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    Where is Farmington Hills, Michigan?

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on Where is Farmington Hills, Michigan?

    Where is Farmington Hills, Michigan?

    Farmington Hills has a population of 79,740, according to the 2010 census, and is the second most populated city in Oakland County, Michigan, after Troy. It consists of 33.28 square miles of land and 0.03 square miles of water.

    Where is Farmington Hills, Michigan?

    Farmington Hills Welcomes You Sign

    Farmington Hills is a northern suburb outside of Metro Detroit, within Oakland County, and is located in southeastern Michigan. Farmington Hills is bordered by the city of Farmington to the South, West Bloomfield is to the North, while Novi and Southfield border the city of Farmington Hills on the West and East, respectively. It is also only 20 miles from Detroit, via Orchard Lake Road.


    While many people might assume Farmington and Farmington Hills are the same, the reality is they are different, albeit initially each being part of Farmington Township. The Farmington Hills community has numerous features, making it one of the best places to live in Oakland County, MI.

    In the city of Farmington Hills, you’ll find exotic car dealerships, Farmington Hills parks, Farmington Hills shopping malls, fabulous golf courses, like the Farmington Hills Golf Club, Copper Creek Golf Course, and Glen Oaks Golf Course, a vintage cinema, among other blissful features. Another great hang out spot worth mentioning is Riley Skate Park.

    If you are seriously considering a move to Farmington Hills, Michigan, please let us share with you all of the reasons that you are making the right choice!

    Why Farmington Hills is One of the Best Places in Michigan

    • Low Crime Rate
    • Excellent Public and Private Schools
    • Cost of Living
    • Affordable Housing

    Low Crime Rate

    Wondering if Farmington Hills, MI is safe? The answer is YES! Farmington Hills consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in all of Michigan. In fact, in 2018, Time Magazine ranked Farmington Hills the safest city in Michigan, making it an ideal place to stay with a family. This means that this city is nationally known for its low crime rate.

    To put this into perspective, according to Neighborhood Scout, the chances of you becoming a victim of violent crime in the city of Farmington Hills is 1 in 933, compared to the entire state of Michigan being 1 in 212. Bottom line is it’s one of the safest cities in the U.S.

    Searching for the perfect apartment in the city of Farmington Hills, MI will be a breeze for your family because you can walk free without the fear of your loved one’s safety.

    Arts in Farmington Hills

    Excellent Public and Private Schools

    When education comes into play, this city boasts numerous public Farmington Hills schools, along with private schools too. Whether it’s top Farmington Hills elementary schools for your little ones or college for your grown child, Farmington Hills has the best to fit all of your needs.

    Some top schools worth mentioning are:

    • Lanigan Elementary School
    • Dunckel Middle School
    • Harrison High School
    • North Farmington High School

    Cost of Living

    The cost of living in Farmington Hills, MI is 13.9% lower compared to the national average. While the average income tax in the U.S. is 7.3%, the Farmington Hills income tax is at 4.3%. When it comes to education, the cost per student in the U.S. is about $12,383 per year, while in the Farmington Hills Public Schools district, that value stands at $9,244. Farmington Hills consistently ranks as one of the more affordable areas in all of Michigan.

    Aerial view of residential houses at autumn (october). American neighborhood, suburb. Real estate, drone shots, sunset, sunny morning, sunlight, from above

    Affordable Housing

    The average rent in Farmington Hills, MI stands at $1,187, which represents a 1% increase from the previous year. With that said, it is way better in comparison to the national average. Buying can be an option too, but some find themselves tied up with bad credit ratings. However, there are apartments in Michigan that accept bad credit, and it isn’t that hard to find top real estate agents in Farmington Hills, MI that will help you find a place of your own.

    Landmarks and Historical Sites You Must See

    If you are looking to discover new places and exciting historical sites, Farmington Hills offers plenty for you. Below outlines the top historical places to see in Farmington Hills that you should consider visiting:

    Heritage Park

    One notable thing about Farmington Hills is Heritage Park, which offers families the ideal place for outdoor activities. This park sits on 211 acres of land with 4.5 miles of trail for hiking lovers. It is located at 24915 Farmington Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

    Big tree in little field near water and blue sky with cloud.

