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    Pet-Friendly Apartments in Michigan: Top 5

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    Pet-Friendly Apartments in Michigan: Top 5

    If you have a furry family member and want to rent an apartment, you’re going to have some difficulties finding pet-friendly apartments.

    On the other hand, landlords of pet-friendly apartments make things difficult for you by imposing restrictions, which is why planning ahead can help you avoid unnecessary stress when moving. Furthermore, knowing which are in fact pet-friendly apartments allows you to narrow down your apartment search.

    Woman Dog

    With that said, in the state of Michigan, how difficult is it to locate a pet-friendly house? If you read this article, you’ll find out it’s not nearly as difficult as landing on the moon was 50 years ago.

    Pet-Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    For various reasons, Michigan is one of the best places to live in the United States.

    In general, Michigans cost of living is lower than the national average, making it a budget-friendly environment for a new family or millennial looking to embark on their adventures.

    For example, housing costs (1-bed, 2-beds, and 3-beds) are lower than the national average, making it affordable.

    Now, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly unit and don’t know where to start, this article is for you; we’ve compiled a list of Michigan’s top 5 pet-friendly communities.

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments

    At the top of our list is Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. This apartment community is located in Farmington Hills, MI, at 27883 Independence St, Suite 103-G.

    It offers different floor plans, ranging from 1-bed, 2-beds, and 3-beds apartments. A one-bedroom apartment with a square footage of 750 square feet costs $875-$915 per month, on average.

    On average, a 2-beds apartment with 950 square feet will set you back $950-$1,000 per month here. Finally, expect to pay around $1,175 per month, on average, for a three-bedroom apartment, which includes a floor plan of 1,150 square feet.

    couple dog

    Not only will you appreciate the fact that Botsford Place Terrace is located in a peaceful part of Farmington Hills, but you’ll also be pleased to learn that the neighborhood features well-lit tree-lined streets.

    Botsford has a range of amenities for its residents, including an on-site laundry facility and oversized closets. The lack of an in-unit washer/dryer isn’t an issue because of the on-site laundry facility.

    To begin with, pets are welcome in this apartment for rent community.

    For this reason, if you enjoy evening walks, the streets being lit up at night provides the ideal environment for walking with your dog.

    As a pet owner, the pet policy is an important consideration when renting an apartment, and it can often be the deciding factor in whether or not to rent.

    So, how does Botsford Place Terrace’s pet policy work? Here is a quick overview of the Botsford Place pet policy:

    ●     Pay Deposit

    ●     Monthly Pet Rent

    ●     Additional Fees

    ●     Pet Limit

    ●     Breed Restrictions

    Pay Deposit

    Like other communities, Botsford Place requires you as a tenant to pay a non-refundable pet deposit of $250 for pets under 30 lbs, and $500 for dogs over 30 lbs.

    Monthly Pet Rent

    Monthly Pet Rent

    Similarly, monthly pet rent for one pet will set you back $25, while two pets will be $50 per month.

    Additional Fees

    The good news is that having a pet in the Botsford Place Terrace community will not incur any additional costs. Failure to clean up after your pet on apartment grounds, on the other hand, will result in a $50 fine.

    Pet Limit

    Botsford Place Terrace limits the number of pets that can be brought into the community, with the maximum number of pets allowed per unit being two.

    Breed Restrictions

    Botsford is committed to providing a pet-friendly environment, and that’s why their breed restrictions are fairly standard.

    It is in everyone’s best interests to have friendly and non-aggressive pets to the point of not harming others.

    With that said, Botsford accepts any other dog breed apart from the following:

    • Breeds/Mixed Breeds of Akita
    • Chow
    • Pit Bull Terriers
    • Rottweilers
    • Wolf Dog Hybrids
    • Saint Bernards
    • Alaskan Malamute
    • Doberman Pinschers

    If you can meet the above requirements, you’re almost there in terms of joining Botsford Place Terrace’s community. Botsford’s approval process is quick and simple, so you won’t have any problems getting your application approved.

    Also, other factors put Botsford on the map besides ranking among the best pet-friendly apartments for rent in Michigan.

    For example, you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot because the community has plenty of it.

    Bloomfield Place Apartments

    Bloomfield Place Apartments is another top pet-friendly apartment community that you’ll find in Michigan. It is located at 1655 Bloomfield Place Dr, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302.

    Bloomfield Place offers 1 and 2-beds apartments for rent. On average, expect to pay anywhere between $957 and $1,821 per month for a 750-850 sq. ft. floor plan.

    Residents seeking a taste of luxury will be pleased to learn that Bloomfield Place Apartments has recently renovated 1 and 2-beds apartments with granite-style countertops, white shaker cabinets, tasteful chrome finishes, and premium wood vinyl flooring.

    Portrait of beautiful young woman with her dog u

    At Bloomfield Place, expect to pay a $150 one-time non-refundable pet fee. It will also cost you $35 per pet, per month, for pet rent.

    Bloomfield Place, like other pet-friendly apartments for rent, has pet restrictions for its residents. For example, there is a 70 lbs max weight limit for pets.

    Aside from that, the maximum number of pets allowed is two: one dog and one cat, or two cats only are allowed. So, if you have more than that, you might want to consider other options.

