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    Top Farmington Hills Elementary Schools

    9 months ago · · Comments Off on Top Farmington Hills Elementary Schools

    Top Farmington Hills Elementary Schools

    The right choice of elementary school for your child in Farmington Hills, MI will go a long way to ensuring that they are in an environment they can thrive in.

    The proper foundation for your child can guarantee them a solid building block to their education, and that they are in a healthy, happy space to develop positive attitudes toward school and learning.

    With that said, choosing the best elementary schools in Farmington Hills, MI, can be overwhelming. It takes time to research and evaluate the best schools around your place of residence in Farmington Hills, MI.

    Kids at school

    Before your child came into life, you had wishful thinking of what kind of products the toddler will use. Undoubtedly, you picked some of the best products you could get, either by recommendation or by choice, after heavy research.

    The same careful consideration should be applied when enrolling the child at elementary school.

    Farmington Hills Elementary Schools

    Farmington Hills is one city you will fall in love with at first sight. Farmington Hills is a historical city that is never short of exciting places. You and your family will have plenty of time to explore the city’s public parks, historical buildings and much more.

    But first, getting a place to settle in Farmington Hills, MI becomes a priority. Undoubtedly, where you live will have a ripple effect on almost every aspect of your life.

    Writing Student

    You need a place close enough to school, for your children, as well as a location close enough to your workplace, right?

    We can go on and list other factors, but, for a moment, let’s save that for later. Let’s say you get a place to settle in Farmington Hills, MI; now finding the best schools becomes your next item on the list.

    However, since you know no one around, we can all guess your next move, searching for the best schools on the internet.

    Teaching at school

    If you are reading this article, we can agree you want the best elementary school for your child, in Farmington Hills. So, without further ado, let us do justice and serve your curiosity:

    Kenbrook Elementary School

    Located at 32130 Bonnet Hill Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334, Kenbrook Elementary School is one of the top elementary schools in the city of Farmington Hills.

    It thrives in many aspects, compared to other elementary schools in Farmington Hills, MI. For instance, the school has an average of 96 percent of teachers with three or more years experience, compared to the state average of 91 percent.

    Pupils and teachers

    When it comes to certified teachers, the school has a 100 percent average, compared to the state average of 99 percent.

    The student per teacher ratio stands at an average of 17:1, compared to the state average of 18:1. This means your child is more likely to get the teacher’s attention, compared to other Michigan schools.

    Disadvantaged students at this school perform better than other students throughout the state, though this school may still have achievement gaps. This school also follows all U.S. Department of Education laws.

    Farmington STEAM Academy

    This school is located at 32800 W 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.

    The school serves over 700 students, from grades K-8, within the Farmington Public School district boundaries.

    Centered on project-based learning, Farmington STEAM Academy combines unique facilities with an inquiry-driven philosophy, giving students autonomy and the opportunity to pursue their interests.

    Portrait Of Excited Elementary School Pupils On Playing Field At Break Time

    Something to note about Farmington STEAM Academy is that they ignite students to be innovative thinkers and problem-solvers by focusing on creativity, collaboration, and communication.

    Students at this Farmington Hills, MI school are making far more academic progress, given where they were last year, than similar students in the state.

    High progress with high test scores means students have strong academic skills, and that the school is doing an excellent job at supporting academic growth, compared to most other schools.

    Four kids hanging out together in the garden

    For certified teachers, the school has a 100 percent average, compared to the 99 percent average from all other Michigan schools.

    For teachers with three or more years of experience, the school average is 99 percent, which is the same as the state average. This school also follows all U.S. Department of Education laws.

    Beechview Elementary School

    This is another one of the top Farmington Public Schools, located at 26850 Westmeath Ct, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

    Beechview Elementary School is one of the top elementary schools in Farmington Hills, MI.

    You can be confident here that your child will be in good hands. It is affirmed that 100 percent of teachers are certified, compared to the state average of 99 percent.


    teacher and kids

    It has 292 students, in grades K-5, with a student-teacher ratio of 12:1. According to state test scores, 57% of students are at least proficient in math, and 57% in reading.

    The student population is composed of 48% female students and 52% male students. The school also enrolls 27% economically disadvantaged students. This school also follows all U.S. Department of Education laws.

    Top Considerations when Choosing an Elementary School

    As discussed earlier, the task of choosing the top school for your child in Farmington Hills can be overwhelming.

    Here are some tips to use when hunting for the best Farmington Hills schools:

    Family Basic Needs

    It may be tempting to go to the best school and forget there are many other things to consider for the family.

