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    Top Handyman Services: Farmington Hills, Michigan

    2 months ago · · Comments Off on Top Handyman Services: Farmington Hills, Michigan

    Top Handyman Services: Farmington Hills, Michigan

    If you live in a house or apartment in Farmington Hills, Michigan, then there is a high chance that you might need to find handyman services at some point. However, it isn’t easy to find the best handyman for your specific needs.

    Things are more complicated these days because there are many types of handyman solutions available, with each claiming to be the best in the industry.

    With that said, you should note that not every qualified handyman provides the same solutions, even though they might advertise ‘general handyman solutions,’ or something related

    In this article, we’ll explore some of the best handyman services in Farmington Hills, MI.

    Handyman Services: Farmington Hills, Michigan

    There are many such services that you can access in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Here are the top types of services that you’ll find in Farmington Hills, MI:

    Type of Service

    Let’s look at the basics:

    Drywall Installation

    Installation of drywall is among the most common services you are likely to need while living in Farmington Hills, MI, especially after a water damage remediation task or during home improvement and remodelling.

    Specific tools and equipment are used to cut, measure, and install the drywall boards in homes with precision and skill.

    Replacement of Fixtures

    The fixtures in homes, including cabinets, kitchen faucets, and lighting systems, may break or wear out due to everyday use.

    While there are fixtures that you can easily replace, others require the attention of a qualified handyman.

    Most fixture replacements don’t require a license to install. However, there are certain situations, including lighting systems and faucets, that require specialized attention.

    Smart Home Upgrades

    With this service, a handyman will come to your home and install several smart home devices, including doorbells, sensors and thermostats.

    Therefore, you must confirm that the professional is qualified to install the specific brand and product you have.

    Some smart devices require someone to have knowledge and skills in home electrical systems to have installed.

    Exterior and Interior Painting

    Painting the exterior and interior is one of the most common services that you’ll ever need. Although the job looks easy, it isn’t, especially if the house in question is occupied.

    Many property managers and homeowners paint their homes to improve their curb appeal. This will, in turn, generate a higher return on investment since the house will be sold for more money.

    Most professionals have the perfect tools required for the job, including ladders, furniture covers, paint rollers, tape, and drop cloths. Some people specialize only in painting because it’s a popular job.

    Power Washing

    Driveways, roofs, exterior walls, sidewalks and surfaces can get dirt and become caked in debris, which causes severe discoloration.

    Power washing is a basic property maintenance approach employed to keep home exteriors tidy.

    However, not everyone has the right equipment required for power washing. This can be attributed to the fact that a high-grade water compressor is expensive, and often requires maintenance.

    Tile Installation

    Although the installation of tiles may sound as simple as laying down adhesives, smoothing them out, and putting tiles over them, there is a lot more involved in installing tile than meets the eye.

    For instance, the person installing the tiles must carefully measure the floor space to cut the tiles and match the site’s edges. They must also lay the tiles with precision to avoid having wasted spaces and crooked layouts.

    Water absorbent tiles will have to be sealed well to prevent them from absorbing up moisture. Flooring professionals with the skills and knowledge will have the best tools to handle such issues.

    Repairing Windows

    Many professionals can repair windows for a small fee. The tasks and small jobs here can include replacing or repairing window frames, replacing the window and cleaning broken.

    These are tasks that you can certainly do yourself, however if your home has non-standard windows, it would be better if you involved a specialist.

    Appliance Repairs

    Many people find it more economical to repair any broken appliance rather than replace the whole appliance with a new one.

    In most cases, a professional can fix the appliance at a fraction of the cost that it would be to purchase a new one.

    Best Handyman Service Companies to consider in Farmington Hills, MI

    There are many companies that you can consider if you stay in Farmington, MI.

    Let’s look at the top selections:

    Lincoln Home Services

    This is one of the best business companies that can help you to handle almost anything in your home. It’s located in West Bloomfield Township, MI, in the zip code 48324.

    Some of the solutions you can get here include door repair, residential service, furniture repair, picture & mirror hanging, caulking, door installation, and home remodelling.

    Other solutions include furniture assembly, appliance installation, plumbing repairs and floor renovation.

    A project here might take about a week to complete.

