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    How to Keep Your Apartment Cool During the Summer: 5 Tips

    3 months ago · · Comments Off on How to Keep Your Apartment Cool During the Summer: 5 Tips

    How to Keep Your Apartment Cool During the Summer: 5 Tips

    When summer approaches, everyone’s mind seems to be occupied with beaches, sunny days, and barbeques. However, with the long-anticipated summer season comes the warm weather, which may be unconducive and unbearable to some people.

    The good news is that you can still beat the heat that comes with such a season, without having to sacrifice much on electricity bills. All you need to do is to follow the right steps.

    summer heat at apartmen

    This article will discuss some of the top tips you can follow to keep your apartment cool during the dog days of summer. If you follow these tips, your environment, and utility budget, is sure to thank you.

    How To Keep Your Apartment Cool

    Keeping your apartment cool during summer can be easy if you follow the right and proven steps. First, let’s look at how to keep your apartment cool without air conditioning.

    Using Several Ceiling Fan

    We all know what a fan is and how it functions. Research has proven that fans can help your rooms keep cool, and reduce the normal temperatures by about seven degrees. The whole process makes you stay cool. The good thing about this approach is that less power is consumed, compared to the air conditioner option.

    If you have a ceiling fan in your house, you should ensure that it is spinning on full blast and in a counterclockwise direction. However, you should note that not all rentals you decide to settle in have fans.

    In such a case, you can buy portable fans and have them all over your rental unit. With that said, for the case of large bedrooms and living rooms, a bigger oscillating fan that can be fixed in a corner might prove to be the best option.

    Summer heat. sad middle aged housewife in floral blouse with electric fan at modern home in sunny hot summer day.

    If you have smaller rooms, such as an office, a small portable fan sitting on your desk can be ideal for you. If the day is very hot, try placing a bowl of ice just in front of your fan. This can function as a DIY (Do It Yourself) air conditioner.

    Another approach could be using exhaust fans. Portable fans and ceiling fans cool down your room, but exhaust fans function by taking out hot air.

    When hot air rises, it turns-on the exhaust fan on your oven when you cook, thus taking out hot air. It also turns on the bathroom fan when you’re taking a shower.

    Apart from the exhaust fan, you can also use a box fan, which points at the window. The fan will then push out any hot air through the window. So, even though you won’t get any breeze from the fan, your apartment will remain much cooler.

    Cover All Windows

    There is a reason why almost every apartment has open windows fixed on it. However, sometimes your apartment may be retaining heat and having poor energy-efficient mechanisms. This can be caused by poor windows maintenance. The effect of this especially may be felt during summer’s hotter months.

    As we all know, windows are designed and developed to keep heat out of the house, but this is not always the case, especially in old houses. To correct this situation, you must keep the blinds closed during the times that you’re not in your apartment.

    If your apartment doesn’t have blinds, you can ask your landlord to install faux wood blinds and vertical wood to allow for energy efficiency and privacy. This can also help keep cool air in your room and, at the same time, spruce it up by adding curtains on windows.

    Light and simple colored fabrics also work by deflecting the sun’s rays. To further help the situation, you can buy specialty curtains, like blackout curtains and insulated drapes, to keep the heat out.

    The good news is that you have several options for certain types and styles. You should, therefore, find the options that work best for you. For example, if you want to make your apartment look larger, you should hang the curtains above the windows.

    With the windows closed, you can incorporate window films to keep the room even cooler. Windows films employ technology to block heat from flowing through the glass of your windows. This option also saves on your electricity bills.

    Turn Off All Heat Generators

    Apart from the heat from the sun during summer, there might be a lot of heat generated from electronic devices, such as television or computers. So, when you aren’t using these electronic devices, it will make sense to unplug them from their main power supply, or turn them off. It’s also important to do other activities like laundry and ironing when the day becomes cooler.

    When you’re using heat generators, always have a plan. For instance, don’t turn on your oven on a hot day. Instead, you can opt to turn it on when the sun goes down.

    If you own a fire pit or grill, you should start cooking outside during the season. You can also do away with cooking all together and opt for a carry-out.

    The other major generators of heat in your apartment are light bulbs. If you invest in the right lighting, you may end up acquiring cold temperatures and saving on energy costs.

    This is the time to move from the traditional incandescent bulbs and incorporate energy-efficient bulbs in your apartment. For instance, LEDs are known to emit less heat compared to fluorescent bulbs.

    Summertime is also the time when you start turning off lights every time you leave a room. Instead of using light during the day, you should rely on the sun’s natural light.

