space provides a gloomy look. Why would you allow low lighting to make you miserable when you can change it to fit your imagination?

    A new apartment and new lights form a perfect combination. You can begin implementing your home decor plan by installing kitchen bulbs, chandeliers, and beautiful veiling fixtures.

    For an enhanced lighting reflection, select any wall of your living room and fill it with mirrors of different shapes. Apart from enlarging the living space, the mirrors will also add beauty to the rental unit.

    Invite Family to the New Apartment

    No matter the decorations you have made on your new apartment, there is only one thing that’ll make you feel happy, your family member’s comments.

    After settling in the rental unit, we recommend inviting your family members for dinner. As they see the stylish home decor and the new setting that you have, they’ll appreciate the effort you put in.

    Such a positive reinforcement will, without question, make you love your new apartment living experience.

    Ease Roommate Tension

    If you decide to live with a roommate, you’ll have a lot of things to deal with. For instance, you’ll be forced to share close quarters living space and divide up all the expenses. With shared expenses, you can easily manage everything using a service like Splitwise.

    You can also have a positive conversation around everything else and set the rules straight early on. If you find yourself with a terrible roommate, there are procedures to evict them. Ensure you live with a roommate that gives you peace of mind.

    Plan Your Space

    We all know that apartments are usually smaller compared to a house. Due to this reason, you might lack the square footage that you are used to and all of your multi-functional furniture might not fit into your new apartment.

    One approach to ensuring you fill your rental unit without it feeling crowded is taking your time to plan everything.

    Plan Your Space

    Before moving in, we recommend that you schedule a walk in the rental unit and inspect the floor plans to get a clear idea of how you can lay everything out once you get there. If you take the proper time to plan, your moving will be smoother and it’ll be easier to decide the pieces you can take with you.

    As a general rule, the more convenient the moving is, the less stuff you may need to carry around. Regardless of how big your new apartment is, try to pare down as much as possible beforehand.

    Meet Your Neighbors

    One challenge you may encounter when moving into your new apartment is getting used to your new neighbors. Depending on the other tenants living closer to you, you should expect at least some unpleasantries that may make it more difficult to fall asleep, such as loud music.

    The approach to avoid or cut down the chances of any potential disagreements with noisy neighbors is by introducing yourself and your family. Who knows, maybe you can make new friends out of them so they will welcome you with open arms.

    We recommend that you leave a friendly note on their floor or even invite them for a cup of coffee. Whatever way you approach it, meeting your neighbors will make adjusting to your new apartment enjoyable.

    Save Money on Energy Costs

    Though things like upgrading the fixtures is feasible, some energy-saving measures are difficult to implement in a new apartment, but you can still manage them.

    For instance, it would help to install a programmable thermostat and window shades, along with using energyefficient light bulbs.

    In fact, you should implement the best energy-saving tips if you want to adjust well to your rental living. With that said, check with your landlord for the best practices before sealing your windows and doors.

    Develop a Good Relationship with Your Landlord

    Apart from your neighbors, you’ll also be interacting a lot with the landlord. In fact, you should pay close attention to the property manager or landlord while apartment hunting. Getting a good landlord will prevent you from getting into problems in the future.

    Try to understand your rights, get everything in writing, and document your apartment condition. This way you can hold your landlord accountable if anything goes wrong.

    Building a good relationship with the landlord helps ensure that you’re in good hands during your adjustment period.

    Why it’s Easy to Adjust in Apartments

    It is not as hard as you may think to adjust to rental living. Below are reasons why rental living is easy to adjust to:


    Living in an apartment is far simpler, thus translating into a low-stress and happier life. Leading a simpler life gives you a chance to focus and figure out things that matter most.

    With apartments, instead of spending the weekends mowing the yard or working on maintenance projects, you can take your children to the pool or the park. You can also simply relax more rather than focus on stressful things.

    Less Stuff

    We all know that an apartment offers a small living space compared to a house. Therefore, this will force you to alter your lifestyle and make the right decisions about what stays in your unit.

    You will, therefore, learn the feel of ‘enough’ in your apartment. This will give you peace of mind and make it easier to adjust to rental living.


    Connection thrives well in smaller spaces. These connections can be within your faith, family, or even yourself. Since apartment living presents less home to care for, self-care, prayer, and family time become more of your daily theme.

    The apartment’s smaller space lets families be available for one another, leading to more shared experiences and, thus, connections.


    Apartment complexes are built in a community setting. Many communities have a clubhouse or weekly activities where people often meet. This presents some benefits, especially to those who work from home.

    In an apartment complex, it’s difficult for someone to feel isolated. This will, therefore, contribute highly to your adjustment to apartment life.

    Financial Flexibility

    Apartment living presents more flexibility. Instead of spending money on home projects and repairs, you can focus on values, such as traveling, generosity, health, and relationships.

    You’ll adjust to apartment living better if you’re able to save money and use it on a cause you’re passionate about.

    Tidy Home

    Any home requires upkeep, and, by design, rental units are easy to keep tidy. Since there is less square footage, you’ll spend less time cleaning your apartment, which you can get tips for by reading a previous article of ours.

    You’re likely to be motivated to do the cleaning when it doesn’t appear overwhelming. The peace that comes with a clean space will motivate you to maintain the feel in your apartment.

    It’s also easier to implement home maintenance systems in an apartment setting.

    For instance, most apartments have a washer and dryer, meaning that you’re likely to stay on top of your laundry. Due to this, you can easily adjust to apartment living.

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