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    Are There Apartments In Michigan That Accept Bad Credit?

    6 months ago · · Comments Off on Are There Apartments In Michigan That Accept Bad Credit?

    Are There Apartments In Michigan That Accept Bad Credit?

    Hunting for houses and apartments is challenging, but your search for an apartment or house will be harder if you are tied to bad credit. Of course there is nothing wrong with having a low FICO score in Detroit MI. The problem is that many Americans often find themselves tied to bad debts as a result of small factors that perhaps never appeared to have much effect on your finances. For this, always make sure that your credit standing is within the acceptable range.

    Most apartments’ property managers and owners require that potential tenants undergo screening that also includes checking the background report before moving in. Many people keep wondering whether there are apartments in Michigan that accept bad credit and how they can find one. Below are tips to help you find the right apartment while having a bad credit score.

    Know You Have Multiple Apartment Options

    While you have the option of hiring a good realtor to find you potential apartments in your preferred areas, this is not always an option for some people. Regardless of whether you are close to the city that you intend to move, such as Detroit MI, apply for as many apartments as possible. This move improves your odds of at least finding something.

    You should also remember that people are different, hence the reason why in some apartments you might find that the property managers or owners have different policies regarding poor credit. Before you schedule to view a home or apartment for rent, ensure that you have exhausted your options during the home search.

    The internet is a good place to start with as you might come across reviews of apartments in Detroit that have stringent FICO score measures. In the process, you might also come across apartments that tend to soften their low credit policies – something that would work to your advantage.

    Find Yourself A Cosigner

    There are many people who are uncomfortable with having one of their family members or friends to cosign their rental applications. However, having a cosigner can greatly work to your advantage when searching for apartments while having a low FICO score.

    The cosigner can improve the owner’s confidence in your ability to make your rent payments. Always choose apartments in Detroit that you know you can afford because when you bring in a cosigner to your lease agreement, they agree to paying your rent if no payments are made.

    When you get to the point whereby you can make your rent payments reliably, ensure that you have the cosigner removed. This process might require you to enter into a new lease agreement with the apartment owners. However, it is a deal that most owners will be willing to take as it reduces the risks involved in the entire deal.

    References Can Be Helpful

    When trying to find rental apartments, references can go a long way in helping you get the right one, even when your FICO score is poor. Find someone, such as an employer or a former landlord, who can speak highly of you. This is the reason why tenants are advised that if you intend to move from an apartment in the future, you should establish a good rapport with the landlord.

    Such references are also the ones who can collaborate your story regarding what factors led to your situation of having bad credit. When landlords come across people who are more willing to vouch for you, then they are a little less fazed by your bad credit situation. References are not only limited to former landlords or employers, but can be any important figure in your life whose word can be depended on.

    Let Home & Apartment Owners Know Your Credit History Before Moving

    Since you can already rent an apartment with bad credit, there is always the temptation of hiding your FICO history to the property owners. While this might appear effective in the short term, letting the landlord know the hard way is a bad move.

    After the apartment owner discovers your bad credit status, they will be disappointed that you never came out clean when you had the chance while signing the rental agreement. A good rule of thumb is to be honest and allow the property owner to decide whether they can revise their policy on FICO ratings.

    Many people are aware that there are unique situations that can explain your FICO score and that no situation is permanent. With an understanding apartment owner, you will still get the apartment or home. Once your credit health improves, your credibility is restored for being honest and confronting your challenges with confidence.

    Try & Clear Your Credit Card Bills

    It might take a while to improve your FICO score, possibly years, but even during the house hunting it helps a lot trying to clear these bills. This is one of the ways to establish a good financial record. Even if you are limited on cash, especially when moving, being organized can see you make small payments while still hunting for an apartment. Doing this will enable you to acquire an apartment more easily in future.

    When organizing your bills, be sure to at least make a list of a number of things that you do not really need. You can also make some adjustments to your life and cut down on some of your expensive hobbies. This way, you will get to enjoy the same in future, but not while servicing a debt.

    The issue of spending rather than clearing your bills only adds to your financial woes. Remember, you will already have spent quite a substantive amount when making the rental deposit. This means how you spend your finances is a huge factor when you are looking to get out of your bad financial position.