    For instance, if the school day starts when you are supposed to be at work, then that’s a problem you need to consider.

    You may need to find an alternative to avoid the chaos of facing roadblocks after drop-off.

    Physical Environment

    Does the school building appeal to you? Your child will be spending a chunk of time in the facility, and you certainly don’t want any health issues arising from lack of proper cleaning.

    Female Teacher Helping Female Primary School Pupil With Writing Reading At Desk

    How about the outdoor space? Is there a field big enough for your kids to play?

    You should also ensure the school supports co-curricular activities. You don’t want your kid’s talent shuttered, but rather nurtured by some of the best instructors.


    As said earlier, the place you settle in, Farmington Hills, MI, will play a huge role when choosing schools for your child.

    You should consider how far you want your kid to go for schooling. Can you manage the drop-off and pick-ups every day, assuming you have to go to work too?

    You must check with the school to find out if they offer any transportation. It might save you the headache of traveling to and fro every day.

    Parent’s Involvement

    Does the school in Farmington Hills, MI, actively involve parents?

    You want to be part of the community where your child goes to school, right? If so, you should choose a school in Farmington Hills, MI, that has an active PTA.

    happy students

    How often do they carry out their meetings? Do parents volunteer in classrooms? If they do, what kind of role will you be willing to take up?

    Such considerations will help you choose the best school in Farmington Hills, MI, for your child and help nurture their growth, in all aspects.


    Farmington Hills, MI, is known for its best-performing schools. The Farmington Public Schools System promotes equality and equity.

    Furthermore, they do well in sports, so your child’s talent will not go unnoticed. If you don’t have the budget for private schools, Farmington Public Schools can be a good option.

    Farmington Hills has plenty of schools to choose from. No matter if you go with private schools or public schools, you can rest assured that your child will get the best.

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    Farmington Hills Schools: Top 5

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Farmington Hills Schools: Top 5

    Farmington Hills Schools: Top 5

    Living in Farmington Hills has many perks, especially if you have a growing family to think of. The surroundings are beautiful, you get all the amenities necessary for a comfortable life, and Farmington Hills is safe.

    If there is one thing that everyone knows about living in Farmington Hills, MI, it is that the schooling system is one of the best in Michigan. The educational options might even be among the top in the whole country. There is no doubt that the school district here gives a high quality public school education to every student.

    Whether you are looking for high schools, middle schools, or an early childhood center, Farmington Hills schools are second to none. Of course, there are some institutions that may have an edge over the other options.

    Farmington Hills Schools

    When one has school going kids in their home, they are usually on the lookout for a good high school or elementary school nearby. Fortunately, the Farmington Public School System is an excellent option for kids of all ages. As of now, there are around 22 Farmington Public Schools, which means that this area has one of the strongest concentrations of quality public schools in the state of Michigan.

    school toddlers

    There are also quite a few private schools, so parents leaning towards this option also have some great choices. For a more general idea, here is what you need to know about schools in Farmington Hills , MI.

    Overall, the Farmington public schools combined have an average ranking of 8 out of 10. This makes the schooling system here in the top 30% of public schools in Michigan.

    Choosing just the right public or private school in Farmington Hills is essential for your child’s development. The institutions here will all provide a thriving environment for the students, but it is always best to look at the top options available.

    With a proper foundation, students get a solid educational building block for the rest of their lives. If you are still deliberating the best high school, elementary school, or preschool for your child, have a look at the top five options now:

    1.       Farmington High School

    2.       Oakland Early College

    3.       Beechview Elementary School

    4.       Farmington STEAM Academy

    5.       Montessori Academy of Farmington Hills

    1. Farmington High School: Among the Best Farmington Public Schools

    Located at 32000 Shiawassee Road, Farmington High School is rated 9 out of 10. This rating places it in the top 20% of public schools in Michigan. It has over 1,100 students at present, from grade 9 through 12.

    Overall, Farmington High School ensures great proficiency for its students in math, reading, language, arts, among other subjects. The student to teacher ratio is slightly higher than average with regards to Michigan, but not by much. The graduation rate is among the top 5% for the state, while its diversity is among the top 20% in the state.

    Both the student and teacher population of this school have stayed fairly stable over the past five years. This makes for a dependable experience with little uncertainty.

    Other top public high schools in this area include North Farmington High School, Farmington Central High School, Michigan International Prep School, and Oakland Early College. The latter is also among the best options in Farmington Hills, so let’s have a look at it.

