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    Which Is Better: 3 Bedroom Apartments or Houses For Rent?

    5 months ago · · Comments Off on Which Is Better: 3 Bedroom Apartments or Houses For Rent?

    Which Is Better: 3 Bedroom Apartments or Houses For Rent?

    Given a choice, would you go for 3 Bedroom Apartments or Houses For Rent? Although you might have a rough idea of which option you would prefer, it isn’t easy to decide whether to rent a house or an apartment. On the one hand, going for a house might come out as the best idea, due to having more space and rooms. However, apartments also come with several advantages, including lower costs and a closer location to the city center. Those planning to rent in Farmington Hills, MI, will relate to this. The good thing about the area is that you can use map data 2021 Google to locate ideal places.

    There isn’t a wrong or right decision for choosing between renting an apartment and renting a house. Many people have different housing needs and financial circumstances. Let’s go through the similarities, differences, pros, and cons involved when choosing between renting a house and a 3 bedroom apartment. In the end, you should determine the best option under your circumstances.

    3 Bedroom Apartments or Houses For Rent?

    Whether you’re looking for a house or a 3 bedroom apartment to rent in Farmington Hills, MI, or other parts of the country, there are several things that you should keep in mind. For instance, using map data 2021 Google would help you locate a house or 3 bed apartment with ease. You should also have in mind amenities such as parking, air conditioning, and a washer dryer.  Hopefully, the pros and cons of the two options that we’ll discuss below will make your work easier. Nobody wants to select a 3 bedroom apartment and find out later that they should’ve chosen a house to rent instead.

    Without wasting time, let’s go through the pros and cons of both options.

    Pros of Renting a House in Farmington Hills, MI

    Let’s look at why going for a house to rent in Farmington Hills, MI, can be a wise idea.

    They have Privacy

    If you’re a private person, a house is ready to offer that rather than a 3 bed apartment. With a house, you’ll be an extra distance from your neighbors, thus improving your living conditions in the process.

    Most 3 bed apartments for rent are developed with thinner walls and therefore making it easier to hear noisy neighbors. If you love having packages delivered, it would be more secure in a house setting than a 3 bed apartment.

    If you decide to settle in an apartment, you won’t control your neighbor’s activities. You also have a little influence on choosing the type of neighbor you want to stay with. For instance, you could imagine living closer to a neighbor who has a daughter with a habit of playing drums at night. This isn’t a pleasurable experience.

    There is Enough Space

    One of the main reasons you should select a house rather than a 3 bed apartment is because a house offers you more room and space. If you happen to be someone who receives relatives and friends most of the time, you can host them for a night or two. A house won’t only offer an extra room for your furniture but also provide an exclusive outdoor area for precious benefits.

    For instance, with a house, you are likely to host an outside event or a BBQ during summer if you’ve got a house with an extra outdoor area. If you own a car, you might also get enough space for packing. There is also space for air conditioning, a washer dryer, and pets. However, in most cases you won’t need air conditioning since the house is in it’s own free space.

    You can Achieve Your Hobbies

    When you rent a house, you don’t have to worry about disturbing neighbors. You can comfortably take part in hobbies and leisure activities. For instance, you can go on to play musical instruments if it’s your thing without worrying about disturbing your neighbors. Going for a house will make more sense if you’re into sports in the backyard.

    Family Living

    Houses offer enough space that is conducive for growing your family. You’ll have no worries about your children running towards your neighbor’s door and disturbing them in the process. The house setting is also safe for your children.

    Potential to Purchase

    One major benefit of renting a house is that if the house appeals to you, you’re able to contact property owners and talk them into a rent-to-own agreement. A rent-to-own agreement is ideal if you rent a house but wish to own it in the future.

    The good thing here is that a certain part of the average rent goes to the property’s purchase price eventually. With a bed apartment, you can’t purchase it. Renting a house offers you a chance to own it.

    Potential to Sub-let

    In case your house owner allows you, it is possible to rent a certain room in your house. This will let someone else contribute towards your monthly rent, thus reducing your expenses on rent. However, only a landlord who is close to you, such as a friend or relative, can allow you to rent the house to someone else.

    A Place for Pets

    When you decide to rent a house, know that you’ll have enough space for your pets to roam. This is good news, especially for those who have a big dog.

    Cons of Renting a House in Farmington Hills, MI

    Here are reasons why renting that house near Farmington Hills, MI or nearby cities won’t be a good idea.

    More Chores

    With more rooms and more space comes more effort to keep everything in shape. For instance, an outdoor space could expose you to more yards and grass to keep tidy. If you rent a house in cold weather, you will have to shovel the walkway and plow the driveway.

    I know this might not sound pleasant for older people.

    It’s Less Convenience

    One important factor in choosing between a house or a 3 bedroom apartment to rent is location. With a house, you are likely to get a house that isn’t closer to an entertainment center. Instead, you will get a house that is located in the suburbs. You will have travel to travel long distances to access restaurants and stores.