    Tom’s Town Repair

    This is another business that does a great job. It is located on 6 Mile Rd, South Lyon, in Michigan.

    The solutions you can get here include door maintenance, residential solutions, furniture renovation, picture & mirror hanging, caulking, door installation, and home repairs/remodelling.

    Other solutions include furniture assembly and appliance installation, among others.

    The business specializes in real estate and construction, mainly in Detroit and Farmington, MI.

    John’s Handyman Service

    This business is among the best in Michigan, and it is located on Inkster Rd, Livonia.

    Like with the others, solutions here include door maintenance, residential solutions, furniture renovation, picture & mirror hanging, caulking, door installation, and home remodelling.

    The other solutions include furniture assembly, appliance installation, plumbing solutions and floor renovation.

    Chuck Addy Home Maintenance

    Chuck Addy Home Maintenance offers home solutions specifically in Michigan. There are many people online reviewing the business positively and displaying satisfaction for the good job done.

    There are several solutions that you can find here, including, but not limited to, door maintenance, ceiling & wall painting, caulking, residential solutions, installed customer purchased materials, drywall water damage renovation, and ceiling drywall renovation.

    Other solutions include drywall sanding, drywall taping & mudding, drywall patching, trim & baseboard painting, color matching, furniture assembly, and wallpaper removal.

    A project here will last about one week for the job to be completed.

    Anything Maintenance, LLC

    Anything Maintenance, LLC has been in the industry for about 11 years and has specialized in offering top quality solutions, and they are available 24/7.

    The technicians are well trained to meet expectations.

    The general solutions available include masonry solutions, electrical solutions, heating, ventilation, plumbing and carpentry solutions.

    A project here will also last about one week for the job to be completed.


    Although finding a professional handyman isn’t an easy task, you can find the best solution if you follow this guide. With that said, there are also several solutions that you can do by yourself.

    However, if a license and specialized attention is required, you must seek the help of a professional handyman.

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    When to Start Looking for Apartments: Top Hunting Tips

    2 months ago · · Comments Off on When to Start Looking for Apartments: Top Hunting Tips

    When to Start Looking for Apartments: Top Hunting Tips

    If you are nearing the end of your lease, you will have two options to choose from, extend it or find another apartment.

    Let’s say you choose to move on and the need to find another apartment kicks in, how do you navigate from this point? Well, you’ll have to be a good hunter. Plain and simple!

    Our advice, start your search for an apartment early to find what’s best for you and your family.

    When to Start Looking for Apartments

    You have a lot to go through, as far as searching for a new apartment is concerned. From searching to identifying the best apartment, neighborhood, schools, and amenities.

    Botsford Apartment Exteriors find an apartment

    Don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured when searching for a new apartment, instead start looking for apartments with the help of the tips below.

    Start Your Apartment Search Months in Advance

    When is the right time to look for an apartment, you ask?

    Generally, the time to start looking for an apartment should be between 30 days to 60 days before moving out.

    Consider these two scenarios:

    • If you begin the apartment search too early, you might end up missing the apartment by the time you move out.
    • If you delay the search for apartments for rent, you are likely to be a little too late in hitting the jackpot for some of the best units available.

    Having said this, if you know the best tips for locating the ideal apartment, you don’t have to worry about waiting at the last moment searching for apartments for rent.

    When’s the Best Time to Start Looking for an Apartment in a Calendar Year?

    There’s no perfect time to move out, because anytime could be the right time. However, based on seasonal data, we can establish which months experience rent increases and decreases.

    For instance, during the summer, tenants with children may influence rental prices, as they seek to move out when school isn’t in season. Also, you hardly see people moving during winter, as that time of year has already consumed a lot of discretionary spending.

    It is also important to know that rental prices vary with location. Some places may experience higher rental prices than others.

    Top Hunting Tip for Apartments

    Moving can be as easy as it may sound, until you realize it is not. You need to adequately plan ahead of time and get everything right to avoid the last moment rush, which could be costly. Check out these top hunting tips for apartments.

    Apartment Botsford Interior new place

    Establish the Budget for Moving In and Out

    Whether you are moving in or out of an apartment, the first thing that should be at the top of your list is the budget. How much are you looking to pay for rent for your next apartment?

