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    Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips For Your Apartment

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips For Your Apartment

    Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips For Your Apartment

    Justin Becker

    Updated: June 4, 2021

    Though there is a lot to worry about during these troubling times, your health is of the utmost importance. Since many of us are staying indoors for the time being, keeping your apartment safe becomes a priority.

    As we learn more and more about COVID-19, scientists have now confirmed that the coronavirus can live on some surfaces for up to 2-3 days!  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (The CDC) recommends we clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces at least once a day, just to be safe.

    When cleaning and disinfecting your apartment, you should wear disposable gloves, and after each cleaning session, these gloves should be discarded. If you are wearing reusable gloves, these gloves should not be used for other purposes. After removing the gloves, clean your hands with soap and warm water immediately.   

    First, clean the surfaces by removing dust, debris and other contaminants by using soap and water or a cleaning spray – followed by a towel. Then, apply a surface-appropriate disinfectant spray or wipe (Clorox, Lysol or any store brand disinfectant will work). If the local grocery store is out of stock, most disinfectants can be purchased online through Amazon or Walmart.  A third option is a homemade recipe provided by The CDC: 

    1. 4 teaspoons household bleach
    2. 1 quart water
    3. Pour both into one quart spray bottle and shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture 😉
    4. Spray on surface to disinfect, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then wipe away with a wet cloth

    ALERT: Please remember to wear gloves when using bleach and ventilate your apartment by opening your windows. You should never mix bleach with any other cleaning chemical. Again – this recipe should only be used as a last resort.

    Target highly-touched surfaces throughout your apartment. Pay close attention to your living room and kitchen – or where you might congregate the most.  For example…

    o Cell Phones

    o TV Remotes

    o Game Controllers

    o Keyboards

    o Mouse / Mouse Pad

    o Light Switches

    o Knobs and Handles

    doorknobs, faucet knobs, refrigerator door handle

    o Bathroom Counters

    o Toilets (do not forget the flushing handle)

    o Table Surfaces

    o Kitchen counters

    Everyone is different, so think about what you touch the most, then clean and disinfect. With your gadgets and devices, disinfecting wipes are the best way to clean, but some devices have special considerations so be careful to not damage them.

    Due to the seriousness of this outbreak, even if people living in your apartment with you are not sick, we need to use extra caution and be proactive to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and virus free.

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    Justin Becker is a property owner in the state of Michigan and has a passion for managing communities. He owns both apartment complexes and mobile home communities and has been writing his own blogs for his properties for several years.