    Use Cash Payments To Your Advantage

    Any property owner in Detroit, Michigan wants to know that the tenant is serious about the tenancy. If you are tied to bad credit, show that you are dedicated to paying the rent by putting down a large deposit on the apartment upfront.

    Another option is to declare your current financial status at the time of first contact as opposed to declaring the same when you were struggling to make the payments that led you to your current financial position. For example, declaring your steady income is some sort of deal breaker to many property managers and owners. It serves to assure the landlord that rent will always be paid on time, while any damages to the property will be taken care of.

    You are never short of options when using cash to your advantage. You can gain confidence in your commitment to pay rent by paying directly from your paycheck to the property owner. This way, they know that you are even more committed to rental payments.

    Apartments In Michigan That Accept Bad Credit

    Take Away

    When searching for the right apartment in Detroit, Michigan, a low FICO score should not deter you from searching for a place to stay. It is assumed that you are well aware of what got you tied to bad credit and have a plan to improve your FICO score.

    The next time you are searching for apartments in Michigan that accept bad credit, use the same attitude to address your apartment search and ensure that there is full disclosure of all the details that can get you approved for the rental.

    Never narrow your search to a certain neighborhood that you have always dreamed of since there is no guarantee that you will get an apartment there with a poor FICO score. There is also the possibility that affordability might be an issue and since you are already in financial distress, go for a property that will have you struggling to pay the rent in future.

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    The Best Apartments For Rent Farmington, MI Has To Offer

    8 months ago · · Comments Off on The Best Apartments For Rent Farmington, MI Has To Offer

    The Best Apartments For Rent Farmington, MI Has To Offer

    Are you looking for an extremely safe city that still has a vibrant downtown? If so, Farmington Hills, Michigan, is right for you. Not only is it ranked one of the safest cities in the United States, but it boasts of a recently renovated downtown, which includes several restaurants, boutiques, and a vintage cinema. Here, you are also surrounded by gorgeous natural environments.

    It is certainly a fantastic place to live. While there are several apartments for rent in Farmington Hills MI, one complex stands out against the crowd.

    Here are all the reasons why you need to check out Botsford Place Terrace Apartments.

    Apartments for Rent Farmington MI

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is In an Excellent Location

    We have an excellent location surrounded by everything you may need in your daily life. Are you a college student attending classes? We are less than 10 minutes away from Schoolcraft College, 14 minutes away from Madonna University Drive, and only 16 minutes away from Oakland Community College.

    If you are a young professional or retiree, you will also enjoy being close to several restaurants, boutiques, and various entertainment options. Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is also close to the wonders of nature, being only minutes away from hiking trails and parks, including Woodland Hills, Memorial Park, and Heritage Park.

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments of Farmington Hills MI is also conveniently located just 30 minutes from the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW) Airport. Here you can be close to everything without giving up that homey, comfortable feeling.

    The Units Are All Spectacular

    We offer the best of apartment living through our luxurious design and in-unit features. Did you know that each 1 bedroom apartment in Farmington MI has its own unique style? Our units have all the modern home comforts you are looking for, with plush carpeting, a spacious living room, as well as an open kitchen complete with a dining room. Our 2 bedroom apartment in Farmington is also quite a masterpiece when it comes to comfort and relaxation.

    Our units also have walk-in closets, vinyl flooring, as well as updated cabinetry. When you step into one of our units, you will feel like it was made just for you. We want you to not only get a sense of luxury but to have all the home comforts you enjoy. For instance, there is a refrigerator, garbage disposal, and other brand name, modern appliances. That is why our units of 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in Farmington MI are affordable but still breathtaking in design. There are five different floor plans to choose from, and they are all equally amazing. Find the one that matches exactly what you are looking for.

    Your apartment rent also includes most utility costs, such as garbage disposal/trash removal, gas, water, sewer, etc. Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is where luxury truly meets affordability.

    There Are Plenty of Community Features

    The care we take with our apartment complex near Farmington Hills does not just end with our units, but we make it a point to offer only the best of community features. First and foremost, we offer only the utmost in security measures. Not only will you get controlled access to your unit, but as mentioned, Farmington, MI is one of the safest cities in the United States.

    We also offer laundry facilities, package services, and medical services. There is also a picnic area around the real estate property, as well as a playground. If you are a young family, you will appreciate the playground’s features and appreciate its safe, secure atmosphere. Whether you are a retiree, young family, student, or working professional, you will also appreciate the fact that we also have ample parking. You do not have to worry about circling the lot looking for space. We make life easier for you.