    Whether it is hiking, a playground, or a picnic place, Heritage Park covers your needs in a bundle. If the picnic shelter is part of your plans, making reservations early is important to avoid missing out. This is because it is often on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    Also, during winter, seasonal activities, such as skiing, are often in the limelight, with many people flooding the place to participate.

    Royal Aldrich House

    The Royal Aldrich House serves as a historical building and is a great example of Greek Revival architecture. Being built around 1842, this landmark is located at 31110 Eleven Mile Road. It is believed that Royal Aldrich built the house for his second wife Jenett. The house was later sold to Fredrick Bade, a German farmer who, together with his family, owned the house generationally up until 1953.

    Even though there is typically natural wear and tear with a building this old, the place has been renovated to keep it in the previous shape of 1842. This house is recorded on the Michigan State Registry of historical places, along with being on the National Register of Historic places, making it a must-visit whenever leisure comes calling.

    Lemuel Botsford House

    Just like Royal Aldrich, Lemuel Botsford was a farmer in Farmington Hills, too. He moved to the city back in 1836.

    The architecture of the house makes it unique and thrilling, and it is located at 24414 Farmington Road. Lemuel, together with his wife Lucy, had children who later became famous in the community. This house has also been recorded in the Registry of the State of Michigan as a historic place to visit.

    Holocaust Memorial Center

    Originally, the Holocaust Memorial Center was located in West Bloomfield, but later, after expansion, it was moved to where it is currently, which 28123 Ird=chard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334. The purpose of the Memorial Center is to educate the public about the Holocaust tragedy.

    While the Holocaust remains one of the darkest moments in the history of humanity, the Memorial Center, which is near Detroit, is Michigan’s only Holocaust Museum. In the Memorial Center, you’ll learn the rise and fall of the Nazi people, the Jewish practices, and what made them unique. It’s a humbling experience for anyone with a high affinity for history. Taking a guided tour of the Memorial Center will offer you unique insights into its history, and you will certainly leave with tremendous knowledge.

    Suburban townhouses

    How to Locate the Right Apartment in Farmington Hills

    Pick a Location

    Picking a location or city that you desire is typically one of the first steps to finding your next home. You will want to consider your wants and needs, then filter out locations accordingly.

    For example, do you want to be near your childrens’ schools? Do you want a short commute to work? Do you want to be near the recently renovated downtown area? These are all things to consider when choosing a location to live.

    Understanding the location in the Farmington Hills area will give you room to consider other variables, while maintaining the geographical location you desire, until the right apartment is found.

    Consider Your Budget

    How much are you looking to spend on renting an apartment? Define your budget and do research on apartments near the area you have identified as ideal. The internet is a great place to start where to find an apartment for rent online.

    Apartments vary based on amenities and the architecture of the buildings, among other things. Make a reasonable consideration and pick an apartment that fits your budget, while offering the satisfaction you need.

    Check the Reviews

    Saving time is important. In order to do that, you don’t want to waste time on places that are not worth it. An easy way to separate the good from the bad is to check for reviews online of all apartments you have an eye on, and cut the list down so you can move forward.

    Read the Rental Agreement

    It can be a terrible mistake if you fail to read the rental agreement prior to moving into a new apartment. Establish details about the management and how they handle things, like utilities, the security of the place, and if renters insurance is required in Michigan. With such information at hand, you’ll be informed of all you need before moving in.

    Compare the Apartments

    The best way to find the right apartment is by making comparisons. In real estate, the love at first sight apartment doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Comparing apartments will only expose you to further spectacular designs and architectures that will widen your scope of choices.

    Establish What You Want for an Apartment

    What do you want for an apartment? A garden-style apartment where you can walk straight to your house? Or maybe you love multi-story buildings and taking an elevator to your apartment? Are you looking for an apartment with a nice backyard where you could have leisure time with your family? Make sure you establish what appeals to you before anything else.

    Do you need a parking space for your car? Most apartments will provide ample parking space for their tenants, but be sure to check whether that applies at the apartments you are looking at. Armed with your preferences, it will be a lot easier to locate the perfect apartment.

