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    How to Save Energy in an Apartment

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on How to Save Energy in an Apartment

    How to Save Energy in an Apartment

    No matter where we live, saving energy is a commendable step for all families and households. Taking certain precautions to become more energy-efficient will not only save money but also help us stay responsible to the environment.

    How to Save Energy in an Apartment

    Using less energy in an apartment might be challenging because you’re already in a relatively small space. Everything from cooking to heating seems to use electricity.

    With that being said, there’s still a lot that anyone can do to save energy and bring down electricity bills, though.

    Here are just a few tips to jumpstart the process of conserving energy:

    1. Energy Savings with Lighting

    Light fixtures can make your apartment feel like new, but those light bulbs inside might be driving up your electric bills. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to change up traditional light bulbs with certified energy savers. With the right brand, you can save quite a few bucks on the annual energy bill.

    Keep in mind that LED bulbs give out better light with a whopping energy saving of around 90 percent, and last much longer than the standard light bulbs. You’d be saving money on both the energy bill as well as bulb replacements.

    2. Energy-Efficient Cooling

    Air conditioning can suck up a lot of energy and electricity, so it’s best to use it sparingly. However, you do need something to cool the air on hot days.

    There are several ways to keep your apartment cool during the summer. Buying a green-certified air conditioning system might work. These units utilize less energy (around 9 percent) than the regular models. They can also save you around $70 on annual energy costs. Even when running these units, try your best to make do with a ceiling fan most of the time.

    When the winter comes around, insulate your room air conditioner with a unit cover. This will reduce energy consumption and save on heating costs.

    Even if you’re hunting for an apartment with the utilities included, saving energy costs with an environmentally-friendly air conditioner is an admirable trait.

    Just a few other easy ways to reduce the electricity bill include:

    • Using your smartphone or laptop to remotely turn the unit off
    • Schedule temperature settings according to need and the time of the day
    • Get feedback on the unit’s energy use
    • Close the window shutters, drapes, and curtains when it’s hot

    3. Consider the Thermostats

    The electricity costs of the average American can be a major chunk of their monthly expenses. However, the electricity bill might not be so staggering if you take care to turn the thermostat down just before going to sleep. All it takes is to make it a few degrees lower at night, provided that you have permission from the landlord.

    If there aren’t any pets or small children at home, you might even want to turn down the heat during your downtime. Wear warm clothes when the heat is down or simply snuggle into bed to stay warm.

    Yet another way to lower the electric bill is to install a smart thermostat to adjust the temperature settings automatically. This will enable an optimal performance for the heating and cooling system in your apartment. It’s especially helpful if you’re away for work most of the day or frequently have to step out to the gym, for socializing, called away for medical duty, etc.

    4. Consider a Power Strip

    Electronics can use up a lot of phantom power or energy when they’re plugged in and ready to work.

    If you get a power strip for certain electronics, this will work as a central point where you can turn off all the equipment in one go. The savings might be small here, but they will add up over the long run.

    5. Check the Air Vents

    Your air filter or air vents are doing their best to make your apartment fresh and comfortable to live in. They can also be a way to save money on that electric bill.

    Ensure that all air filters are free of blockages and obstacles, such as furniture, shelves, etc. This will allow the air to move freely in the apartment, keeping it open and comfortable without the need for other equipment.

    If there is a radiator in your apartment, put heat-resistant reflectors in the space between them and the walls. This will enable the heating system to quickly heat up any room instead of wasting energy on the wall.

    6. Ways to Save Water

    Apart from electricity, your water usage can be a major burden on the environment. Again, just a few tweaks can help you lower your final bills and move towards a greener lifestyle.

    Changing one’s habits is the first step; a nice shower uses much less water than a bath. You can also try showering as quickly as possible to save even more water.

    Some people also install a low-flow shower head, which only allows around 2.5 gallons per minute. This means that a ten-minute shower will save you around five gallons of water as compared to taking a bath. Yet another kind of showerhead can save you more than $100 on electricity each year.

    If you have moisture problems in your bathroom, run the exhaust (ventilation fan) during your shower to control humidity levels. Try running it for just 15 minutes after the shower is done, but remember to turn it off after that!

    Washing the Dishes

    Doing the dishes also takes up a whole lot of water. The dishwasher uses electricity, so checking yours routinely here could save some more energy.

    First, scrape the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Some may suggest rinsing, but scraping should be enough.

    Make sure to always run the dishwasher when it’s fully loaded and utilize air drying whenever possible. The rinsing step will waste a lot of water; it’s also no longer necessary as modern dishwasher models can now completely clean dishes without pre-rinsing.

    Washing Clothes

    Your clothes can get clean and last longer when you wash them using cold water. This also saves on your energy costs. So, it’s the best option in most cases.

    When using a machine, put in full loads or rescue the water level accordingly. As long as the water you get is of good quality, using cold water shouldn’t be an issue.

    When we discuss washing clothes, it’s also imperative to talk about drying them. Dryers can be useful, but they can suck up a lot of needless energy, too.

    It’s best to air-dry your clothes for longevity and energy savings, but there are times when you must use the dryer. In such cases, try to dry full loads, keep the lint trap clean, and change the setting according to the fabric type.

    Check the Hot Water Heater

    If your water heater is old and clunky, chances are that it’s taking up a lot of electricity as well. Make sure you have a model that is running smoothly and efficiently.

    The Takeaway

    If you’re renting an apartment, there might be certain features to look for before signing a lease. There might be changes you want to make, but can’t make the final decision as a renter.

    In such cases, talk to your landlord about reducing energy consumption. They might be compelled to start saving energy, especially if it means a lower electric bill!

    Saving money is just one of the perks of being more energy-efficient in your daily routine. Make these little tweaks to save energy today and see how good it feels to help the environment! Keep going with these tips on conserving energy in your apartment!

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