    You won’t have to worry about your pet because the neighborhood has a pet playground nearby.

    Bloomfield Place is unique in that it provides residents with convenience, flexibility, and style.

    Bloomfield Place is surrounded by large retailers such as Target and Costco Wholesale, which you’ll appreciate if you need to go shopping, even if it’s for your furry friends.

    In addition, this apartment for rent community is close to some of Michigan’s top employers, including Beaumont Hospital, Ford, Chrysler, and United Shore.

    The apartment community has great kitchen features, including:

    • Dishwasher
    • Disposal
    • Stainless Steel Appliances
    • Pantry
    • Kitchen
    • Microwave
    • Oven
    • Range
    • Refrigerator
    • Freezer
    • Instant Hot Water
    • Central Air Conditioning and Heating

    You’ll also appreciate the Bloomfield Place Apartments’ community amenities, which include an on-site property manager, a fitness center, and a picnic area, just to name a few.

    You may not need to worry about a washer/dryer since the community has on-site laundry facilities.

    Beagle sleeps on cozy sofa

    In addition, Bloomfield Place has high-speed internet access, thus ensuring digital accessibility for residents.

    Please note, always keep an eye on unit features like air conditioning when looking for a new house to make sure they’re functional before moving in.

    Meadowood Townhomes

    Meadowood Townhomes, located at 41140 Canton Ct, Canton, MI 48188, is another great pet-friendly apartment for rent community in the state of Michigan.

    Potential tenants can choose from a variety of floor plans, ranging from 1-bed, 2-beds and 3-beds, in this apartment for rent community.

    The monthly rent is also reasonable. For a 650-1,126 sq. ft. floor plan, expect to pay between $1,050 and $1,485 per month (for 1-bed, 2-beds, or 3-beds).

    Meadowood Townhomes is conveniently located near I-275 and I-96, along with several shopping areas, dining areas, and public parks.

    The pet policy for this apartment for rent community is quite similar to others. For instance, expect to pay a non-refundable pet fee of $200. In addition, you’ll be paying a monthly pet rent of $25 per pet.

    Expect some pet restrictions, such as breed restrictions and the maximum number of pets per unit. The maximum number of pets allowed per unit, for example, is two. Your pet does not, however, have to be spayed or neutered.

    If you plan to rent at the Meadowood Townhomes community, you’ll also have to pay a $100 admin fee and a $25 rental application fee prior to even being approved.

    They have lease options ranging from 3-12 month leases, with the only utility included being trash removal.

    multiple dogs

    The term “utility included” refers to the bill being paid as a single payment rather than as a series of payments. You will have to pay for other services, such as water and electricity, separately.

    The fact that Canton is one of the safest places to live is a reason enough to rent here. It is also regarded as one of the fastest-growing areas in all of Michigan.

    If you have a family, this apartment for rent community is the perfect place for you to call home. Canton residents have easy access to two cities: Ann Arbor and Detroit. As such, whether it’s a 1-bed or 2-beds house, consider living in Canton.

    Meadowood Townhomes community is strategically located, with Wayne County Community College being only 10 minutes away, or 4.8 miles away.

    Two other nearby educational institutions are Madonna University, being only 16 minutes or 9.1 miles away, and Schoolcraft College is 17 minutes or 10.4 miles away.

    This apartment for rent community offers a variety of amenities to make your unit living experience more comfortable and enjoyable, including:

    • Washer/Dryer – In Unit
    • Air Conditioning
    • Heating
    • Cable Ready
    • Storage Units
    • Tub/Shower
    • Dishwasher
    • Garbage Disposal

    If you own a car, you’ll be relieved to learn that Meadowood Townhomes provides residents with their very own parking spaces.

    Similarly, before signing the lease agreement, take a tour of the unit and make sure all of the important features, such as the air conditioning, washer/dryer, and lighting, are operational and to your satisfaction.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments

    Cass Lake Front Apartments is located at 1751 Cass Lake Front, Keego Harbor, MI 48320, and is one of Michigan’s most pet-friendly communities.

    Residents of the Cass Lake Front community can enjoy a taste of luxury at a very reasonable price.

    At Cass Lake Front, the pet policy is simple and clear. Expect to pay $250 for pets under 30 lbs, or a $500 non-refundable fee for dogs over 30 lbs. In addition, you’ll pay a monthly pet rent of $25 for one pet, or $50 for two pets.

    Similar to other apartments for rent, there’s a pet limit of two per unit. Although there are no additional fees for bringing your furry friends, expect to pay a $50 cleaning fee if you fail to clean after your pet on apartment grounds.

    Family with Pet

    This apartment complex has 1-bed units with a 750-square-foot floor plan and 2-beds units with a 950-square-foot floor plan. A 2-beds unit will cost you around $1,000 per month, on average. On the other hand, a 1-bed unit will cost you around $875 per month, on average.

    You’ll appreciate the fully upgraded granite countertops, spacious bedrooms, hardwood flooring, air conditioning, and additional storage, just to name a few of their amenities. Again, make sure your air conditioning, among other features, is working before moving into the unit.

    Since it has an on-site laundry facility, you may not necessarily need a washer/dryer.