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    Top 10 Places to See in Farmington Hills, Michigan

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Top 10 Places to See in Farmington Hills, Michigan

    Top 10 Places to See in Farmington Hills, Michigan

    The tourist attractions of a city define the kind of place it is. A city with a rich history, for example, has plenty of museums to tell the story. If there are a lot of well-maintained parks, it surely indicates that the citizens appreciate nature.

    If you did not already know where Farmington Hills is, it is a city in Oakland County, Michigan. The city of Farmington Hills, MI is loved by its inhabitants, as well as its visitors. The remarkable tourist destinations of the city make great learning experiences for visitors, but also serve as excellent entertainment options for the people who live there.

    If you are considering moving while Farmington Hills, MI is on your list, you really should consider the tourist places. Not only are these going to be the locations you will enjoy with your family on exploration days, but they will also help you learn more about the place and its people.

    If you want a general overview of what to expect from the city, here is everything you should know about Downtown Farmington Hills. With that said, to find out the fun activities you can take part in on a day-to-day basis, along with tourist attractions of the city, keep reading till the end!

    Places to See in Farmington Hills

    Here is a list of the top 10 places, the best in their category, to enjoy while you are in Farmington Hills, MI. Whether it is a day trip to the city or you live here permanently, you will find joy and information in these places.

    1. Parks for a Breath of Fresh Air

    Farmington Hills, MI is known to have some of the best parks in Michigan. So, it is only fair to make the most of these Farmington Hills parks when you are around. It is a general category of locations that you can enjoy in the city.

    Heritage Park New

    You will find a lot of great options near the place you’re living. However, here are some top favorites of the category that you should make an effort to visit.

    Heritage Park

    Between Ten and Eleven Mile Roads on the west side of Farmington Hills, you will find this 211-acre park. Heritage Park is a citizen’s favorite location for fun activities amid the beauty of nature.

    At Heritage Park, there is something for your entire family to enjoy. The trails are spread out over 4.5 miles, and the park is open for the public to soak in the natural environment as well as for nature study. During the colder weather when the trail is covered in snow, it is open for skiing. Other than that, there is a splash pad and six horseshoe pits.

    Comerica Park

    Kids can enjoy their time in the playground or play a game of volleyball on the sand courts; there is a hockey rink as well. Besides, Heritage Park is known to be a great picnic spot. You will have to reserve a spot for the picnic since it is a hot location.

    Comerica Park

    Save Comerica Park to your list of parks in Farmington Hills. It is a baseball stadium with over 41,000 seating. You can enjoy the Detroit skyline from this location as you cheer on the Detroit Tigers.

    Founders Sports Park

    Founders Sports Park

    The Founders Sports Park is a 101-acre area divided into different sections, each one for a specific sport. There are six soccer fields, four sand volleyball courts, eight baseball fields, two basketball courts, one shuffleboard court, a fishing pier, one bocce ball court, and a disc golf course.

    Woodland Hills

    Woodland Hills

    This park is located on Farmington Road. It is a 74-acre park full of mesmerizing nature. The walking trail around this huge park lets you explore all of the natural components in this vicinity. You will get to see a pond, a river, a creek, meadows, and a hardwood forest in this area.

    The park is great for days when you want to wind down and relax. It is designed around the concept of absorbing the sounds and freshness of nature. Listen to the singing birds, observe different animals in their natural habitat, and breathe in the calmness of this place.

    Places of Nature

    2. Places of Nature

    Nature is truly appreciated in this city. You won’t ever feel bored even after exploring the natural beauty every day. This is the city where you can enjoy the environment in more ways than just in a park.

    Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve

    Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve is a nature preserve just around Farmington Hills. It is located in Southfield, MI, which is hardly a 10 to 15-minute drive from Farmington Hills. To be exact, it is on 10 Mile Road, which is towards the east of Inkster Road. The center is spread over 42 acres of land – all occupied by woodlands, native meadows, and forested wetlands. It runs along the Ravines Branch of the Rouge River.

    Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve

    This nature center is a place you can visit on your own. You will find boards to assist and educate you regarding the spots you are passing by. The easy hiking trails are ideal for families. You can also simply soak in the surroundings by taking a seat on the benches lined along the one-mile trail that takes you to Carpenter Lake.