    If you rent a house, you might get into more problems with a landlord. The owner might have only that single property to rent and therefore have little experience dealing with tenants. This might raise disputes over simple matters. It’s therefore important that you contact property owners and vet them well before renting a house, especially near Farmington Hills, MI.

    More Costly

    Looking at the rent trends, it’s very evident that renting a house is more expensive than going for a 3 bedroom apartment. There are also additional costs incurred on maintaining a house.

    Pros of Renting an Apartment Farmington Hills, MI

    There are several cases where a 3 bed apartment could be better than renting a house. Let’s explore the pros and cons of renting an apartment.

    They are Less Expenses

    Generally, you will find it cheaper to live in a 3 bedroom apartment than renting a house. Apart from the average rent being reasonable, you’ll also get a chance to pay for fewer rooms. There are also fewer utilities that are often included in monthly average rent.


    Apartment buildings are located closer to convenience stores and entertainment centers. You’ll walk just a short distance to get to where you are going. There are tools such as walk scores that measure distances for you when you determine how far you’ll be required to walk even before you rent. The sites provide scores on how drivable or walkable the distance can be.

    Have Flexibility

    Living in a 3 bed apartment will provide you with more flexibility, especially when moving from place to place. This comes in handy, especially if you have a job closer to the city. Most apartments for rent are fully furnished, thus saving you the moving time and costs.

    Landlords will mention to you whether they offer fully furnished units or not.

    Come with Amenities

    Most newer 3 bedroom apartments offer valuable and quality amenities than you could ever imagine. This may be in the form of wireless internet, covered parking, and a gym on-site. You could also get air conditioning, a washer dryer, a balcony, and a dishwasher. A dishwasher, air conditioning, and washer dryer will make your living conditions better and exciting.

    Less maintenance is Involved

    Maintaining a 3 bed apartment is easier. The landlord will do much of the work for you.

    All you’ll have to do is to keep your house tidy and neat and nothing more. If a problem arises in your apartment, someone will respond to maintenance quickly.

    When looking for an apartment to rent, there are certain things that people find appealing.

    Cons of Renting an Apartment Farmington Hills, MI

    There are several reasons why it might not be wise for you to rent an apartment.


    When you live in a 3 bed apartment, you will notice that you’re very close to your neighbors. This means that you might be forced to consume their noise, which you could not wish for. There are additional challenges such as unpleasant smells and infestations. You’ll most of the time encounter challenges such as leaking pipes, poor outdoor clothesline, and lack of enough parking space.

    Would you imagine a scenario where a tenant who is above or beside you has a damaged pipe that is leaking water? Such a problem could be corrected immediately since you’re in control of everything in a home setting.

    Finding Room

    Although the little space in an apartment could save you monthly rent, you may end up lacking enough space for your possessions. For instance, it may be hard to get a 3 bed space. You could also be forced to ditch some of your appliances and furniture due to a lack of enough room.

    If you are okay with such a situation, it’s right to donate your extra furniture to someone in need.


    With apartments, you may face restrictions and limitations to the improvements that you would wish to make. The chances of being allowed to keep pets in your house are close to zero. It is therefore important that you understand restrictions and rules before settling on an apartment.


    Parking is one of the challenges for those who live in 3 bed apartments, especially if the apartment is closer to the city center. Most of such apartments don’t have designated packings. Packing somewhere else could lead to your vehicle getting damaged in the process. When looking for an apartment to rent, you should prioritize parking.

    Preparing Financially to Rent an Apartment or House in Farmington Hills, MI

    It would be best if you had your finances in place before you rent either a 3 bed apartment or a house. One thing that matters to your landlord is your ability to comply and pay your monthly apartment rent or house rent on time. If you get into a house or apartment and realize that you might pay rent late, contact property owners to inform them of such adjustments.

    Most landlords have a vetting process to ensure that you’re a worthy tenant who will comply with timely payment or rent. Landlords achieve this by checking your credit history and verifying your employment.

    Before you decide to look for either a 3 bed apartment rent or a house to rent, you must have a sound financial standing. It isn’t worth getting in trouble with your landlord.

    Better still, you should go through all the rentals in Farmington Hills, MI, by checking the Google map data 2021 or zip codes. The 2021 Google map data will give you an ideal location where you can get the best rental. It is also important to check ‘data 2021 Google map’ so as to avoid crowded areas.

    Final Verdict

    These two options have their similarities, differences, pros, and cons, as we have seen above. For instance, renting a house will offer you more privacy, space, and quiet. An apartment will provide more flexibility, amenities, and fewer costs. Looking at the two, renting an apartment is economical and is a better option since they address critical issues to the Median household income and working-class families. All they care about is a cheaper solution to the majority of the people with maximum service delivery. This is exactly what a 3 bedroom apartment offers.

    However, the choice of the best option is personal and depends on your need when you decide to rent. Most tenants prefer a place with air conditioning, a washer dryer, a balcony. Feel free to go for an option that makes you feel at home. The 2021 Google map data can help you locate a better place. Apart from the ‘data 2021 Google map’ remember to contact property management for more information about a house or apartment.

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