    Embassy West Apartments

    Embassy West Apartments, which rounds out the top five, is yet another apartment for rent community to consider. It is located at 5331-5379 Highland Rd, Waterford, MI 48327.

    You won’t have to worry about bringing your pets because this apartment for rent community has a clear pet policy. Joining the Embassy West community with your pet will set you back $200 for a one-time non-refundable fee.

    A $30 monthly pet rent is also required per pet. Furthermore, no more than two pets are permitted per unit. Keep in mind that the Embassy West community requires that your pet be spayed or neutered as well.

    Other features that make the Embassy West community a great apartment for rent includes a designated parking space for residents, and great community amenities, such as:

    ●     Laundry Facilities

    ●     Online Services

    ●     Pool

    ●     Courtyard

    ●     Grill

    ●     Picnic Area

    Other unique features include air conditioning and vertical blinds on the windows.

    Water, trash removal, and sewer bills are all included in your utility package, so you’ll never have to worry about them.

    Embassy West has a variety of floor plans for 1-bed and 2-beds units. This community rents one and two bedrooms for around $785 to $885 per month, on average.

    What to Consider When Choosing Pet-Friendly Apartments for Rent

    Even if a washer/dryer, air conditioning, the number of rooms (1 bed or 2-beds), or other kitchen features are important, an apartment that is not pet-friendly will put you at a significant disadvantage when looking for an apartment for rent.

    As such, it is critical to understand what to look for when searching for an apartment for rent that is pet-friendly.

    dog upclose

    Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of important factors to consider when looking for an apartment for rent.

    ●     Choose a Spacious Apartment

    ●     If You Have a Dog (Especially a Puppy), Consider Taking the Ground Floor

    ●     Consider the Floor Material, is it Wood or Vinyl Flooring?

    ●     Your Balcony Could be a Danger to Your Pet

    ●     Consider the Neighborhood, is it Pet-Friendly?

    Choose a Spacious Apartment

    Living in a smaller floor plan will put you at a disadvantage. You need a spacious apartment to accommodate you and your furry friend.

    Consider your pet’s bed, food bowl, and other necessities. If you’re confident it will fit without feeling cramped, move on to the accommodation requests stage. Remember, space is a part of what makes an apartment pet-friendly.

    Also, ensure the air conditioning is working if you are to enjoy your community living experience. If your air conditioning is faulty, inform the landlord immediately.

    If You Have a Dog (Especially a Puppy), Consider Taking the Ground Floor

    Living on the second or fifth floor can be inconvenient for you and your pet. Since your dog will need to go outside frequently, even at night, a ground floor is preferable.

    window dog

    Always choose the ground floor unless you have no other choice.

    Consider the Floor Material, is it Wood or Vinyl Flooring?

    Another important factor to consider when choosing a pet-friendly environment is the apartment floor material. Ideally, laminate, vinyl, and tile floors are often the preferred choice when considering a pet-proofed apartment.

    If you choose another option, such as hardwood or carpeting, be prepared for stains and scratches, which is common with pets.

    If these are the options you prefer, consider taking extra precautions, like using throw rugs in areas where your dog spends a lot of time.

    Your Balcony Could be a Danger to Your Pet

    Remember when we said to consider picking a ground-floor apartment? Well, pet falls from balconies are common in many pet-friendly apartments for rent.

    Pet Cat

    Often, such falls cause injuries to your pet, which means extra cost to take care of your furry friend.

    If you love an apartment with a balcony, consider keeping your pet off of it.

    Consider the Neighborhood, is it Pet-Friendly?

    Although the primary goal is often finding a pet-friendly apartment to rent, the neighborhood pet-friendliness is another important factor to consider when choosing an apartment complex.

    Is there a veterinarian or animal hospital nearby? Is there a dog park nearby, or will you have easy access to dog-friendly sidewalks?

    These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself before moving into a pet-friendly apartment to rent.

    What Should You Do if Your Dog is Large or Restricted in Breed?

    As previously stated, many apartments for rent have dog breed restrictions, and you may find yourself with one on the restricted breed list.

    If that’s the case, what’s the best course of action?

    The truth is that finding a rental will be difficult for you. In that case, you may have to seek out rentals with independent landlords.

    An independent landlord is more likely to approve your house rent application, so start looking for a new place right away as soon as you realize your dog is restricted.

    Elderly man and a retriever dog

    You may also want to pay a larger security deposit for your pet to demonstrate your commitment to the responsibility for it. A landlord will consider actions such as your willingness to go to any length to keep your pet.

    Another thing to consider is that if you want your pet to have a chance, you should search for rentals that allow pet interviews rather than rentals that have breed restrictions.

    How to Search for Pet-Friendly Apartments for Rent

    It is easy to search for pet-friendly communities. How many bedrooms are you looking for? One or two bedrooms?

    Once you have that settled out, it’s easy to figure out the rest. The following are tips to help you locate the perfect pet-friendly apartment:

    Use Rental Websites

    Rental websites will be one of the easiest ways to search for a pet-friendly apartment nearby. For example, sites like and, to name a few, will help you narrow down your search.

    Often, these sites have features that make it easier to search for an apartment for rent online nearby.

    Go to the search bar and check for pet and location filters to search for pet-friendly apartments in your preferred location.