    Use Air Conditioning Properly

    While the goal here is to find out the best way to keep your apartment cool, independent of A/C, certain climates don’t make the approach realistic, or safe. It would help if you, therefore, utilized the A/C efficiently and properly.

    If your apartment doesn’t have an A/C, you should check with your state laws since it may be required that your landlord provides you with the air conditioning.

    The preferred energy setting for an air conditioning unit is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this may seem warm, everything will be comfortable if you pair this approach with the tricks and tips above.

    Black woman sweating and trying to refresh at home

    If the 78-degree temperature isn’t good enough, you should not set the air conditioner too low. For instance, if you set the temperature to 60, your apartment will cool down slowly. On the other hand, if you forget to set it back to the normal temperature, the unit may end up overworking and increase your energy costs exponentially.

    It’s therefore important that you decide the temperature that works effectively for you, and never adjust the settings any cooler. When you aren’t at home, it will help if you bump up the temperature. This will save electricity costs and take about one minute for the room to resume the preferred temperature. If you own any smart device like a thermostat, it’s possible to control everything from your mobile phone.

    With all of this being said, it would be best to remember that setting the temperature isn’t the only activity that you can do to keep your A/C running smoothly. It’s important to change the filter at least once per month. Depending on your location, you can ask either your landlord or maintenance team to buy and replace a filter for you; or you can simply do it yourself.

    If your environment is humid, you should invest in a dehumidifier. The function of this unit is to help your A/C. It also makes your room feel less stuffy and more cooler by taking out the extra moisture.

    Try Self Cooling Tips to Keep Your Body Cool

    All of the tips that we have discussed above involve working on your space. However, there are other things, such as self-cooling, that you can implement to cool yourself down during these extra warm temperatures.

    The first thing you should do is drink enough cold water. It’s a must that you remain hydrated, especially if you stay in an extremely warm environment. Cold water will, therefore, play a role in keeping you healthy.

    This is also the best time to think about materials. You should invest in seasonal bedding and wear moisture-wicking and lightweight cotton materials. Avoid the extra blankets and incorporate lightweight cooling pillows and sheets. If the nights are uncomfortable, invest in cooling mattress pads.

    Additional Tips to Keep Your Apartment Cool

    Here are a few other tricks that you can employ:

    Try to Optimize Cold Air Flow

    You can try to create a natural flow of cold air to and from your apartment by closing the doors when not in the house. However, keep doors to your apartment open when you are home. A flow of cold air can help your apartment stay cool.

    Avoid Heat Generating Kitchen Equipments

    There is so much equipment that generates a lot of heat in the kitchen. Here, you can try redirecting the kitchen energy. Switch off the energy sources if you aren’t using them.

    Open Windows Every Time at Night

    During summer, the nights have cooler air, compared to the day. Therefore, it would help if you open your windows at night to allow cool air to get into your house.

    Repaint the Apartment Using Light Colors

    It’s a proven fact that light colors, such as white, don’t absorb much light. Instead, these colors will reflect light and heat. You should, therefore, repaint your house with them when the weather gets hot.

    Health Risks That Come From Overheating

    Excessive heat, especially during the summer season, isn’t something that you can take lightly. It can cause serious harm to your body, or even your precious items.

    Your body will inform you that it’s getting hot by sweating. Whether you are engaged in a heavy activity or exposed to hot weather, anything that raises your body’s temperature causes sweating.

    Some of the effects of exposure to overheating include:


    Your body might fail to keep up with the demands of self-cooling through sweating. This may lead to no more sweating, thus leading to a continued rise in body temperatures. This can get your body temperature to about 104 degrees, thus exposing your health to danger.

    Heat Exhaustion

    Here, your body temperature will rise, but at a rate that is slower than that of heatstroke. It’s often associated with dehydration and involves an increase in the level of sweating.


    This results from an allergic reaction to sweat or heat. This happens any time that the body overheats as a result of a hot bath or workout. It can also happen when it’s very hot during summer, or when you’re nervous and uncomfortable.

    Final Verdict

    It is common knowledge that summers are very hot and uncomfortable for a lot of people. When you find yourself in such a situation, you must follow the tips discussed above to get a reliable solution. We hope that you manage to keep your family apartment cool during the summer heat.

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    Best Summer Activities in Farmington Hills

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on Best Summer Activities in Farmington Hills

    Best Summer Activities in Farmington Hills

    Summer is here, and now more than ever, people are looking for activities and outdoor recreation. Whether you are looking for family-friendly or adult/solo activities this summer, there is definitely a lot going on in Michigan, especially in Farmington Hills.