    Any feelings of exhaustion or tiredness from the trail will be eradicated when you get to the beautiful lake. You can either enjoy the view and relax or take advantage of the fishing facilities. The lake is home to numerous species, including channel catfish, sunfish, largemouth bass, minnows, and bluegill. It is the fishermen’s favorite spot.

    3. Farmington Hills Golf Club

    For the days when you want to add some movement to your schedule, there are fun recreational activities that the city offers.

    Farmington Hills Golf Club

    Plan a day out with your friends at this lush golf club. It is not only loved for its views, but also because it caters to golf players of all skill levels. It is spread out over 175 acres with 18 holes. The ponds, smooth hills, and luscious grass make it a place worth getting registered at.

    4. Detroit Zoo

    Enough of the humans! It is time to take your kids to explore some different species. The Detroit Zoo is a place your children will thoroughly enjoy and love.

    Detroit Zoo

    Zoos are always a good idea to educate your children on a fun day out. The Detroit Zoo is an ideal location for this purpose due to the variety of animals you will get to see there. Visitors lists Detroit Zoo as one of the best in the area. So, make sure to save Detroit Zoo in your locations to visit with your children.

    5. Farmington Hills Nature Center

    Weekends with the kids do not have to be boring in Farmington Hills. You can head out to an educational site where the kids will enjoy and learn side by side. That is when Farmington Hills Nature Center should be the right place to visit.

    Farmington Hills Nature Center

    This nature center is in Heritage Park. It is a place with life-sized animal dioramas placed in realistic habitats. The fish aquariums and bird viewing area are also open for kids. Moreover, the kids can make the most of the library. Additionally, there are other fascinating activities and games that they can indulge in.

    6. GM Renaissance Center

    The city has plenty of natural beauty, but wait till you get to see what the humans have added. This place is an absolute architectural wonder. In your travel lists, save GM Renaissance Center and make sure you go visit.

    The GM Renaissance Center is a shopping complex, but also has a hotel, Farmington Hills restaurants, and banks in the building. It is not a place where you will only shop. Instead, you will also enjoy its architectural complexity. The place is an accumulation of seven skyscrapers, with the middle building being the tallest one in Michigan to date.

    GM Renaissance Center

    7. Henry Ford Museum

    Want to learn more about the city from a museum? Farmington Hills is home to some of the most educational museums, and you need to add to your must-see lists Henry Ford Museum, as it is a world-famous place to visit.

    Farmington Hills is a safe city, so you should not be worried about making a quick day trip or even a weekend getaway to a nearby city. For days when you want to get out of the city, Henry Ford Museum is a great option.

    Henry Ford Museum

    Ford is a company that needs no introduction and it won’t be wrong to call it a Farmington Hills company. Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing. Along with that, he made sure to find a way to communicate his learnings. For this, he built two facilities – one of which is an indoor museum that showcases the technology. The other is an outdoor village where the process of manufacturing his technology is shown.

    A part of this museum is Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park. You will learn about the development of the lightbulb in this section. The laboratories in this part of the museum are the actual labs where Edison worked on his invention.

    save Henry Ford

    You should save Henry Ford Museum to your must-visit list not only to witness revolutionary technology, but also to help your children learn from here with books and hands-on experiences.

    Bloomfield Hills is another nearby city you can visit. It is just 10 miles away, which means that you have that entire city to explore on your free days. So, save Greenfield Village, along with Bloomfield Hills, to your list of day-trip options.

    8. Holocaust Memorial Center

    Any city is as good as its preserved history. If you are intrigued to take a trip down memory lane, this city has got you covered. You can take a look back at history by visiting the Holocaust Memorial Center.

    Holocaust Memorial Center

    The Holocaust Memorial Center falls under the museum category, but it is a place where you will specifically learn more about the Holocaust. You will experience the era and its downfall in a way that no other museum has ever displayed any historical event.

    There are usually events going on at this center to educate its visitors about the evil and good related to this event. In fact, Holocaust survivors come to share their first-hand experiences every Sunday.

    9. Educational Sites for the Knowledge Seekers

    An ideal city is one where you can continue to learn. Farmington Hills, MI gives you that opportunity with its nature library.

    Farmington Hills Library

    This library is located on 12 Mile Road. It is the place where you will get access to all categories of books. Books for kids, as well as adults, fiction and nonfiction are all available here. Besides, you can connect with people to discuss the nature of areas that they come from, as you would in a library.