    1. Oakland Early College: One of the Top-Rated Farmington Public Schools

    There are many reasons to live in Oakland County, of which Farmington Hills is a part. One of these reasons is having close proximity to the Oakland Early College.

    Located at 27055 Orchard Lake Rd, this public high school has an impressive 10/10 rating. It’s among the top 5% schools in the whole state, which is saying a lot.

    This school has around 176 students at present, all distributed between grades 9 through 12. The math proficiency here is in the top 10%, while the reading proficiency is in the top 1% (these stats are for the school year 2018-19). Overall, students can expect to get a higher proficiency in reading and math here than most other schools in Michigan.

    However, the ratio of students to teachers here is 25 to 1, which is significantly higher than the average in Michigan (18 to 1). While this is not a really positive point (as it is more ideal to have fewer students per teacher), the excellent academic environment makes up for it.

    Perhaps, the high ratio is also due to the school having reliable, dedicated teachers who can manage students very well. Even so, the school has more teachers now than it did around five years ago, while the student population has stayed stable.

    The diversity score for this school is 0.56, which is higher than the 0.52 state average. With that said, the diversity has also remained fairly stable over the past few years.

    Overall, the high testing rank of this school places it at around 128 out of 3,120 schools in Michigan, which is quite an impressive standing. Therefore, it is worth considering Oakland Early College for your child’s academic success.

    1. Beechview Elementary School: A Great School that Promotes Diversity

    Though Beechview Elementary School is located in a small setting, its quality of academics has created a higher impact in its overall ranking. This school enrolls students till grade 5 and its student population is 320, while 51.9% comprises the minority enrollment. This proves that Beechview Elementary School encourages diversity and fosters a similar culture in its educational environment.

    It is a considerable school for parents who emphasize on improving their child’s math and reading level as 57% of pupils were able to score within and even above proficient math level, as well as reading level.

    It is surprisingly true that Beechview Elementary School has succeeded in achieving a reputable ranking in the education industry. It has been ranked #421 out of 1,492 schools in Michigan, according to the analysis conducted by U.S. News in terms of the best elementary schools of Michigan. The ranking factors were based on math proficiency, reading proficiency, math performance, and reading performance.

    The learning community here is an innovative one, with committed teachers and enthusiastic students. Every member of this institution is taught to identify their own talents and potential. At the same time, this may also help them recognize and appreciate what others have to offer.

    What is especially good here is the student to teacher ratio, which stands at just 14 to 1. There are around 23 teachers to cater to the large student population, which makes sure that each student gets their due attention and training. 100% of the teachers are working as certified teachers in this school.

    The best thing about this school is that it facilitates 31% of its students in enrollments who are economically disadvantaged.

    1. Farmington STEAM Academy: One of the Best Public Middle Schools

    This school is located at 32800 W. 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334. Along with Power Middle School and Warner Middle School, it is among the top institutions of its kind in Farmington Hills.

    There is a large student body here, with more than 700 students in grade K through 8. The system here is focused on project or activity-based learning, with unique facilities for students and teachers. Here, students learn autonomy and get many chances to develop and follow their own interests.

    Most of the students at this school are making excellent academic progress. There is a 100% average here when it comes to certified teachers, while most of the teachers here have three years of experience or more.

    1. Montessori Academy of Farmington Hills: An Excellent Private Elementary School

    Located at 31195 W. 13 Mile Rd, this Montessori academy is one of the most unique schools in Farmington Hills. In this academy, students get an environment where they can develop an enthusiasm for learning. Their social, academic, and emotional development is also a top priority here.

    Overall, this institution is easily among the top Farmington Hill elementary schools. It offers both half-day and full-day sessions, so students can get the attention they need without feeling burdened. For working parents or guardians, there is even the option of afternoon and morning daycare.

    Along with Montessori classes, there are also slots for gym, Spanish language, and computer learning. From infants to the 5th grade, this school maintains an excellent environment for all students.

    Along with studies, they also have several extracurricular activities for a well-rounded experience. There are children’s entertainers, puppet shows, and even plays from time to time. With the amazing student to teacher ratios of 5:1, we can expect that every student gets the attention and care they need here.

    The Takeaway

    There are some things that everyone in Farmington Hills knows to be true, and one of them is certainly that Farmington public schools, plus private schools, are among the best options in the state. Of course, there might be room for school improvement in certain cases, but the top institutions do seem to cover all the bases. If you are planning to move to the city of Farmington Hills, do check out the upcoming events at the nearest schools to your new home!

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