    Of course, if you are not too familiar with the area or maybe you just settled into your new Farmington Hills apartment and don’t know the first thing about the local summer events, there is no need to panic. There is a wealth of summer fun activities, and we have done the research for you. So, let’s get into the best summer activities in Farmington Hills.

    Take Advantage of Outdoor Spaces

    Farmington Hills has several parks that offer lush green spaces for free summer fun. Take Heritage Park, for example, this outdoor space has a walking/running trail, a soccer field, playground area, nature center, and even an archery range. Moreover, for all you golf lovers out there, Farmington Hills has over a dozen golf courses—so get your clubs out and go try them all.

    Other notable outdoor spaces include the 500+ bike trails in the area, the TreeRunner Adventure Park around the corner, campgrounds, nearby beaches, and lakes, plus more. Ultimately, the great outdoors in Farmington Hills has a lot to offer you and the entire family.

    Indoor Summer Fun

    If you are not a big fan of the great outdoors, don’t worry, there are still a plethora of things for you to do this summer in Farmington Hills. For instance, there are at least six museums in Farmington Hills. Thus, you can immerse yourself in phenomenal artwork, history, and science all in air conditioning. A few museums to consider are Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, the Holocaust Memorial Center, and the Governor Warner Museum.

    Also, don’t forget to check out your libraries and nearby galleries. If you prefer to be more active, then the city’s several indoor activities centers like the Costick Center with an indoor pool and tennis courts might interest you. Finally, if you just want to kick back with your friends and watch a movie on the big screen, then the Riviera Cinema or the Farmington Civic Theater is for you.

    Apartment Complex Activities

    Your new apartment complex should have a wealth of summer entertainment options as well. Many apartment complexes have swimming pools, gyms, picnic/barbeque areas, playgrounds, and open green spaces. What’s more, if you have a patio or balcony, then consider sprucing it up and having friends over.

    Having an area that’s all your own with twinkling string lights and a hammock is sometimes all you need to have a good time. Moreover, a select number of apartment communities have resident appreciation events that are free and as close to home as possible. So, if you prefer to have the best summer at home, then check out your apartment community amenities.

    Nearby Attractions

    Yet another top summer entertainment option is to explore your city and its nearby attractions. Farmington Hills is centrally located near major freeways and roads. Therefore, you can take a quick drive to the beach and be there in less than 10 minutes. There are also nearby museums like Cranbrook and ample shopping options. So, don’t be afraid to get out there and see what fun awaits you outside the city. Michigan, in general, has a wealth of lakes, trails, recreational parks, like Kensington, and places that can easily allow you to have the best summer of your life.

    Concerts and Festivals

    What would summertime be without a few concerts and festivals in the lineup? Well, let’s not find out. Thankfully, there are a variety of concert venues nearby. For instance, Farmington Hills puts on a 9-week free summer concert series called Stars in the Park. This annual concert series at good ole Heritage Park is the perfect way to spend a Saturday in the summer—all you need are lawn chairs, a blanket, some friends, and maybe a picnic dinner perhaps.

    In addition to Stars in the Park, the city of Farmington Hills puts on a 4th of July festival of fireworks and family-fun like the surrounding cities. Thus, you can celebrate the 4th of July pretty much all week long.

    Patio Fun

    Sadly, most cities sponsored events are alcohol-free, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Of course, no one is suggesting you BYOB. Instead, it’s highly recommended that you spend some time patio drinking at local hotspots—Craft Brew City, the Bottom of the 5th, The Franklin Grill, Scores Sports Bar and Grill, and Steven Lelli’s Inn On The Green, just to name a few.

    Overall, patio drinking is a favorite pastime for most Michiganders. Nevertheless, if you do not partake in alcohol, these patio bars still have great food, live music, and more—so add patio relaxation to your list of summer activities.

    Wineries and Breweries

    Along those same lines, don’t pass up the opportunity to check out your nearby wineries and breweries. Farmington Hills, itself, doesn’t have any local ones per se, but there are a number of wineries and breweries in the vicinity such as The Haunted Winery in Farmington, the Northville Winery and Brewing Company, Vines 2 Wine Custom Winery, and more. Plus, in addition to Craft Brew City, you will find amazing places to grab a beer around the corner—Granite City Food & Brewery, Ascension Brewing Company, and the Farmington Brewing Company.

