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    Apartments For Rent: Farmington, MI vs. Farmington Hills, MI

    4 months ago · · Comments Off on Apartments For Rent: Farmington, MI vs. Farmington Hills, MI

    Apartments For Rent: Farmington, MI vs. Farmington Hills, MI

    As interesting as it may sound, Farmington, MI, and Farmington Hills, MI are in fact two different cities found in the state of Michigan. Some people may confuse and think of them as one, and the same place. Well, I can’t blame you!

    Searching for units in both cities is a thrilling adventure. Your mind may be clouded by thousands of questions as to which city offers the most ideal place to find your next home. Not to worry, because in a moment we’ll take you through some interesting facts about the two cities, and ultimately let the best reveal itself, by a significant margin.

    To start us off, Farmington, MI, and Farmington Hills, MI, have a population of 10,372 and 79,740 respectively, according to the 2010 census. The two have grown far and wide, as far as the economy is concerned.

    The two cities are the center of attraction, which is no wonder why so many people from Detroit love settling there. In this regard, let’s find out how apartments for rent: Farmington, MI compares to Farmington Hills, MI.

    Apartments For Rent: Farmington, MI

    vs. Farmington Hills, MI

    While the pandemic has affected the physical search for house units in Farmington, MI, using the map data 2021 Google will definitely salvage the situation and boost your chances of finding the perfect apartment for rent. Map data 2021 Google provides an avenue to search for the desired units. You’ll find many 1 bed and 2 beds unit listings on map data 2021 Google.

    How Pricing of Units Compare

    Both cities have reasonable pricing when it comes to affordability. Depending on the type of apartment you’re searching for, you’re likely to find spacious 1 bed, 2 beds, and even 3 beds units under $1000 in both cities. However, Farmington Hills offers more options when it comes to amenities.

    If you are armed with a budget between $1000 and $2500 in Farmington Hills, you could find spacious 2 bed or 3 bed units that offer a set of included utilities that you wouldn’t often find anywhere else. Besides, the quality of a 1-2 bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills sets this city apart.

    For a two bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills, the average rent is $1,481 per month. On the contrary, a two bedroom apartment in Farmington, MI, has an average rent of $1,462 per month. With that said, the average rent in Farmington and the average rent in Farmington Hills both seem reasonable and affordable, compared to other cities.

    The average rent will cost you $1,227 for a one bedroom apartment in Farmington. On the other hand, the average rent in Farmington Hills, MI will cost you $1,000 a month, which is a 2% decrease compared to the previous year.

    Whether you want condos or spacious 1 bed or 2 bed apartments, you’ll have more options in Farmington Hills, thus widening your pool.

    Which Ranks Top in Offering Amenities?

    Whenever searching for one or two bedrooms apartments for rent, amenities are vital and sometimes can be the deal breaker if not offered as desired. With the way of the world these days, in-house amenities have become extremely important in making your life a little easier.

    Now, how do the two cities compare in terms of amenities provided? Both offer reasonable amenities to their tenants. Do you want ample parking space? A balcony for fresh air? Or even an area to barbecue whenever you want?

    While both are almost similar in amenities, Farmington Hills comes on top. The city boasts great apartment communities that are hard to turn down. For example, the Botsford Place Terrace Apartments offers spacious house units with updated kitchens, custom cabinetry, walk-in closets, and more. It’s simply among the best around the city!

    One important amenity for many is having a functional washer/dryer is ideal when searching for an apartment on data 2021 Google Map. If you want to make your work easier when searching on data 2021 Google Map use keywords like “units with washer/dryer.” You should also confirm the ratings on the data 2021 Google Map and establish if there are any negative ratings, because they may even mention the washer/dryer facilities.

    Another amenity people desire is a functional air conditioning system. The air conditioning is a must-have item, and most units offer regular maintenance to keep it operating at an optimal level. To consider an apartment to be among the best, it has to offer an excellent air conditioning system. With people spending more time indoors these days, they need to have their air conditioning system at their best.

    A 1 bed or 2 bed apartment with a washer/dryer facility will make your life a lot easier. Regardless of the city you choose, make sure the washer/dryer is part of the amenities they provide.

    Keep in mind, while doing your research, that searches done days ago will still show up on save search data 2021 Google Map, making it easy to track your history. It doesn’t even matter how many days ago you did it. We all forget pretty fast, however, the save search feature helps you keep track of the data.

    While using the internet, you’ll have your search saved as far back as 30 days ago. The only downside is if the history cookies are cleared, then your search conducted days ago will disappear.

    Which Offers the Needed Convenience?