    Farmington Hills Library

    This is just a place you can visit, but for people who want to move here, educational institutes are also a concern. Be assured that there are plenty of options for all levels of education in Farmington Hills. For high school and lower classes, you will find numerous quality private and public schools in the vicinity that you move to.

    10. Detroit Institute of Arts Museum: Ideal Spot for Art Lovers

    Viewing and appreciating art is entertainment that only art lovers can understand. In Farmington Hills, you won’t be deprived of your need to explore art and artists.

    Make sure you save Detroit Institute on your travel wish list. As a citizen of Farmington Hills, this is the best place for you to visit to enjoy arts and creativity. Visitors lists Detroit Institute as one of the best art collections in the U.S.

    Detroit Institute

    The place has over 65,000 art pieces. From modern art to African masks to sculptures of all sorts of famous people, you will find art that satisfies your definition of creativity here. For example, Abraham Lincoln practiced law, but his marble structure is a part of the Detroit Institute too.

    The Takeaway

    You are probably already sold on making the move to this city, but there is a long list of more reasons why this city is an ideal living place. Top-notch aspects of Farmington Hills include:

    ●        Nightlife

    ●        Education

    ●        Safety

    ●        Environment

    ●        Entertainment

    ●        Shopping

    ●        Restaurants

    There is not a facility you won’t find in the city.

    start looking

    So, it is time to start looking for a good apartment in Farmington Hills, MI, like at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. Make a decision soon so that you can shift to a better city for a superior lifestyle as soon as possible!

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    Modern Apartment Features: What to Look For

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    Modern Apartment Features: What to Look For

    Moving to a new location is always an option, and there are numerous reasons to do so. You might be fresh out of college and looking to start a new chapter in your life. Or perhaps you simply want a change of scenery.

    You will, in any case, be looking for a modern apartment that will provide you with the best living experience possible. You’re looking for a place to call your own, and, as we all know, home is where your heart finds tranquility.

    On the other hand, peace is dependent on a variety of features in a residence. As a result, you may want to look for an apartment with all of the amenities you require for a comfortable lifestyle.

    Modern Apartment Features

    Before you start modern apartment hunting, make a list of the things you desire in your prospective residence. That way, you will save time and the risk of forgetting important features as you hunt.

    Spacious and stylish apartment

    With that said, how can you know what to look for when renting an apartment when there are so many possibilities in front of you? Is it the outdoor space, floor plan, or safety, just to name a few?

    If you’re having trouble figuring out what you need, here’s a list of what to look for in modern apartments.

    Smart Home Automation

    In todays residences, technology is a must. Nowadays, many of us prefer to be able to operate our homes features from afar. Controlling light switches, for example, is one instance.

    Not only are phones and laptops on the cutting edge of technology, but so are many apartments. We can operate the heating and air conditioning system, the hard-wired or wireless home security system, and more with remote controls.

    The application of technology in flats has paid off, making life in dwellings more luxurious. Most individuals are willing to pay a premium for convenience or amenities that will help them feel more at ease and productive.

    To put it another way, every tenant desires to live in a residence that they see as a luxury apartment.

    Open Plan Kitchen with Dining and Living Area

    Every modern kitchen needs to be designed with functionality in mind. The kitchen must be set up to allow for easy access to modern appliances, dishes, food, and more.

    The design of the kitchen should also feel inviting by incorporating spacious granite countertops, ample cabinet space, and an open layout that integrates with the rest of the home.

    Today’s apartments are not the same as what they used to be. Modern living spaces have evolved to include more open spaces, highly-customizable designs, high-quality materials, and more.

    The people’s demands have changed, so the apartments must now meet those demands.

    Plenty of Storage Spaces

    Space is often a concern for renters who purchase or rent an apartment to find that their storage space is too small. Fortunately, there are plenty of apartments with large walk-in closets and cupboards available at reasonable prices — especially in the suburbs

    Today, we live in a world where everything we order comes to us at the click of a button. Sometimes it can be hard not to impulse buy, and before you know it, your closet is overflowing with clothes, shoes, and accessories.

    Your home office may also be full of unopened packages from Amazon or eBay packages- ordered for no other reason than because they were on sale.