    Water Sports

    The next best thing to sipping on a cold one in the summertime is getting into the water. Here, there are ample options when it comes to enjoying water sports. For the family, there are local splash pads at Heritage Park, stand up paddleboarding, and swimming pools. Farmington Hills also has several water sport equipment shops to get you properly suited/equipped for any thrill-seeking water sport you can think of. So, get your scuba gear, kayaks, and surfboards before the season is over.

    Summer Sports

    Besides heading to the lake or beach, many Michiganders get ready for the Tigers season and other local sports. Thus, if you are into baseball, basketball, or football—you might want to check the lineup to see who’s playing and head on down to your local pub or cue for the game on a big screen. Better still, if you can score a few tickets to the Tigers game, you won’t regret it.  Since Farmington Hills has convenient access to major freeways that take you to downtown Detroit in a matter of minutes, there really is no excuse not to check out at least one game.

    Road Trip Destinations in Michigan

    Finally, speaking of convenient access to the rest of Michigan, taking a road trip to the outer parts of the state is a must. Just get on the freeway and pick a direction. There are state parks with beaches practically everywhere you turn. There are also amazing landmarks, lighthouses, waterfalls, islands, and the list goes on. The point is, moving to a new apartment home in Farmington Hills, allows you to keep your summer fun local or hit the road with ease.

    Final Thoughts

    Ultimately, there is a wealth of summer activities that you and your family can partake in while living in Farmington Hills. So, whether you enjoy indoor events or the great outdoors, you should have no trouble at all finding something to get into this summer. These are just a few examples of how you can make the most of these warmer months here in Michigan—so get ready and enjoy!

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    5 Tips for Moving into your Farmington Hills Apartment this Summer

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on 5 Tips for Moving into your Farmington Hills Apartment this Summer

    5 Tips for Moving into your Farmington Hills Apartment this Summer

    So, you have signed on the dotted line and are ready to move into your new Farmington Hills apartment. In general, moving into any new space is exciting, and a tad bit stressful, especially during the summer months. Similarly, moving to a new city can make you feel a bit turned around. That being said, Farmington Hills is rather user-friendly, and there are a variety of everyday conveniences available, regardless of where your new apartment is located.

    If you have not started packing up your old place just yet, there is no need to panic. You can save yourself some time and energy by first and foremost getting organized. This means creating both a moving checklist and an inventory list.

    A moving checklist will help you stay focused on the task at hand, and an inventory list comes in handy as well, especially when you are using movers—which we highly recommend. Remember, you are moving in the heat, and no one likes making multiple trips. With movers, you can get settled into your new apartment quickly, and you won’t have to bribe your friends into helping.

    In addition to considering movers, there are a few more things you can do to make your summer move more manageable. Here are five tips for moving into your swanky Farmington Hills apartment this summer.

    #1. Research and Plan Ahead

    Summer is often one of the busiest times for moving companies. Thus, you are going to have to do some research, cost comparison, and plan well in advance. Once you have chosen movers and set a date, try to schedule your move for earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.  As you know, it can get pretty hot in the summer, but the temp often is more agreeable in the mornings.

    Regardless of the time slot you end up with, if you are doing a lot of the heavy lifting yourself, stay hydrated, schedule breaks, and dress for the occasion. Consider applying sunscreen and bringing portable fans to stay cool and sunburn-free.

    Another scheduling issue to stay on top of is the actual date.  Unsurprisingly, the beginning and the end of the month tend to be busy days for moving. Moreover, the end of the week and holiday weekends are costly, plus they book up quickly. Therefore, do your research and plan your move sooner rather than later.

    #2. Turn On the Utilities ASAP

    Moving in the heat is one thing, and getting situated in an apartment that is sweltering hot is another. So, do not forget to turn on your utilities and air-conditioning beforehand. Not only does a cool apartment make moving more enjoyable, but it keeps everyone focused. In fact, if you live close to your new apartment, consider turning the a/c on the night before, especially if your move-in day is going to be a hot one.

    Besides turning on the a/c as soon as possible, make sure other utilities you may need immediately are set up already as well. For example, if you need your internet up and running to take care of other business, then set it up prior to moving. Similarly, lights, cable, heat, water, and anything else that you are responsible for turning on should be working on move-in day (do not forget to change your mailing address too).