    This needs to be addressed before rushing to make any decisions. Furthermore, establishing the cost of living of the neighborhood you are looking to settle in is crucial in finding the right apartment. If you are having a hard time establishing that, use the rent calculator.

    A rent calculator will give you an idea of the rent you can afford and show you apartments within your budget that are in your desired city.

    The 50/30/20 rule of thumb is a set of easy guidelines for how to plan your budget. By using them, you allocate your after-tax income to the following categories:

    50% to Needs

    Needs are what you can’t live without, or at least very easily. This includes things like:

    • Rent
    • Groceries
    • Utilities, such as electricity, water, and sewer

    30% to Wants

    Wants are what you desire, but don’t need to survive. This includes things like:

    • Hobbies
    • Vacations
    • Dining out

    20% to Financial Goals

    This part covers things like:

    • Debt payments
    • All savings, such as retirement contributions and saving for a house

    Determine Your Move-In Date

    Unless you have very few household items that you can fit in your truck and move out, you will need logistical solutions. That said, it is important to contact a reliable moving company and book your move-in date.

    In fact, some companies have made moving a lot easier. All you need to do is book a portable container, load up your stuff, and inform them you’re ready.

    The move-in date will have a ripple effect on other things. For instance, will you be leaving your current job? What plans do you have in case you leave the job?

    It is wise to secure another job before rushing to move out. You never know, it might take a while before you secure another job in your new location.

    Consider the Amenities You Want

    You’d want better amenities for your next apartment than you did in your last, right? Come up with a list of priorities of must-haves. Needless to say, the amenities can make or break your apartment experience.

    when to start looking for apartments - find an apartment

    Here are some tips on amenities to keep an eye on:

    • Functional appliances
    • Free parking
    • Pool
    • Outdoor space
    • Walk-in closet

    Start Touring Apartments

    Begin touring apartments one to two months before your lease ends.

    Tour as many apartments as possible and compare the differences as you seek to find the ideal apartment for you and your family.

    You may use the tips below during your apartment hunting:

    • Proximity to your job
    • Proximity to your kid’s school or college
    • Crime history in the neighborhood
    • Noise

    If you’re nowhere near the end of your lease, and you need to move, you should check out the terms of breaking a lease. Engage the landlord about your plan.

    Inquire about the Lease Terms

    While on your apartment search quest, inquiring about the lease term is as important as finding the right apartment. After carefully scrutinizing the apartment, it’s time to ask about the lease.

    Take time to review it, regardless of the circumstances. If need be, ask for help to break down the parts you don’t understand.

    Failure to review the lease agreement puts you at risk of being legally bound to a contract you don’t approve of. Otherwise, you might find yourself being kicked out of an apartment for reasons you did not know about.

    Also, seek to understand the terms for breaking a lease. Moving in isn’t the end, and a need may arise that causes you to need to move out. Know the price to pay for breaking a lease so you can plan early.

    This is also the time to ask the property managers/landlord anything and everything about the apartment. You don’t want to begin your stay by stepping on the property manager’s toes, it’s never a good idea.

    Ask the property manager about the penalty to pay for late rent payment. What if you get behind on your rent for a month, what will happen? It’s good to prepare such questions in advance and seek answers.

    Apply for an Apartment

    If you find an apartment that checks out with your list of priorities, and the rent is within your budget, there is no need to wait, submit your application.

    While filling out your application, here are some of the details you will need:

    • Previous rental information and address
    • Employment information
    • Proof of income
    • Identification, i.e. driver’s license


    To recap, if you want to move out, as we mentioned before, the best time to start apartment hunting is between 30 days to 60 days. This amount of time will give you room to pick the best apartment, without being under pressure. You’ll need to plan your move-in date and secure a reliable moving company.

    You should always read about the rental market related to your next location. The real estate market keeps changing, and being up to date will be an advantage on your side.

    Finally, being asked questions related to your previous rental arrangements is a common industry practice, so don’t be alarmed.

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    Hard Wired or Wireless Home Security System: Which is Better?

    3 months ago · · Comments Off on Hard Wired or Wireless Home Security System: Which is Better?