    This is why you need an apartment complex with extra storage spaces.

    Additionally, the average American moves 11 times in their lifetime. That’s a lot of packing and unpacking, and it can lead to a lot of clutter, which takes up valuable space. If you live in a small apartment with little storage space, you may not have room for all your stuff.

    Clutter can make an apartment feel smaller and cramped, which is why people should consider looking for an apartment with ample storage space. You can also review our guide on How to Maximize Space in an Apartment for more tips.

    Access to a Fitness Center

    Millennials are more concerned with their health than any other generation, so they have a higher focus on wellness and fitness.

    One way they achieve this lifestyle is that they live in apartments that provide a fitness center.

    When people sign leases for these apartments, they will often get the first month free, and the gym membership is included in the price of living there.

    The thought of not having to pay a monthly subscription to workout is a great perk, and is one of the numerous reasons why millennials prefer flats with exercise centers.

    Ample Parking

    The increase in the number of millennials looking for apartments with parking, when comparing apartments, has made the modern apartment complex a popular option. It’s one of the prerequisites for many millennials when choosing an apartment.

    Parking is a precious resource in many cities, so it’s no surprise that people are willing to pay more for it.

    Pet-Friendly Environment

    A modern apartment should have a friendly apartment pet policy. In a society where young people are increasingly moving into cities, they’re also looking for pets to move with them.

    The number of pet owners is on the rise, with millennials spending more time at home and looking for ways to bring their four-legged friends along their life’s journey.

    In-Unit Washer/Dryer

    Most prospective renters these days search for “apartments near me with laundry” because they want a laundry space that’s convenient and easy to use. Modern washers and dryers are designed with this in mind, providing comfort & convenience while limiting noise.

    Some washers have a fast cycle that can be completed in under 20 minutes, while others have a programmable timer for unattended use. Dryers also vary in size from compact to floor models.

    Swimming Pool

    A swimming pool to cool off and relax in during the summer is a must for many people looking for flats.

    Some pools are simply too large and take up too much area; however, others are modular and require less water. A renter would be delighted to call such areas home, in any event.

    A modern apartment is defined not only by the features it offers its tenants, but also by the quality of those apartment features.


    Most renters always look at the crime rates in neighborhoods before signing a lease.

    A high crime rate can make renters feel unsafe and unwelcome, but it does not mean that every place in the neighborhood will be dangerous.

    There are ways to make sure that you live in a safe area, such as making friends with your neighbors and taking security precautions, like installing locks on doors and windows.

    Fast Internet

    A lot of people nowadays opt to work from home, and one major requirement for this is fast internet.

    According to the New York Times, many renters choose to work from home instead of commuting long hours. The demand for fast internet is higher than ever before.

    The idea of fast internet has coincided with innovation in metropolitan areas. Wireless internet is quickly becoming the norm, with more people living in smaller spaces.

    This new development is even better for convenience, as it eliminates the need to connect wires or cables to various devices for access.

    Energy Class A

    It’s no surprise that keeping utility bills low are one of the top concerns of many renters when choosing their potential flat. While every renter is different, there are certain things to think about when considering your next apartment.

    As a result of its great energy-efficiency, an apartment rental with an Energy Class A is often easier to rent due to its ability to save energy in an apartment, and ultimately save people money.

    Wide Range of Floor Plans

    Millennials are on the rise, and so is their desire for a customized floor plan. It’s no surprise that a studio apartment building with a customized floor plan is a top choice among them.

    Studio apartment buildings with a custom interior design can come in many shapes and sizes, but they’re all meant to fulfill one main purpose: to make your apartment feel like home, all while saving you some space and money.

    Living spaces with high ceilings, wood flooring, a bright living room, and a dining area are becoming more and more desirable for renters. In general, the house’s interior design must be current in order to keep up with market trends.

    Final Thought

    When you are searching for an apartment, it is important to make sure you are considering what features are important to you.

    The features can be as varied as the number of bedrooms, access to public transportation, or the proximity to hot spots in your city. One feature that may be overlooked when looking at apartments, however, is the quality of natural lighting.

    You can do several things to maximize the amount of light in your home, such as choosing apartments with large windows, or windows with a greater surface area, to let more light in.