    Both cities offer convenience. For example, you’ll find most units with “utilities included” in the lease agreement. This means utilities such as water, sewer, trash, and electricity are included in your monthly rent. It offers a sometimes needed convenience, especially if you have unresolved issues with your current utility service providers. With that said, it is wise to always confirm with the apartment management if they offer this.

    There are good schools, both public and private schools, near Farmington Hills. So if you have kids, schooling won’t be a thing to worry about. Both cities are served by Farmington Public Schools, highly rated in the state of Michigan.

    Here are some of the best schools in the area:

    ●      Farmington High School

    ●      Kenbrook Elementary School

    ●      Beechview Elementary School

    ●      JA Lanigan Elementary School

    ●      Mercy High School

    ●      Harrison High School

    ●      North Farmington High School

    According to Neighborhoodscout, Farmington Hills is one of the more educated communities in America; with a full 54.46% of its adults having a college degree, or even advanced degree, compared to the national average across all communities of 21.84%. Farmington, MI, on the other hand, has adults of the same characteristic at 55.29%.

    Features of the city of Farmington Hills include a recently renovated downtown, boutiques, a vintage cinema, numerous restaurants, exotic car dealerships, art galleries, and public parks, including Heritage Park. When it comes to convenience, it is without a doubt that Farmington Hills comes on top.

    Which is the Better Pet-Friendly Community?

    Pet policy is probably one of the top items on your checklist when searching for the next apartment to call home. Is the apartment pet-friendly? You would want to establish that before moving on to the next item on your list.

    Both cities boast some great complexes that are pet-friendly. However, Farmington Hills offers more flexibility when it comes to pets. For example, topping the list of the most pet-friendly apartment communities is Botsford Place Terrace Apartments.

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments offers the flexibility that you’re unlikely to find with other apartment pet policies. Here, you’re allowed to have multiple pets, something that is often regulated by other communities.

    Other pet-friendly apartments in the area include Spring Valley Apartments, Village Oak Apartments, and Summit Apartments.

    Which City is Best in Terms of Safety?

    Both cities are ranked above most other cities in the United States. According to, in Farmington, MI, you have a 1 in 119 chance of becoming a victim of crime, compared to Farmington Hills, where you have a 1 in 94 chance of becoming a victim of crime.

    As far as safety is concerned, you can be guaranteed fewer chances of being a victim of crime while living in both cities.

    Which Has the Best Neighborhoods?

    You’d want a city that has a neighborhood you will easily blend into, right? How close or far are the schools from where you’ll pick your apartment for a home? Such are among the variables you will be taking into account.

    According to a ranking report by Patch, it places Farmington Hills, MI ahead of Farmington, MI in the best places to live in Michigan. The analysis includes data on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities.

    Living in Farmington Hills offers residents a dense suburban feel. You’ll find there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, which are the essential places you’d fancy visiting often when living in the city. Some 50 years ago, the city was totally different from what it is today.The place has dramatically grown from what was there that time ago.

    Which City Offers the Best Luxurious Units?

    When budget isn’t your worry, going for high-end units can be rewarding while living in Farmington Hills. The city has magnificent luxurious units, which makes it a home where quality meets the value for your money.

    Among the top-ranking units for rent, when it comes to luxury, is the Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. The fact that it is located close to the busy city of Detroit makes it a strategic location when commuting.

    Another one on the list is Covington Club. It portrays superiority to other rental communities, while offering luxury townhome-style living without the maintenance burden of homeownership. On top of that, it offers open and bright floor plans, with cathedral ceilings in many units. The spacious design of Covington Club will pleasantly surprise you.

    Among other luxurious units includes:

    ●      Spring Valley Apartments

    ●      Pavilion Court Apartment Homes

    ●      Cordoba Apartments

    The Verdict: Which Ranks the Best Overall?

    Firstly, rent in Farmington Hills and Farmington are both affordable. You will certainly find units for under $1000 rent a month in each. Also, you’ll find top-notch schools serving both cities.

    According to the Neighborhoodscout report, the per capita income in Farmington three years ago was $42,561, which is wealthy relative to Michigan, and the nation. This equates to an annual income of $170,244 for a family of four. On the contrary, per capita income in Farmington Hills three years ago was $45,494, slightly higher than in Farmington, MI. This equates to an annual income of $181,976 for a family of four.

    Three years ago, TIME magazine named Farmington Hills the best place to live in Michigan. The magazine picked one city in each of the 50 states, based on factors such as strong economic and educational performance, convenience, safety, and pleasant way of life.

    Such reports further affirm that living in the city of Farmington Hills is a no-brainer. Whether you want to start a family or build your career, the city offers the ideal location for all of your desires.

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