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    5 Good Reasons Why You Should Live in Farmington Hills, MI

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Live in Farmington Hills, MI

    5 Good Reasons Why You Should Live in Farmington Hills, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: June 4, 2021

    Deciding where to settle down for work or to start a family can be a tough decision to make. That is why most people end up moving around in places before they find a spot they want. If you happen to be considering settling in Michigan, then you should consider Farmington Hills. The location is a great site to rent an apartment, and while you are at it, consider looking up Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. They provide affordable apartment rental fees with lots of choices.

    5 Reasons to Live at Farmington Hills

    Farmington Hills is located in Oakland County and has been declared by TIME magazine as the best place to settle in Michigan in 2018. It truly cannot be denied that the site is a desirable location to settle down. There are a plethora of reasons as to why this is so. And going through them one by one is just too daunting. Hence, to make things easier for you, we narrowed them all down into the five best reasons.

    1. There is a low population count.

    Farmington Hill boasts a population of just over 81,000. It is a relatively low count of people compared to other locations. This low population count is one of the reasons that draw people to the city. Many residents commend the close-knit relationship of the people. Neighbors know each other, and they get to help those who need it. If you move to Farmington Hills, you will get to experience this close-knit bond. It is even more so if you are the type who loves to mingle with folks around your area.

    You will also find that, despite the low population count, the residents are highly diverse. Individuals aged 18-24 comprise around 7% of the population, 25-34 years old covers 13%, 35-44 forms 12%, 45-64 is at 14%, and those in their late 60s are at 19%. The children aged 17 and below cover 19%. With this kind of diversity in ages, at almost equal footing, you will surely be able to find a group that you will fit best.   

    2. The real estate value is affordable.

    The standard home cost of living is around $150,000 to $250,000 annually. Homeowners occupy about 60% of the population, while 40% are renters. The rent ranges from $700 to $1200 per month. For a dense suburban area, these values are comparably lower. So, if you plan to rent an apartment at Farmington Hills, you will find one that is within your budget.

    On a recent census, Farmington Hills ranked 19th among 619 as a great place to retire. It ranks 13th in terms of diversity and 12th as an excellent spot to live for young professionals. If you are moving for work, then you will fit right in. If you are hunting for an apartment, you can hook up with Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. They offer apartments at varying sizes and amenities at reasonable prices. 

    3. The city offers above-average working conditions.

    Farmington Hills offers higher salaries than other areas. The median household income is around $81,200, which is higher than the national median, which is at $55,000. The higher salary rate can be attributed to the high influx of investors and businesses in the area. It leads to more job opportunities with very competitive employment rates.

    The high salary rate also means that living in the area will be more comfortable, and you can easily support a mortgage or rental along with a family.

    4. The crime rate is low.

    Living in Farmington Hills is very safe. Violence and property-related crimes are significantly lower than those at the national level. For example, the annual rate of violence-related crimes like assault is around 50-55 for every 100,000 residents, while the national level is at 280-285. Robbery is at 10-15 in Farmington Hills, while the national rate is 130-135. Property-related crimes, such as burglary, are at 100-105 per 100,000 residents, which is lower than that of the national rate of 500-505. Theft is at 680-685, while the national rate is at 2000-2050.

    5. There are many ways to have fun.

    Living at Farmington Hills is not just all about work and no play. The area also is home to  many places to have fun. For example, you can visit memorial centers and parks. The most popular ones are:

    • Holocaust Memorial Center – The center is a must-see museum that pays tribute to one of the most atrocious events in history. There are reading displays, pictures, informative clips, as well as speakers to help retell the story of the event and its significance to the world.
    • Memorial Park – Memorial Park is a place that pays tribute to deceased family members or friends. The main aim of the park is to give the residents of the city, a place where they can reminisce of their loved ones peacefully. You can visit the site with your family and spend time to relax and enjoy the peace.
    • Farmington Hills Nature Center – If you are into the rustic beauty of nature, then you will surely enjoy this nature center. It houses exhibits such as their bird-viewing area, aquariums, animal habitats, natural library, and Discovery Cove. There are also fun and educational activities in store for you and your family.
    • Woodland Hills Nature Park – The Woodland Hills Nature Park is one of the major tourist spots of the city. If you love walking while being surrounded by woods and wildlife, then this place is a must-see. The area is filled with woods, a creek, river, pond, a green meadow, and is brimming with wildlife. It is a great place to go walking on the trail while seeing birds fly overhead. 
    • Founders Sports Park – If you are into sports, then the Founders Sports Park is the place for you. It is a vast recreational space dedicated to sports activities. It has 22 courts and fields that can accommodate most sports like soccer, baseball, volleyball, and even shuffleboard. You can come and play with your family and friends.
    • Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum – If you love things mechanical, then this museum will surely delight you. It is a mammoth museum that houses mechanical relics. From mechanical games to coin-operated machines to mechanical airplanes and other antiques, the place will surely regale you with tails of the past. The site also has a complimentary Wi-Fi, which will make it extra easy to take a selfie with a classic machine and share the experience online. 
    • Antonio’s Cucina Italiana – Of course, the experience will not be complete without delighting your palette just as you entertain your eyes. Antonio’s Cucina Italiana is just what you need with their authentic Italian dishes that have been enthralling people for over 50 years. Enjoy a delicious plate of pure Italian goodness with a cup of Cappuccino or authentic Italian Gelato.

    Other notable places to visit are the Heritage Park, Glen Oaks Country Club, Farmington Hills Golf Club, the Finnish Center and Hall, Wood Creek Farms, Craft Breww City, and more.

    Farmington Hills, Michigan, can be a truly great place to stay for a vacation, but it is an even better place to live. The city is brimming with fun activities, affordable and competitive living expenses, proper city safety regulations, as well as excellent amenities. It is a fantastic mix of both business and pleasure. So, do not hesitate now. Rent an apartment with Botsford Place Terrace Apartments and experience Farmington Hills up close. 

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