    Most sites allow you to narrow down your search to specific unit features, such as washer/dryer among others.

    Young woman playing with cat


    Consider seeking advice from your friends and family members to help you search for the ideal pet-friendly environment.

    Additionally, your current landlord may be able to provide you with referrals for your next location. This is why you should maintain a positive relationship with both your current and previous landlords.

    Drive Through

    Physically inspecting houses will assist you in determining whether or not they are pet-friendly.

    You’ll want to rent a pet-friendly apartment as well as a pet-friendly neighborhood. For instance, take a look to see that there is easy access to the sidewalk and a nearby veterinarian, just to name a few.

    Use a Real Estate Agent

    A real estate agent will almost certainly assist you in finding your next residence. All agents must have real estate licenses, so double-check to make sure yours has one too.

    For example, an agent can tell which units have a washer/dryer as an added feature, and can recommend the perfect unit for your needs.

    Tying it All Together

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is located in one of Michigan’s most pet-friendly areas. This is because there are few restrictions and they have a straightforward pet policy.

    Finding the ideal apartment to call home is a task that necessitates thorough planning. You may want to consider the unique features of a unit, such as a washer/dryer.

    Consider the pet-friendliness of the apartment community and the surrounding neighborhood.

    In addition, if you don’t want to live on the ground floor, keep your pet off the balcony at all times.

    Read more

    Apartments for Rent in Farmington Hills: Top 5

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Apartments for Rent in Farmington Hills: Top 5

    Apartments for Rent in Farmington Hills: Top 5

    Finding the ideal rental unit can be difficult. To be honest, you’re up against other potential tenants in the market for high-quality apartments with all of the amenities and perks that come with them, including a prime location.

    As a result, it’s critical to know what you require before beginning your house search. Making a checklist can significantly speed up the search process and help you find the perfect rental unit.

    The budget for your next house is one of the first things to consider. How much of a monthly cost are you willing to accept? If you’re not sure how much you want to spend on rent, use an online rent calculator to help you figure it out.

    Apartments for Rent in Farmington Hills

    Farmington Hills is a city found in Oakland County, in the U.S. state of Michigan. With that said, Farmington Hills is the 14th largest community in Michigan, with an estimated population of 80,612 people and 22 neighborhoods.

    The city is known for various things, including serving as a major business center for the greater Detroit area and being the home of the Holocaust Memorial Center, Michigan’s only Holocaust Memorial.

    Farmington Hills is one of the best places to live in Michigan, and finding ideal apartments for rent is not uncommon. You can find a studio apartment, one-bed, two-bed, and three-bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills at an affordable rate.

    If you want to rent in Farmington Hills, here are the top five apartment communities you should be aware of:

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments

    Botsford Place is at the top of our list. In Farmington Hills, Michigan, this is not a house to be overlooked.

    It’s in Farmington Hills, MI, at 27883 Independence St, Suite 103-G, in a quiet neighborhood that’s ideal for raising a family.

    A one bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills here, with a floor area of 750 sq ft will cost you $875-$915 (average apartment rent) per month. Similarly, a two bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills here will cost you $950-$1,000 per month, with a floor area of 950 sq ft.

    If you’re looking for a three bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills, the average rent is around $1,175 per month, with a floor area of 1,150 sq ft.

    The best part about Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is that you won’t run out of room in their units. They have large closets that can accommodate all of your belongings.

    Residents will also appreciate the ample parking. At Botsford, you won’t have to be concerned about finding a parking space. So, forget about parking on the street every day after work.

    Botsford is also known for being a pet-friendly neighborhood in Farmington Hills. If you have a pet, take a look at their pet policy for more information. They consider pets to be family members, so they strive to provide you with the best service possible.

    Botsford Place Terrace is strategically located in Farmington Hills and is within the Clarenceville School District, which is a top school district in the state.

    Botsford is close to Dunckel Middle School and North Farmington High School. To say the least, your educational requirements will be simple to meet.

    You can easily travel downtown to see the Farmington Civic Theater and other fantastic attractions within minutes. Beaumont Hospital is also within walking distance of the housing complex.

    Lakeview Apartments of Farmington Hills

    Lakeview is located at 23960 Middlebelt Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336. It’s fair to say that this is one of the most appealing housing communities in all of Farmington Hills.

    The complex has various property types, including one and two bedrooms with a floor area between 640-780 sq ft. If you want to live in this community, the average rent is anywhere from $925 to $1,225 per month.

    With various amenities, Lakeview is dedicated to making residents’ lives easier and more comfortable.

    Here are a few of the perks you can expect to find at Lakeview:

    • Walk-In Closets
    • Balcony
    • High-Speed Internet Access
    • Dishwasher
    • Disposal
    • Stainless Steel Appliances
    • Hardwood Floors
    • Wheelchair Accessible (Rooms)
    • Patio
    • Lawn

    You should also anticipate finding a parking spot for your vehicle with ease. There is literally no need to be concerned about daily street parking.

    When it comes to pets, Lakeview is one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Farmington Hills. With that said, there are some restrictions that you should be aware of before joining the community.

    For example, there is a two-pet limit. Also, expect to pay around $200 for a one-time pet fee, and $25 per month for pet rent.