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    Living in Farmington Hills, MI: Things You Should Know

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    Living in Farmington Hills, MI: Things You Should Know

    Have you ever wondered what it is about Farmington Hills that attracts so much attention? For a city of its size, Farmington Hills stands out as one of the most popular and best places to live in Michigan.

    There are several reasons why it has grown so popular and appealing to people. Still, the most important factors are undoubtedly the state-of-the-art schools in Farmington Hills, MI and the ability to give an affordable living environment.

    Also, Farmington Hills, MI boasts a population of a little over 100,000 residents and businesses that contribute to the area’s events and activities.

    Living in Farmington Hills, MI

    Living in Farmington Hills offers many advantages, one of which is that there is a lot to see and do, like visiting the Farmington Civic Theater, an old fashioned movie house, making it a perfect destination for individuals from all walks of life.

    If you’ve never visited Farmington Hills, MI there’s a lot to learn about this great upscale neighborhood near Detroit. It is famous for its luxurious estates, rolling hills, and, above all, Time Magazine listed it as one of the safest suburbs in the United States.

    Portrait of beautiful african american woman smiling

    To begin with, Farmington Hills is a Michigan city, and although it shares a border with Farmington, the two cities are different. Now since that is out of the way, be sure to not get these two cities mixed up (the two city living experiences are very different).

    The history of Farmington Hills, MI is a fascinating one, while the city has a vibrant arts and cultural scene, a diverse population, and interesting events. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about Farmington Hills.

    Affordable Living

    The cost of living in Farmington Hills, MI is relatively affordable, which is a big draw for many people (it has a median household income of $83,268). Since it is not one of the country’s major cities, like New York or San Francisco, the real estate prices are low enough to make it affordable to many people.

    Farmington Hills, MI has a cost of living index of 108.5, which is slightly higher than the national average, but not as high as a city like New York, which has a cost of living index of 187.2 and is nearly twice the national average.

    Let’s take a look at the most important factors that will influence your decision to move, such as house prices (median home value is $314,900), health care expenditures, and public transportation.

    The average rent for a studio apartment in Farmington Hills will set you back $772 per month, compared to the average rent for a studio apartment in the U.S. being around $949 per month.

    The average rental rates for one bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI will cost $836 per month, compared to $1,048 per month for the U.S. average.

    The average rental rate for two bedroom apartments for rent in Farmington Hills, MI is $1,068 per month, which is less than the $1,278 you’d pay on average in other parts of the United States.

    Living in Farmington Hills, Michigan will save you roughly 20% on medical costs compared to the national average as well.

    Public Parks and Museum

    If you’re looking for someplace to take your family on a fun-filled day of activities, then Farmington Hills parks offer all of the activities you will ever need. These parks provide something for everyone, from free museums and educational facilities to places to simply have a good time.

    If you live in Farmington Hills, MI, here are some parks and museums you might consider visiting:

    Heritage Park

    Located at 24915 Farmington Rd, Farmington Hills, Heritage Park has a multitude of attractions for children, including a splash pad and playground.

    Holocaust Memorial Center

    The Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills is the only Holocaust museum in Michigan. It is a place where people can find resources to educate themselves about World War II’s horrifying and tragic events.

    The center provides information about the occupation of Europe, the impact that it had on people and how they were affected, as well as information on how to help today’s victims of genocide.

    Top Schools

    It is critical to have a well-rounded education, and Farmington Hills, Michigan has a great school system to offer its residents. Within the city limits, there are numerous top-rated schools, including both private and public charter schools, based on several measures, which of course includes educational performance.

    As a result, the city has a well-educated workforce, as well as low unemployment rates. The schools listed below are some of the best that you should look at:

    • Farmington High School
    • Hillside Elementary School
    • Kenbrook Elementary School
    • Power Middle School
    • Farmington Public Schools

    How do I find the right school for my child?

    The first step in identifying the right school is to look at its performance; if everything looks good, you can then look into its resources and proximity to your home.

    Another factor to think about is the student-to-teacher ratio at the school. The more teachers, no matter if it’s the private schools or public schools, the better.

    Historical Buildings

    The city of Farmington Hills, MI is rich in people, places, and history. It is truly a city with something for everyone. From the views of its skyline to the historic buildings that it has to offer, this northwest suburb of Metro Detroit is a must-see destination. There are many opportunities for kids and adults alike.