    Hard Wired or Wireless Home Security System: Which is Better?

    While choosing a security system (wired vs. wireless), there are so many things you will want to get right before installation.

    The goal is to pick one that makes life easier on your end, right? To do so, you begin with basic factors like checking out the price, camera, sensors, and so on.

    Hard Wired or Wireless Home Security System

    Having been convinced of the factors above, you’ll still be faced with one major factor to consider. Is your home or apartment best served by a hardwired system or wireless security system?

    It’s not a clear-cut answer. Deciding between wired vs wireless home security systems is one debate that has divided opinions. It all depends on your needs and wants, when it comes to your alarm system.

    security system security camera

    There are benefits to wired home security, including reliability and ease of installation, that is for homes that already have wired systems in place.

    If you compare them with those of wireless security systems, you can decide on which to pick for your home.

    How Wired and Wireless Home Security Systems Work

    Just like the name suggests, a wired home security system uses wires that run throughout the home to relay information back to the central control panel and, when applicable, the monitoring center of your security company.

    The pieces you choose to include in your system, for example cameras and sensors, are connected via tangible wires.

    In contrast, wireless systems use the cellular network to communicate throughout your home.

    By using radio-frequency technology, wireless systems can relay information back and forth wirelessly. It may also include a monitor, just like a wired system.

    Young woman entering security pin on home alarm keypad. Wired security system with wireless security

    Whether you choose a hardwired system or wireless, there are pros and cons to each of them. For instance, installation can be a lot easier with wireless, compared to a wired system.

    The downside of a wireless system is the wireless network, which it depends on, isn’t as reliable as the wired security system.

    So, the hard wired system may give you reliability, but installation will likely give you a headache.

    Now that you know how both systems work, it’s time to know the pros and cons of hardwired systems and wireless home security systems.

    Advantages of a Wired Security System

    Here are some of the facts that give wired home security systems an edge over wireless security systems:

    Highly Reliable

    If you have ever used a wireless network, you can understand how frustrating it can be whenever there’s a network outage.

    With a wired setup, you never have to worry about the Wi-Fi signal degradation or charging the camera’s batteries.

    Wired security system control panel home security system

    The fact that wired security systems don’t depend on the network makes them reliable. Not only does the system work consistently, but it also means you get fewer false alarms, or, even worse, no alarm when there is an actual issue.

    Also, wired security systems are less likely to be hacked, yet still have the benefit of being able to connect to the internet should you want to view footage when you’re away from home.

    More Secure

    The fact that wired security systems can entirely operate locally make them more secure, even though they can still be connected to the internet.

    If you feel less secure, or maybe your privacy is at risk, it’s better to go with wired security cameras.

    Weak Wi-Fi Signal? No Problem!

    Weak Wi-Fi signals mean your wireless cameras will not be operating efficiently, resulting in a higher chance of a false alarm.

    Instead, substituting that with a wired system enhances the performance. A wired system will provide a reliable signal.

    In addition, the video quality will remain consistent as it won’t be susceptible to bandwidth fluctuations.

    Lower Monthly Cost

    A wireless setup will require cloud storage, unlike a wired setup, which records continuously. With a wired setup, you need to subscribe to cloud storage services and pay the dues monthly, or maybe annually.

    Also, the cameras of wired systems cost less than those of wireless systems.

    Disadvantages of a Wired Home Security System

    However good something could be, there are always some flaws in it. Here are some of the disadvantages of wired home security systems:

    Higher Installation Cost

    The equipment for the wired setup can cost less than their wireless counterparts, but the installation cost makes a huge difference.

    man install outdoor hardwired system surveillance ip camera for home security

    Often, this is because it requires professional installation, tucking the wires as required and setting up the central control panel.

    No Virtual Assistant

    The advancement in technology has seen the application of virtual assistants in almost every industry.

    It makes life a lot easier, which isn’t the case with a wired setup since it doesn’t support virtual assistants. Everything is operated from the control panel.

    Additionally, you may also need to set up your monitor to view the footage, which isn’t the case with wireless systems as the footage can be accessed remotely because it uses cloud storage.

    Advantages of a Wireless System

    Here is what makes wireless security systems the ideal security system for your home:

    Easy Install

    Perhaps the most common advantage of a wireless system, over wired systems, is that it is easy to install.