    A $100 administration fee and a $25 application fee are other costs to be aware of.

    When it comes to utilities included in your rent, trash collection is included, so there’s no need to be concerned there.

    At Lakeview, the lease options you have are 3-12 month leases.

    The good news is that Lakeview is in a good location. For example, Oakland Community College, Lawrence Technological University, and Schoolcraft College are all within 10 minutes or 3.6 miles, to be exact.

    For children, the community is near some top elementary schools, such as JA Lanigan Elementary School.

    Lakeview is also about one mile from these three shopping centers:

    • Farmington Hill Plaza
    • Middlebelt Corners Shopping Plaza
    • Middlebelt 9 Mile Plaza

    Make sure to check for apartment related info to confirm it has everything you want for a unit for rent.

    Village Oaks Apartments

    Another excellent apartment community to consider is the Village Oaks. It is located at 20808 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

    Village Oaks has a variety of one and two bedroom apartments for rent with floor areas ranging from 700 to 860 square feet.

    The average rent for a unit ranges from $945 to $1,045 per month.

    This community also has a lot of amenities that you’ll enjoy, including open parking, well-lit controlled access entry, high-speed internet access (ensuring digital accessibility), and walk-in closets, just to name a few.

    You’ll be pleased to learn that Village Oaks is one of the few communities that includes utilities. There is no need to be concerned about the following utilities because they are included in your rent:

    • Heat
    • Trash Removal
    • Air Conditioning

    It’s critical to comprehend what “utilities included” means. The landlord is frequently responsible for utilities that are considered part of your rent; however, your rent may be higher to cover the cost.

    The advantage is that you won’t need to take the time to worry about them.

    Another advantage of becoming a member of this community is its advantageous location. For example, Oakland Community College is only 12 minutes away or 4.4 miles away from Village Oak.

    Among the best elementary schools near this Farmington Hills community are:

    • Webster Elementary School (Public Elementary School)
    • Stuckey Student Services (Public Elementary School)
    • Branch Line School (Elementary School and Middle School)

    Farmington Manor Apartments

    Farmington Manor is also another top choice for rental units in Farmington Hills, MI. It is located at 30202 W. Nine Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

    Farmington Manor has a variety of one bedroom units with 720 square feet of living space. The average rent for this apartment in Farmington Hills is $600.

    The included utilities, such as water and trash removal, are the highlight of this community. Also, expect to get a parking spot for your vehicle rather easily.

    The following are features found in the Farmington Manor community:

    • High-Speed Internet Access
    • Air Conditioning
    • Heating
    • Smoke-Free
    • Cable Ready
    • Storage Units
    • Disposal
    • Range
    • Refrigerator
    • Carpet

    This community is in a great location, with Oakland Community College only 11 minutes away. Also, Farmington Manor is closer to Lawrence Technological University and Schoolcraft College.

    Among the best elementary schools near this community are:

    • JA Lanigan Elementary School
    • Bradford Academy (Charter Elementary school)

    The community also accepts dogs; however, breed restrictions may apply.

    Maple Ridge Apartments

    To round out the list, Maple Ridge is another excellent option for Farmington Hills rental units. It’s located at 23078 Middlebelt Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

    Affordability is a strong suit for this housing complex. There are one and two bedroom units here ranging in size from 575 to 875 square feet.

    The average rent is expected to be between $650 and $750 per month, with water being included.

    The unit features of Maple Ridge include:

    ●      High-Speed Internet Access

    ●      Air Conditioning

    ●      Heating

    ●      Smoke-Free

    ●      Cable Ready

    ●      Storage Units

    ●      Dishwasher

    ●      Oven

    ●      Range

    ●      Balcony

    The community is only 36 minutes from Detroit, aka the Motor City. So, if you want to go sightseeing in the Motor City, you can be there in a short amount of time.

    How to Make your Affordable House Even Cheaper

    Finding the most cost-effective rental apartment in Farmington Hills can be a difficult task. It is, however, simple to navigate through the ever-competitive market if you have the necessary know-how.

    For example, you could use online real estate websites to locate cheap units within your monthly income.

    You could also hire a licensed real estate agent to help you find the best unit for rent in Farmington Hills. Real estate licenses allow a realtor to legally sell, broker, or rent real estate to prospective tenants and buyers on behalf of a real estate brokerage.

    Let’s see how to make a perfect apartment in Farmington Hills even more affordable now that you know how to find one:

    ●      Locate a Suitable Roommate

    ●      List Your New Unit on Airbnb

    ●      Consider Finding a Remote Job to Supplement Your Income

    ●      Work in Exchange for an Affordable House

    Locate a Suitable Roommate

    When it comes to saving money, having a roommate can be a lifesaver. Splitting bills with a roommate can save you a lot of money.

    When you’re first starting, finding a suitable roommate can be difficult. However, before you consider using an external connection, you should first ask friends or family.

    Another factor to think about is the type of roommate you want. Not everyone can be an ideal roommate, so you should list requirements that the roommate must meet before agreeing to live with you. At the very least, you’ll be able to get off to a good start without causing each other any inconvenience.

