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    Top Handyman Services: Farmington Hills, Michigan

    10 months ago · · Comments Off on Top Handyman Services: Farmington Hills, Michigan

    Top Handyman Services: Farmington Hills, Michigan

    Justin Becker

    Updated: October 26, 2021

    If you live in a house or apartment in Farmington Hills, Michigan, then there is a high chance that you might need to find handyman services at some point. However, it isn’t easy to find the best handyman for your specific needs.

    Things are more complicated these days because there are many types of handyman solutions available, with each claiming to be the best in the industry.

    With that said, you should note that not every qualified handyman provides the same solutions, even though they might advertise ‘general handyman solutions,’ or something related

    In this article, we’ll explore some of the best handyman services in Farmington Hills, MI.

    Handyman Services: Farmington Hills, Michigan

    There are many such services that you can access in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Here are the top types of services that you’ll find in Farmington Hills, MI:

    Type of Service

    Let’s look at the basics:

    Drywall Installation

    Installation of drywall is among the most common services you are likely to need while living in Farmington Hills, MI, especially after a water damage remediation task or during home improvement and remodelling.

    Specific tools and equipment are used to cut, measure, and install the drywall boards in homes with precision and skill.

    Replacement of Fixtures

    The fixtures in homes, including cabinets, kitchen faucets, and lighting systems, may break or wear out due to everyday use.

    While there are fixtures that you can easily replace, others require the attention of a qualified handyman.

    Most fixture replacements don’t require a license to install. However, there are certain situations, including lighting systems and faucets, that require specialized attention.

    Smart Home Upgrades

    With this service, a handyman will come to your home and install several smart home devices, including doorbells, sensors and thermostats.

    Therefore, you must confirm that the professional is qualified to install the specific brand and product you have.

    Some smart devices require someone to have knowledge and skills in home electrical systems to have installed.

    Exterior and Interior Painting

    Painting the exterior and interior is one of the most common services that you’ll ever need. Although the job looks easy, it isn’t, especially if the house in question is occupied.

    Many property managers and homeowners paint their homes to improve their curb appeal. This will, in turn, generate a higher return on investment since the house will be sold for more money.

    Most professionals have the perfect tools required for the job, including ladders, furniture covers, paint rollers, tape, and drop cloths. Some people specialize only in painting because it’s a popular job.

    Power Washing

    Driveways, roofs, exterior walls, sidewalks and surfaces can get dirt and become caked in debris, which causes severe discoloration.

    Power washing is a basic property maintenance approach employed to keep home exteriors tidy.

    However, not everyone has the right equipment required for power washing. This can be attributed to the fact that a high-grade water compressor is expensive, and often requires maintenance.

    Tile Installation

    Although the installation of tiles may sound as simple as laying down adhesives, smoothing them out, and putting tiles over them, there is a lot more involved in installing tile than meets the eye.

    For instance, the person installing the tiles must carefully measure the floor space to cut the tiles and match the site’s edges. They must also lay the tiles with precision to avoid having wasted spaces and crooked layouts.

    Water absorbent tiles will have to be sealed well to prevent them from absorbing up moisture. Flooring professionals with the skills and knowledge will have the best tools to handle such issues.

    Repairing Windows

    Many professionals can repair windows for a small fee. The tasks and small jobs here can include replacing or repairing window frames, replacing the window and cleaning broken.

    These are tasks that you can certainly do yourself, however if your home has non-standard windows, it would be better if you involved a specialist.

    Appliance Repairs

    Many people find it more economical to repair any broken appliance rather than replace the whole appliance with a new one.

    In most cases, a professional can fix the appliance at a fraction of the cost that it would be to purchase a new one.

    Best Handyman Service Companies to consider in Farmington Hills, MI

    There are many companies that you can consider if you stay in Farmington, MI.

    Let’s look at the top selections:

    Lincoln Home Services

    This is one of the best business companies that can help you to handle almost anything in your home. It’s located in West Bloomfield Township, MI, in the zip code 48324.

    Some of the solutions you can get here include door repair, residential service, furniture repair, picture & mirror hanging, caulking, door installation, and home remodelling.

    Other solutions include furniture assembly, appliance installation, plumbing repairs and floor renovation.

    A project here might take about a week to complete.

    Tom’s Town Repair

    This is another business that does a great job. It is located on 6 Mile Rd, South Lyon, in Michigan.

    The solutions you can get here include door maintenance, residential solutions, furniture renovation, picture & mirror hanging, caulking, door installation, and home repairs/remodelling.

    Other solutions include furniture assembly and appliance installation, among others.

    The business specializes in real estate and construction, mainly in Detroit and Farmington, MI.

    John’s Handyman Service

    This business is among the best in Michigan, and it is located on Inkster Rd, Livonia.

    Like with the others, solutions here include door maintenance, residential solutions, furniture renovation, picture & mirror hanging, caulking, door installation, and home remodelling.

    The other solutions include furniture assembly, appliance installation, plumbing solutions and floor renovation.

    Chuck Addy Home Maintenance

    Chuck Addy Home Maintenance offers home solutions specifically in Michigan. There are many people online reviewing the business positively and displaying satisfaction for the good job done.

    There are several solutions that you can find here, including, but not limited to, door maintenance, ceiling & wall painting, caulking, residential solutions, installed customer purchased materials, drywall water damage renovation, and ceiling drywall renovation.

    Other solutions include drywall sanding, drywall taping & mudding, drywall patching, trim & baseboard painting, color matching, furniture assembly, and wallpaper removal.

    A project here will last about one week for the job to be completed.

    Anything Maintenance, LLC

    Anything Maintenance, LLC has been in the industry for about 11 years and has specialized in offering top quality solutions, and they are available 24/7.

    The technicians are well trained to meet expectations.

    The general solutions available include masonry solutions, electrical solutions, heating, ventilation, plumbing and carpentry solutions.

    A project here will also last about one week for the job to be completed.


    Although finding a professional handyman isn’t an easy task, you can find the best solution if you follow this guide. With that said, there are also several solutions that you can do by yourself.

    However, if a license and specialized attention is required, you must seek the help of a professional handyman.

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