    There is no dealing with cables that you have to run through the walls or the ceiling. With wireless, after mounting, you simply connect to Wi-Fi and the wireless alarm system is ready to go.

    Simple to Use

    It is very simple to use a wireless system. Unlike their counterparts, where everything is operated from the control panel that is stationed at one point, the wireless system allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to view the footage. You can also change the settings of the cameras from the palm of your hand.

    Confident young woman programs automated home security alarm systems with a digital tablet.

    Advanced Features

    Wireless cameras have been integrated with machine learning features, enabling them to identify for you if it is an animal or a person in the footage.

    Disadvantages of a Wireless System

    Monthly Fees

    You’ll be facing monthly charges for cloud storage. This is one of the major cons of using wireless security systems.

    Video Quality Fluctuation

    As the internet bandwidth fluctuates, the quality of the video will follow suit. As a result, your 4K cameras may sometimes transmit in just 720p, simply because there isn’t enough bandwidth to provide higher quality video.

    Do You Have to Have Wi-Fi for Wireless Cameras?

    A wireless system will demand you have a Wi-Fi network at your home for its operation. In the event there’s no Wi-Fi, it is hardly possible to access the footage of the camera while away from home.

    Cellular data may be used in place of Wi-Fi, even though it may not provide the fast speed that is needed, which will result in reducing the quality of video transmitted.

    Are There Any Privacy Concerns of Wireless Home Security Cameras?

    When you install the wireless security system at your home, your actions, and those of your friends, will be recorded.

    If the camera is connected to the internet, the data will be online, which creates the risk of getting hacked.

    Most systems come with a default password. If the default password is not changed to a stronger one, the data record can be easily hacked, thus raising privacy concerns.

    Following simple steps to secure the password will make you less of a victim to a cyber attack.

    Any device that records audio falls under federal and state wiretapping laws, which vary state to state. You may have to consent to the other party about the recording.

    To avoid any legal and privacy concerns, have the cameras turned off when you’re home, and on when you’re out of the house.

    Choose the Ideal Security System for Your Home

    Lastly, the decision of which system you should choose, hard wired or wireless home security systems, will entirely depend on your needs and wants.

    Not everyone will desire to have a wired or wireless security system installed at their home.

    It is fair to say one should pick what works best for them, so long as the alarm system works efficiently.

    The security of your home or apartment is paramount, and thereby you’d want the security systems to be reliable.

    As such, it is important to have regular maintenance on security systems. This will help ensure consistent recording of footage as expected. In case of technical hitches, it is good to seek the services of an expert.

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    How To Save Energy In Your Farmington Hills Apartments This Winter?

    11 months ago · · Comments Off on How To Save Energy In Your Farmington Hills Apartments This Winter?

    How To Save Energy In Your Farmington Hills Apartments This Winter?

    Winters in Farmington Hills can be less than ideal at times, and regardless of where you live, knowing how to save energy and keep warm during the winter months is crucial. That said, there are a variety of things you can do to save money as well as make sure your apartment home stays nice and toasty.  Here are some apartment living energy-saving tips to consider this winter.

    Keep Air Vents Clear (And Only Open The Ones You Need)

    Chances are if you live in an older apartment community or building, then you may have forced air heating. If in fact you do, then you should check all your vents when it is time to winterize your apartment. Not only should you make sure that your vents are not being blocked by any of your belongings, but you should also try to keep the air vents as clean as possible. Doing so will allow your apartment to be properly heated or ventilated, which means you will not have to jack up the thermostat to stay warm. Note, if there are rooms or areas of your apartment home that you do not use, then you may want to consider closing vents in those spaces in order to keep your utility bills down.

    Heat-Resistant Radiator Reflectors

    On the other hand, if your apartment comes equipped with heat resistant radiators, then you may want to invest in heat resistant reflectors. If this is your first time hearing about heat resistant radiator reflectors, there is no need to worry. These simple foil contraptions or reflectors easily fit behind your radiator and can help ensure that you are not letting heat escape through the walls of your apartment. Note, if you do not have a drafty apartment home, then likely your unit is well insulated, and therefore you may not need to invest in reflectors.