    Here are some of the things to consider when looking for a roommate to team up with and rent in Farmington Hills:

    ●      Cleanliness Habits

    ●      Policies Around Overnight Guests

    ●      Pet Preferences

    ●      Trustworthiness

    ●      Smoking Preference

    ●      Conflict Resolution Skills

    Cleanliness Habits

    You want a roommate who is meticulous about cleanliness. You can tell if someone cares about cleanliness based on first impressions and brief conversations with them.

    If you find any red flags, move on to the next candidate.

    Policies Around Overnight Guests

    A group of friends staying until late at night is not for everyone. Before staying together, you might want to decide how long the guests should stay at the unit.

    If you and your roommate can’t agree on this, you’re going to have a lot of problems during your stay.

    Pet Preferences

    If you enjoy having pets, but your potential roommate does not, this could be a major issue for you. To make for an easier time together, find a roommate who enjoys pets as much as you do.


    All requirements revolve around the concept of trustworthiness. Staying together won’t be a good idea if you don’t trust your roommate.

    Find a roommate that you can trust and agree on things easily with.

    Smoking Preference

    Smoking isn’t for everyone, so if you enjoy it, but your roommate doesn’t, staying together isn’t a good idea.

    Conflict Resolution Skills

    Finding a roommate with excellent conflict resolution skills may not seem like a necessity, but it can be critical to your roommate relationship.

    List Your New Unit on Airbnb

    Renting out your unit can be a great way to make money if you enjoy playing host. Many Airbnb hosts earn in excess of $1,000 per month.

    With an average rent of $1,000 per month, this amount can be used to cover the unit rent without having to pay anything out of pocket.

    That being said, you should consult with your landlord before renting out your unit on Airbnb. Some landlords will not accept this; as a result, double-check your lease agreement.

    Also, you may need to apply for a permit in your city. Make sure to follow all the rules before venturing into hosting guests.

    Consider Finding a Remote Job to Supplement Your Income

    Working from home has become more popular in recent years. Furthermore, many people are leaving their office jobs in favor of more flexibility and a better working environment at home.

    Many people can now make passive income thanks to the rise of remote working and the availability of online jobs. As a result, you can take advantage of the opportunity to earn some extra cash and easily cover your monthly expenses, including rent.

    Companies hire workers from all over the world, not just freelancers. By 2025, 36 million Americans are expected to work from home!

    Work in Exchange for an Affordable House

    Surprisingly, it is possible to live without paying rent! This objective can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

    For example, as a Resident Assistant, you can get free housing as a student. You might also be able to find work in a restaurant and receive free housing in exchange for your efforts.

    Finding a less expensive unit is beneficial, but receiving free housing is even better.

    Final Thought

    As discussed above, you have a range of options for top housing communities in Farmington Hills. If you want to rent in Farmington Hills, the above choices will be some great options to consider.

    With that said, Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is one of the best communities in Farmington Hills, with a variety of high-quality and affordable units available for rent.

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    Apartments in Farmington Hills, MI: Top 5

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    Apartments in Farmington Hills, MI: Top 5

    Farmington Hills is the second-largest city in Oakland County, which also functions as a significant commercial hub for the Detroit metropolitan area.

    Farmington Hills is regarded as one of Michigan’s best places to live. In fact, Time Magazine ranked the city the safest place to live in 2018. The city has so much to offer for its residents and visitors.

    For instance, while some may be excited to visit boutiques and Farmington Hills shopping malls along Grand River Avenue, on the other hand, the magnificent Governor Warner Mansion and Museum is a must-see for history buffs.

    Apartments in Farmington Hills, MI

    Whether you’re a first-time tenant or a seasoned renter in Farmington Hills, MI apartments, finding the best house is always rewarding. Farmington Hills apartments offer luxurious units for rent that let you enjoy the benefits of apartment living.

    Farmington Hills, MI apartment hunting is thrilling, but the process of finding an apartment is usually overwhelming. In addition, finding what you’re looking for can sometimes take a long time. With that said, if you know where to look, you’ll have an easier time finding it.

    People, on the whole, desire to live in a house that makes them feel at ease. Most would like spacious and equipped units with all of the conveniences that any tenant would desire. For instance, if you have young children, it’s natural for one to want to live near top elementary schools in Farmington Hills.

    The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of the top five Farmington Hills, MI units for rent:

    ●     Botsford Place Terrace Apartments

    ●     Muirwood Apartments

    ●     Independence Green Apartments

    ●     Fairmont Park Apartments

    ●     Spring Valley Apartments

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is situated at 27883 Independence Street in Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336.

    Apartment Outside Pic

    This apartment neighborhood, located in a quiet area of Farmington Hills, MI, has a lot to offer its inhabitants. A pet-friendly environment is one of the benefits you’ll get at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments.

    If you enjoy late-night strolls, you’ll be happy to know that the Botsford neighborhood has streets with well-lit sidewalks.

    Botsford offers units with one to 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Farmington Hills, MI, each with adequate space for a walk-in closet. It’s one of the best house complexes in the area that offers apartments in Farmington Hills, MI with utilities included in the monthly price.

    Since gas and water are included in the rent, you will not have to bother about them.

    Expect to pay an average rent of $875 for 1-bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI at Botsford Place. For an upgraded one bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI, expect to pay an average rent of at least $915.

    eat-in kitchen

    Botsford is dedicated to creating an environment that makes you feel cared for by management.