    #3. Be Aware of Items That Are Susceptible to Heat

    Moving, whether on your own or with assistance, takes time. In other words, many of your belongings will be sitting in a hot car or truck for possibly a few hours. Therefore, it is in your best interest to put items that do not fare well in warmer weather in a clearly labeled box that goes in first or in a cooler/refrigerator bag (food items, typically). Food and other perishables should be one of the first things you put away, even if you adequately stored them during the trip.

    Likewise, try not to leave your electronics in the heat for too long. This can cause irreparable damage to rather expensive stuff like your laptop, smartphone, TV, and vinyl records.  Additional items you should not leave in the heat for too long include medicines, formula, water bottles, flammable products, house plants, pets, pet food, and candles or other likely-to-melt items.

    #4. Decide What To Do with Pets

    Speaking of pets, if you opted not to get a pet sitter, then you need to factor your pet(s) into your moving schedule. For instance, if you have several trips to make, then it is best to have your pet(s) be the last to go. Bringing your pet at the beginning of the move means you have to keep an eye on your furry friend. This means making sure your pet has water, food, and a place to go to the bathroom.

    Furthermore, there will likely be people in and out of your apartment on move-in day, and having your pet around may only lead to trouble, ie. people injured, carpet soiled, an escape attempt, etc.

    On a slightly different note, before moving, you should also consider taking your pet in for a check-up at the vet. Not only do many apartments require your pet to be up-to-date on their shots, you typically have to provide documentation from the vet stating as much. Remember, moving is stressful for your four-legged friend, so consider a sitter or pet daycare until you get settled in.

    #5. Pack Move-In Prep and An Overnight Bag

    Another excellent tip for a summertime Farmington Hills move is to make sure you have what you need for the first night in your new apartment. Even the most organized person can forget where they put all their pants, underwear, and everyday toiletries. So, instead of sifting through boxes or having to pack everything all at once, consider packing an overnight or weekend bag. This way, you won’t have to unpack immediately, and you will have everything you need on hand. Consider packing a bag for your children and pets as well—if you have any. Having things they need, like their favorite toys, can help keep them occupied as well as ease them into a new apartment.

    In terms of move-in prep, it helps to have cleaning supplies readily available. Generally, all apartments are given the once over before a tenant moves in, however it still does not hurt to wipe down the counters or vacuum after unloading all the boxes. You should consider a quick cleaning of the bathroom(s) too. Ultimately, you will feel more at home, when you know you or a family member has thoroughly cleaned your apartment.

    Final Thoughts

    Moving takes a lot of planning and forethought, but that does not mean it cannot be fun. Try keeping a positive attitude, especially in the heat. Additionally, if you have children, have them help out with the move—carrying the throw pillows, the lighter boxes, or something small. Getting the kids involved in the minor details of moving helps make the transition to a new apartment easier. Of course, if your kids are too young to assist, consider a babysitter, or have the grandparents tag along to entertain them.

    Finally, once you feel everything and everyone is settled into the new apartment, double-check that you have everything. Nothing is worse than leaving something of value at your old place. Even Though you will likely be exhausted, take a few minutes and do a final walkthrough inspection of your previous home, if you can. Try doing this before the movers show up and after the job is done.

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    5 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on 5 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer

    5 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer

    Summertime—who doesn’t look forward to basking in the sun and enjoying all that summer has to offer? Sure, a select few maybe, but if you are like most people, then summer is your favorite season. However, with all the fun and excitement that warmer weather brings, there are always housing concerns like keeping your overall space comfortable. Moreover, for those enjoying apartment living, addressing these often season-specific issues takes a little creativity. Not only are there more spiders and other creepy-crawlers trying to get in from outside, but rising temperatures mean a warmer apartment (apartment homes on higher floors also get to enjoy the fact that heat rises).

    Of course, no one wants to feel uncomfortable in their home. Being unable to sleep at night due to the heat or sweating it out during home leisure activities such as watching TV and baking banana bread are never ideal situations. The silver lining here is that most apartment complexes have central air conditioning or in-window A/C units. Nevertheless, you should make sure you are prepared for a change in climate indoors. Thus, to better assist you in your battle against the heat, here are five great ways you can keep your apartment coolant calm this summer.

    Get Blown Away – Use Fans

    Fans can be a great addition to a hot room or apartment home. Surprisingly enough, fans do not necessarily lower the room temp. Instead, they allow warm air to be blown away from you. If your apartment does come with a ceiling fan or two, do not be afraid to put them on.  Ceiling fans are effective in making hot spaces feel up to 7 degrees cooler. Alternatively, a small side fan, a box fan, an oscillating standing fan, or even an exhaust fan can help reduce the heat during the summer months. The truth is, most fans use less electricity than your standard a/c unit, so if you want to save some cash and stay cool, turn on the fans.