    Enjoy The Sunshine!

    Yet another way to cut down on the amounts of heat or energy you are using this winter is to let the sunshine in. If you have blackout curtains or are constantly keeping your blinds closed, you may want to reconsider this as the sun is a great heat source, especially for smaller apartment homes or units that have ample sun exposure.

    Use Rugs On Bare Floors

    You can also make use of rugs, which help keep cold floors warm as well as provide a layer of insulation, especially if you are located on the first floor. Rugs also are beneficial in typically colder rooms like bathrooms, your kitchen or areas that are less likely to benefit from sun exposure or direct vent access. If you want, you can kick things up a notch, then invest in some rug pads for even more insulation.

    Insulate Your Windows

    Speaking of insulation, you can also keep your apartment warm and your energy bills down by making sure that you insulate your windows. Of course, there are a variety of ways to shore up your windows that will not affect or take away from your security deposit when you move out. In fact, there are inexpensive film kits that work well and even window draft stoppers that you can purchase online for less than $10 that will also do the trick. Obviously, it is important to insulate/shore up drafty windows because you can increase your apartment home’s efficiency by 70 percent or more.

    Seal Up The Doors

    Along those same lines, you can purchase draft door stoppers and use plastic film kits for your doors. This will ensure that your apartment home stays warm and that you are not losing the battle against drafty areas in your home. That said, it is important that you once again do not use any caulking or duct tape to seal up doors, as this may cause damage that you will be responsible for later on. You should also make sure to plug up any holes that you come across in your apartment.

    Pack Your Freezer Tightly

    This one may sound strange, but it is highly recommended that you pack your freezer tightly. As you are more than likely aware, most apartment homes do not have double door refrigerators and freezers that are energy certified. Instead, you will likely find more traditional appliances. As a result, an empty or poorly packed freezer in a standard fridge can force additional cold air into your apartment.

    Close Your Fireplace Damper

    If you are one of the lucky ones and you have a contemporary apartment home with a real fireplace, then you should always make sure to winterize your fireplace once the seasons change. If you do not have a lot of experience with winterizing a fireplace or closing your fireplace damper, then we highly recommend that you speak with someone in the front office about having maintenance come to close the damper for you.

    Use A Humidifier

    Though it may make you feel like you are finally adulting, it is wise to invest in a good humidifier. The truth is, in addition to making your home feel warmer, there are a whole host of benefits that come with owning a humidifier. For instance, humidifiers have been shown to help stop the spread of airborne viruses, prevent dry skin, decrease snoring, relieve allergy symptoms and even reduce static electricity. What’s more, if you have wood floors or a lot of old wood furniture, a humidifier also prevents hardwood from drying out fully during the winter months. Finally, a humidifier will help you save on your heating bills.

    Circulate Warm Air

    Likewise, if your apartment home has ceiling fans, then this is another great way to keep your apartment warm this winter. Most ceiling fans have a switch that you can flip during the winter to reverse the airflow. Switching the fan to run in reverse will create a mild draft that pushes warm air down from the ceiling and back around the room.

    Use Smart Power Strips

    You should also invest in some smart power strips, if you have not already, as they will help to keep your apartment home more energy-efficient. Thanks to their overall design, smart power strips save energy because they actually cut off power to devices that are still plugged in. When you use wall outlets without an energy-saving power strip, even items or electronics that are off still use energy. In contrast, a power strip will ensure that you are not using more power when you do not need to be.

    Utilize The Old Standbys

    Last but not least, if all else fails, your favorite blanket, a nice fire and a small energy-efficient space heater can help keep the chills away and make your apartment home feel warmer. Plus, a cup of tea or a warm bath can help you unwind after a long cold day.

    Take Away

    There are a variety of things you can do to ensure that your apartment is winterized and more energy efficient. The tips mentioned above are just a few things you can do right now that will cost little money and will make a world of difference. That said, if you notice that your apartment home is still drafty after doing everything possible, then you may want to schedule maintenance to come and see if there is anything they can do as well. Ultimately, if you have recently relocated to your current apartment home in Farmington Hills, Michigan—then you might want to see how colder nights or days go before you start buying humidifiers, draft blockers and more.

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