    That is why they arrange various outdoor management-sponsored events to allow you to engage with other members of the community and form friendships.

    Botsford Place is also centrally located. If you live here, you will have easy access to all of the amenities. In other words, much of what you’ll need is within walking distance, such as shopping and a hospital, just to mention a few.

    Having said that, Botsford Place is conveniently located near public transportation, commercial complexes, and restaurants in Farmington Hills.

    Muirwood Apartments

    Muirwood is another fantastic house complex located at 35055 Muirwood Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48335.

    This neighborhood in Farmington Hills, MI offers a variety of amenities to its residents, including a children’s playground, an indoor pool, hot tub, and dry sauna. Additionally, the 130-acres of rolling topography will provide miles of walking trails for your family to enjoy.

    Muirwood is concerned about your comfort at home, which is why you’ll be pleased to learn that their open and spacious floor plans provide a long list of facilities.

    Muirwood’s completely renovated kitchens and bathrooms, huge door walls with natural light, and complete GE appliance package are just a few of the highlights to look out for.

    This community is also situated so that you can get to facilities in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re going downtown to the Farmington Civic Theater or just doing your regular shopping, the speed with which you can get there will be convenient.

    When it comes to education, Muirowod is surrounded by top-rated Farmington Hills schools, from top middle schools to college. For example, Muirwood is close to Oakland Community College and Schoolcraft College. It’ll only take a few minutes to drive there.

    Independence Green Apartments

    Independence Green is located at 24360 Independence Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48335.

    If you visit this location, the lovely green lawns and mature trees of the Independence Green neighborhood immediately creates a calm ambiance for a community to call home.

    The neighborhood is meant to provide the best for its residents, with features such as an in-home laundry and dryer, along with plenty of storage space.

    Independence Green is a community with affordable one, two, and three bedroom apartments. It has distinctive features, including 24-hour emergency maintenance, a large sliding door to the patio, renovated kitchens, and hardwood floors, to name a few.

    You’ll also appreciate the community amenities, which include an indoor and outdoor pool with sundeck and sauna, sand volleyball, and tennis courts.

    Independence Green lease options begin from three months to 14 months. As such, prepare for a higher upfront cost when renting.

    The community’s location is extremely convenient. For example, Schoolcraft College is only 11 minutes or 4.9 miles away from Independence Green. In addition, Oakland Community College and Madonna University are also close by.

    Schools that are also nearby are Power Middle School, which is one of the top middle schools in the area, and Hillside Elementary School, which is an excellent elementary school that serves the neighborhood effectively.

    Fairmont Park Apartments

    Fairmont Park is located at 22540 Fairmont Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48335.

    Fairmont is distinguished by its ability to provide sumptuous living in a really one-of-a-kind park-like setting. Furthermore, the community is meant to provide residents with a comfortable environment.

    You’ll be happy to learn that the units in Fairmont Park have been remodeled, with major additions, such as in-unit washers and dryers.

    The units are big and include a patio or private balcony with a stunning outlook. The best aspect about renting a Fairmont unit is that each unit has a separate entrance and desired walk-in closet.

    The neighborhood is pet-friendly, and you are welcome to bring your pet with you. If you need further information about your pet, you should read their apartment pet policy.

    Fairmont Park is at a fantastic location, right in the heart of Farmington Hills, MI. As a result, going grocery shopping or eating at a restaurant will just take a few minutes.

    Spring Valley Apartments

    Spring Valley is located at 37850 Spring Ln, Farmington Hills, MI 48331.

    This community provides a unique unit living experience. It features big and comfortable one and 2-bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI, with improved amenities like washer and dryer units.

    Spring Valley Apartments’ location is one of its most appealing features, with the ease of access to interstates 696, 275, and 96 making any commute simple.

    Shopping malls, restaurants, and recreational facilities are all within driving distance of the neighborhood. Additionally, the neighborhood is near Oakland Community College, and is also served by excellent elementary and middle schools.

    On top of it all, Springs Valley is one of the few neighborhoods in the area that allows pets. Even though dogs are welcome, Spring Valley residents must spay or neuter their pets by the age of six months.

    Please also check this honorable mention:

    Lakeview Apartments – Located at 23960 Middlebelt Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336

    Places to Visit in Farmington Hills

    Farmington Hills boasts several parks and historical buildings. If you’re searching for a fun way to pass the time while building new memories, the Farmington Hills parks listed below can assist:

    ●     Shiawassee Park – Located at 23221-23599 Power Rd, Farmington, MI 48336

    ●     Woodland Hills Park – Located at 26655 Farmington Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48331

    ●     Heritage Park – Located at 24915 Farmington Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336

    ●     Memorial Park – Located at 29401-29535 W. Eleven Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336

    ●     Founders Sports Park – Located at 35500 W. 8 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48335

    ●     Arboretum Office Park Maintenance – Located at 34705 W. 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48331

    ●     Farmington Hills Nature Center – Located at 24915 Farmington Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336

    Why Should You Get an Apartment Floor Plan First?

    A floor plan will assist you in determining the type of furniture that will best suit the space provided. It also allows you to assess which layout will best fit your requirements.

    Working without a floor plan might make it tough to plan your house and determine whether it meets your family’s demands.