    With that said, the historic Governor Warner Mansion (located at 33805 Grand River Avenue, Farmington, MI 48335) is the best place to visit if you want to learn about Farmington Hills’ history. The structure dates back to 1867 when it was built by P. D. Warner, the Governor’s father.

    The home is nestled on three acres and is surrounded by a beautiful garden, which is maintained by the Museum Garden auxiliary. The house is also kept up to date in order to preserve the heritage of Farmington Hills.

    If you’re looking for a place to hold your next event, this location might be perfect. All proceeds from the events go toward the Governor’s mansion for repair and maintenance.

    Safest Place to Live

    You are probably wondering, but is Farmington Hills, MI safe? Nowadays, safety is one of the main factors people consider when deciding where to live. Most individuals want to feel safe and secure in their houses, knowing that they are not living in an area where natural catastrophes or other events could jeopardize their well-being and pleasant way of life.

    Happy Asian family laying on bed

    Ideally, many people often choose a big city with low crime rates and the highest potential quality of life. With that said, Farmington Hills, Michigan can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

    In Farmington Hills, MI, you have an 8 in 1,000 risk of becoming a property and violent crime victim. As such, Farmington Hills ranks as one of the safest cities in the United States.

    Convenient Location

    Where is Farmington Hills, Michigan?

    The city of Farmington Hills is located in Oakland County, Michigan on I-75, which is one of the most popular interstate highway routes in the United States.

    Also, the proximity to Detroit (which has a charming downtown area), and other major cities, makes it a desirable location for many people who are looking to move to Michigan. Farmington Hills’ location is truly ideal for all walks of life.

    There are top Farmington Hills schools, Farmington Hills shopping malls galore (visit boutique shops too), and several coffee shops, which are all likely to influence your decision in making this city your next home.

    Finding an Apartment in Farmington Hills

    We know that settling in new cities is often a challenge. With that said, if you are planning to settle in Farmington Hills, MI, then, at the very least, reading these pointers on how to find your future house will be helpful.

    Many people relocate to a new city in search of a better life, however they often don’t know where to begin when it comes to locating their ideal home. When you are in the process of finding an apartment, there are numerous things to consider, including the neighborhood, among other aspects.

    With that in mind, here are a few pointers on locating apartments in Farmington Hills, MI:

    Determine Location

    It can be difficult to choose the ideal neighborhood to live in, particularly in bigger cities, especially if you don’t know where to look. This means that you must have a clear idea of what you are looking for before you begin your search.

    You must know your price range, along with the city crime rate, the schools of your target neighborhood, and more in order to determine what type of home or apartment is required for your lifestyle.

    There are several real estate websites, where to find apartments for rent online, that can assist you in your search for a rental. Most of these websites have filter features that can help you narrow down your search and find the appropriate home.


    So you’re looking for a new place to live, but you’re not sure how much rent will cost when you locate one.

    It can be challenging to determine where you should set your budget so that you don’t overspend on your monthly rent. Understanding your true living expenses then setting a budget range accordingly is the best way to start.

    Tour Apartments

    If you’re looking for a new house or apartment, the best way to figure out if it’s right for you is to go see it in person.

    Keep in mind that a virtual apartment tour simply provides you a taste of what the property looks like, but it does not give you a complete picture of how the space is planned out or who your neighbors will be.

    Signing the Lease

    A lease agreement between a landlord and a tenant is a legally binding contract. If you’re signing up for a new home, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into (learn how to read an apartment lease here).

    Knowing what to ask when apartment hunting can help you relax, while also letting your landlord know if they’ve picked the right individual. By establishing this early on, both parties can save time.

    Final Thought

    If you’re considering relocating to one of Michigan’s top Oakland County cities, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to live in a neighborhood that offers a variety of advantages. The ideal location can be found in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

    Farmington Hills, MI is a great place to live since it boasts a variety of career opportunities (Farmington Hills boasts some of America’s largest corporations), is near to public transit, and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

    Farmington Hills, MI also offers tremendous apartments for rent, like Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. Come visit us today and find out why we should be the new place in Farmington Hills that you and your family call home!

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