    In addition to your fans, dehumidifiers can make your apartment feel more comfortable. For a lesson in science—our sweat evaporates at a slower rate in humid areas, which is weird. Nevertheless, a dehumidifier will help boost the chill. Use both fans and dehumidifiers together to keep yourself extra chill this summer. Remember that placement is essential for any cooling apparatus that is not affixed to anything. The right placement for fans means you can control the airflow (create a cross breeze). For instance, if you place a fan towards the window, it will remove most of the hot air from a room, ultimately cooling down the place. Finally, speaking of airflow, make sure vacant rooms/areas are not receiving the bulk of your cold air when it’s not necessary.

    Maintenance Is Key

    Air conditioners are instrumental in cooling down homes and apartments. Thus, you should make sure yours is properly maintained. This includes replacing air filters, contacting building maintenance for any issues that arise, and more. If you can replace your air conditioner’s filter yourself, make sure to buy the right replacement filter. Changing filters once a month, if possible, will make all the difference. Likewise, making sure your apartment is insulated correctly can help the overall temperature in your apartment stay consistent. Checking to see if your apartment is adequately insulated might be difficult in some situations, so if need be, speak with maintenance if you’ve noticed a draft in your apartment.

    Covering windows during the day is also a great way to block out any direct sun and keep the excess heat in your apartment to a minimum. Try investing in some blackout curtains. These curtains will help you sleep better and prevent direct sunlight from creeping into your home. Tip: leave your blackout curtains closed during the day, and at night. Deploy the old fashion technique of opening your window to allow for a cool breeze. If you choose to place a fan in your window as well, remember to face the fan towards the window, so the hot air flows out.

    Self-Cooling Is A Thing

    Keeping yourself cool in your apartment is also a way to beat the heat. Self-cooling can be as simple as taking a cold shower or bath, drinking a cold glass of ice water, even choosing to wear lighter fabrics. If you want to kick self-cooling up a notch, try cooling down your bedding. A few techniques that make your bed nice and chilly for your slumber include placing your pillowcases and sheets in the freezer an hour or two before bedtime. Also, bedding fresh from the freezer can last longer if you wear breezy fabrics to bed like linen or cotton.

    Then again, you may want to invest in temperature regulating sheets. Yes, that’s a thing too. These marvelous sheets are designed to absorb and hold heat. Yet, the real magic is in how these sheets release heat while ensuring you maintain a steady and optimal body temperature throughout the night. Other less expensive self-cooling tips include placing a cold washcloth on the back of your neck or wrist, utilizing a bucket of ice in front of a fan, and shockingly, all things mint. As crazy as it sounds, a layer of Vicks Vapor Rub (menthol products) or using peppermint products creates a cooling sensation.

    Keep Cool – Turn Off All Sources Of Heat

    By now, you should be somewhat cooler, and your apartment should be downright refreshing at this point. If that’s not the case, you may want to take a look around and identify other sources of heat. Baking or using your oven regularly will surely heat things up. Therefore, you might want to make more meals outside at your complex’s picnic/barbeque area or cook when it’s cooler instead of in the middle of the day. Summertime is all about grilling and cold drinks by the water, so do not be afraid to get creative with your cooking. In fact, you may even decide to give up cooking altogether and order carry-out for the foreseeable future—no one’s judging you.

    Besides your oven, other sources of heat may surprise you.  If you use several electronics like your TV, game consoles and device chargers all at the same time, or leave everything plugged in day and night, there will be heat. Not only are you running up your electric bill, but you are also generating a lot of heat in your apartment. To prevent this, try unplugging your electronics if you are no longer using them or if you plan to be out for most of the day. Moreover, if you regularly leave all the lights on in your apartment and use high-voltage/wattage light bulbs like incandescent lights—this is a surefire way to raise the temperature in your home. Thus, you may want to consider switching out high-voltage bulbs and turning some lights off once in a while.

    Please Don’t Overdo It With The A/C

    Lastly, not to sound like everyone’s dad, but pick a temperature and stick to it. Continuously, cranking up the A/C will not necessarily cool off your apartment any faster. Remember, extremely low temps like 65 degrees just cost you more. Thus, it’s highly recommended that you select a particular temp and turn on a fan if it starts to feel warm. Finally, consider turning your A/C off entirely if you are not home for several days. Upon your return, you can utilize any of these great ways to cool off.

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