    Apartment Floor Plan

    So, where do you go to receive a floor plan for your new house? Well, you could ask your landlord or network administrator to provide you with one. A floor layout can also typically be accessed on the internet: check for apartment related info.

    It’s always a good idea to double-check that the lease’s floor layout corresponds to what you desire.

    How to Choose the Best Apartment in Farmington Hills, MI

    The joy of moving to a new unit in Farmington Hills, MI is palpable. However, finding the best house might be difficult. Ideally, you’re looking for a leasing house in Farmington Hills, MI with all of the features you require.

    Many thoughts will cross your mind as you try to choose the ideal house for rent in Farmington Hills, MI. Is it actually closer to my workplace? Is it something I can afford?

    Fortunately, we’ll take care of that for you by laying down some pointers on how to find the ideal houses for rent in Farmington Hills, MI:

    ●     Decide How Much You Can Afford

    ●     Choose a Location

    ●     Examine the Leasing Market Quickly

    ●     Examine the Reviews

    ●     Visit the Finalists

    ●     Compare Units and Ask the Right Questions

    ●     Read the Leasing Contract Before You Sign It

    Decide How Much You Can Afford

    Knowing what you want is one thing (house for rent); knowing what you can truly pay for a rental unit is another. With that in mind, it’s critical to create a budget that will aid in determining the type of house or rent to pursue.

    If coming up with a budget is proving difficult, consider utilizing a rent calculator to determine the type of house you can afford based on your monthly salary.

    You Can Afford

    According to a general rule of thumb, 50% of your income should go toward essential expenditures like rent, utilities, and food, 30% should go toward day-to-day expenses like travel and so on, and the remaining 20% should go toward savings and debt repayment.

    With that said, your rent and other essential expenses must not go beyond the recommended 30 percent.

    If your budget is within a studio apartment rate in Farmington Hills, then consider picking it over a one bedroom apartment or two bedroom apartments for rent in Farmington Hills, MI.

    In Farmington Hills, the average apartment rent is $1,242, with an average size being 991 sq. ft. The average rent for a one bedroom is $836. For a two bedroom, the average rent is $1,068, while for a three bedroom apartment, the average rent is $1,351.

    If you have a big family and need a four bedroom apartment for rent, the average rent in Farmington Hills is $1,452. However, the rent rate isn’t the only cost if you live in a big house, consider the utility bills as well.

    After you’ve decided on the rent budget, you may move on to choose a place.

    Choose a Location

    The next stage is to decide on an area where you want to live in Farmington Hills, MI.

    Picking a location will narrow down your search for units for rent. Do a keyword search where to find apartments for rent online and filter the results as you try to locate the perfect home.

    If you have other locations in mind within Farmington Hills, it’s still fine, but keep in mind that you’ll have more work to do to check those units.

    Choose a Location

    When choosing a place, consider the neighborhood’s safety first. Examine the crime rate to see how likely you are to become a victim. For instance, if the area is notorious for having a high rate of break-ins, it’s best to give up and look for another location.

    Inquire of a few of the locals about their experiences in the area. At the very least, you’ll get a sense of if the location is right for you and get an answer.

    Examine the Leasing Market Quickly

    The next step is to look for a local rental guide (also read on rent trends) to discover what’s available, where it’s located, and how much it costs. Make a list of several leasing units that meet your requirements.

    You might also wish to speak with a real estate agent who is familiar with the area. When you work with real estate agents in Farmington Hills, MI, you have a higher chance for success than going at it alone. However, make sure you work with agents that have real estate licenses.

    Examine the Reviews

    One of the most effective ways to determine an apartment’s living experience in any community is to read reviews. You should consider a specific apartment complex a red flag and move on to the next if it has a lot of unfavorable ratings.

    Start with sites such as Yelp, which have a lot of listings and frequently have reviews. Reviews can help you get rid of units for rent that are poorly managed.

    Visit the Finalists

    After completing the preceding steps, you should have a good sense of the types of residences you’ll be seeing. As you begin your search, look beyond the home’s aesthetics and consider factors such as customer service.

    Compare Units and Ask the Right Questions

    Comparing apartments for rent will most likely offer you a better idea of what else is available. When it’s time to compare, pick one with a higher score after touring numerous flats that meet your requirements.

    Cost, lifestyle, pet policy, and reputation, to name a few, are all important considerations here.

    Read the Leasing Contract Before You Sign It

    The final step before moving into your new apartment for rent is to sign a lease agreement.

    As a result, before you sign it, take the time to understand all of the terms. Overlooking the provisions of a lease agreement can backfire in the future, and you’ll almost certainly face repercussions from the landlord.

    The lease will specify how much you must pay each month, who is responsible for utility expenses, and so forth. It will spell out your responsibilities, as well as the landlords.

    You and the landlord must have an agreement regarding the lease provisions. For example, you should be okay with the provisions on how to break a lease (the cost of breaking a lease).

    Final Thought

    Farmington Hills, MI is regarded as one of the best areas to live in the United States. It has a plethora of beautiful units to choose from, all of which provide exceptional apartment living experiences.

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, for example, has some of the best houses for rent opportunities. Botsford Place is blessed with a professional workforce that is always ready to assist you.

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