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    8 Key Apartment Features to Look for in Farmington Hills, MI

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on 8 Key Apartment Features to Look for in Farmington Hills, MI

    8 Key Apartment Features to Look for in Farmington Hills, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: June 4, 2021

    Thinking of moving to an apartment in Farmington Hills? If yes, then that’s a good idea. Besides being the second largest town in Oakland County, Farmington Hills is one of the safest cities in the country and has a pretty low population.

    Nestled between Novi and West Bloomfield, it’s strategically located and ideal to live in if you just landed a dream job in Detroit or recently started a business in Oakland County. But with the array of apartments in Farmington Hills, just how do you tell the best from the worst? Simply read through our list of key apartment features to look for in Farmington Hills.

    1.    Utilities and Amenities Provided

    While looking for an apartment, you want one that is as livable as possible. Therefore, consider what the landlord offers. For instance, do they provide internet or cable connections? What about water and power? If yes, are these covered in your monthly rent, or will you have to pay for them separately? Does the apartment come with essential appliances such as a refrigerator or oven? If yes, are they in good working condition?

    While reviewing the utilities, be sure to confirm all the amenities highlighted below are in tip-top shape:

    • The Water

    Check out all the water faucets to see if they’re in mint condition. Be sure to run the water to see whether it’s clean and has a good flow. If most of the taps seem to have brown or yellow water, run for the hills. If they have low water pressure, this will be a nuisance once you move in. Therefore, inform your potential landlord so they can have this fixed.

    • Electrical Outlets

    Nothing is as infuriating as moving in an apartment only to realize it has only one electrical outlet which, as if not bad enough, is not located on the wall you had envisioned your TV on. Therefore, make sure you confirm there are enough electrical outlets. Be sure to check if they work and are safe. If they have exposed wires or do not work, ask the landlord to make some repairs before you move in.

    • The Flooring

    It’s also essential to note the condition of the apartment’s flooring. For instance, if the apartment has wooden flooring, check to see whether there are any running boards. If it is carpeted, ensure the carpet is clean, has no tears or stains, and is not smelly. If it’s tiled, make sure no tile is missing, popped out, or scraped.

    • The Laundry Room

    Does every apartment have a laundry room, or is there a shared one on-site? If there’s none at all, is there any laundromat nearby?

    The above might seem like non-essential features, but they greatly define your comfort once you move into Botsford Place Terrace Apartments.

    2.    The Common Walls

    Before you decide to move into a particular apartment in Farmington Hills, it’s wise you figure out how many and also which are the common walls.

    Why? Well, if you have some shared walls with your neighbor, one of you may be complaining about noise and disruption in the future. For instance, if your bedroom wall is on the side of your noisy neighbor’s living room or vice versa, one of you may have a hard time sleeping. Inquire about the shared walls and where they are in the apartment in Farmington Hills to see whether you will be comfortable with the arrangement.

    While at it, also confirm the condition of the walls. Make sure the paint is consistent throughout the apartment and is not chipped. Also, there should be no stains.

    3.    Security and Safety Features

    In a perfect world, all landlords would prioritize the wellbeing of their tenants by ensuring every safety and security feature is up to par with the required standards. However, this is not a perfect world, and some landlords are often more interested in getting you to rent their apartment units. Once you’ve paid your rent and deposit, you’re on your own.

    Therefore, before you make up your mind about moving into a particular apartment, be sure to assess the building’s safety. For instance, are the main door locks burglar-proof, or will you come from work in the evening to find your valuables gone? Are the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms working? How easily accessible is the fire escape? When was the last time the building had a mold check?

    Also, make sure the apartment complex is properly lit on the outside, the stairs, and all the common areas. While at it, you can also ask the landlord or property manager whether there are other crime deterrents such as CCTV cameras and a buzzer for guests.

    4.    A Working Heat and Air Condition System

    An apartment may look modern and may even fit your expectations only for you to move in and realize it’s a sauna in the Summer and an icebox in the Winter. The sad bit about this is you’ve already moved in and worst-case scenario, your landlord doesn’t care.

    In such an instance, you may have to either cater for the costs of AC installation yourself, accept your fate, or move out! None of the three options is appealing, right? In that light, when apartment hunting in Farmington Hills, be sure to check out and confirm that the heating and cooling system is in proper condition.

    5.    The Kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, and your new apartment in Farmington Hills may end up being your home for a long time. So you want the best kitchen possible. If its design pleases you, check out the appliances available. For instance, if it has a stove or oven, check to see whether all the burners work. If it has a gas stove, ensure it ignites as it should and does not leak. While at it, be on the lookout for mold or mildew signs.

    6.    The Bathroom

    What is the overall condition of the bathroom? Are there any damaged or missing tiles? Are there any signs of mold? Do the sinks work properly, and are the drains efficient? How is the water flow? If there’s a toilet in there, does it flush properly?

    7.    The Windows

    An apartment is never complete without windows. They not only play an aesthetic role, but also facilitate the entry of natural light and, at the same time, keep the space properly ventilated. So be sure to inspect the windows during your apartment hunt in Farmington Hills.

    Make sure each room has a window or two and they can open and close seamlessly. Note, windows can also negatively impact your energy bill. Make sure all of the windows in the entire apartment are not broken and are not leaky. If your apartment has blinds, ensure they’re not broken.

    8.    Parking

    Although it’s not an apartment feature, parking is a vital feature to consider before you decide to make a particular apartment your home in Farmington Hills.

    Why? Well, the last thing you want is to have to battle it out with your neighbors for parking every day. In that light, make sure you consider whether the apartment complex has a parking garage or it offers off-site parking. Also, is it assigned or unassigned parking?

    Whether you are used to this, or it’ll be your first time living alone, apartment hunting is as exciting as it is stressful. You can easily be overwhelmed by the array of options available and end up in an apartment that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Make sure you use our checklist above, so you make an informed decision while apartment hunting in Farmington Hills.

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