    We want our residents to feel like a tight-knit community, so we offer many fun and exciting social events on the property. You will get to know your neighbors and make lasting memories in the process!

    Pets Are More Than Welcome

    At Botsford Place Terrace Apartments in Farmington Hills MI, we understand that your pets are a part of the family, so your fur babies can come along too! In fact, we have an extremely reasonable pet policy in comparison to other apartment rentals Farmington, MI has to offer. There is a one-time pet fee of $250, or a $500 nonrefundable fee if your dog is over 30lbs. While there is a limit of two pets, the monthly fee is only $25 for one pet and $50 for two pets.

    You can check out the website for specific details on breed restrictions, pet insurance, and other information involving your furry friend. We want your pet to feel like part of the family, so we even have special pet amenities. Not only do we offer plenty of green space, but there is also a designated potty area for your dog.

    You will also love the fact that there are also 50 dog parks in a 20-mile radius of the city, including Orion Oaks Dog Park. Just outside Farmington, this 24-acre pet park features a lake with a dock, complete with trash cans, courtesy bags, and plenty of seating areas for you to enjoy nature with your canine friend. Don’t want to make the drive? Not to worry! We have plenty of dog parks and nature trails surrounding the area, including Farmington Hills William Grace Dog Park and the large, scenic Olde Town Park.

    Our Staff is Amazing

    If you are looking for apartment in Farmington, MI, then you want to make sure that you are getting the best treatment possible. Too often, renters get excited about an apartment complex, only to find that the staff does not offer the same excellence offered in their amenities. You do not have to worry about that at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. Here, we make an effort to put residents first.

    Did you know that Botsford Place Terrace Apartments has 24-hour on-call maintenance support? We understand that emergencies can happen, and we do not want you to ever be in a situation where you cannot get immediate help. Our maintenance team is bar none and is on the real estate site, meaning they can get to you faster. No more waiting for your problem to be addressed, like what might happen at other Farmington, MI apartment complexes.

    We also have an excellent office and support staff. Want to know where the best restaurants are? Want more information about an upcoming social community event? You can reach out to our 24/7 team and ask any questions you might have! We are more than happy to help you out. We are also family-owned and operated, meaning that we understand the importance of putting residents first. We are customer-focused and believe that no problem is too big or too small. We take pride in assisting our tenants and building up a strong community in Farmington, MI.

    We Make Renting Easy

    Whether you are a young professional, retiree, or student, we know that your time is valuable. That is why we make renting at our apartment in Farmington Hills MI extremely easy! You can schedule an appointment right on our website or go on a virtual apartment tour of any of our units, right from the convenience of your home computer. We are also available to answer any questions you may have regarding our stellar apartment community.

    Need to inquire about features of our apartment in Farmington Hills MI? Ask away! Want more information about the surrounding area? We would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

    If you are looking for apartment for rent in Farmington, MI, then look no further. Botsford Place Terrace Apartments has exactly what you need and then some! Experience luxury living at an affordable price today.

    Call and schedule an appointment or check out our virtual tour.

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    The Top 10 Apartments In Farmington, MI

    9 months ago · · Comments Off on The Top 10 Apartments In Farmington, MI

    The Top 10 Apartments In Farmington, MI

    Consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States, Farmington, Michigan, is one of the best places to live or to call home. The city has an array of restaurants, cinemas, boutiques, museums, and art galleries. Farmington Hills is also known for its scenic landscapes, from public parks, such as Heritage Park, to plenty of nature trails and beaches.

    With so many beautiful apartment in Farmington Hills, MI, it can be challenging to find the best one that you can call your home. However, we have taken the guesswork out to bring you the top 10 Farmington Hills apartments.

    Apartments in Farmington MI

    1. Windemere

    If you are looking for an apartment with a lot of green space, then Windemere may be up your alley. These spacious apartments or homes are surrounded by sweeping lawns and have a gorgeous swimming pool complete with a sundeck. These 1- and 2-bedroom apartments include fully equipped kitchens, dishwashers, as well as an open bar counter.

    Averate rent prices for floor plans range between $920.00 to $1,393.00.

    Apartments also come with a private patio or balcony, allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous views surrounding the property. It is a place you can truly get lost in, but still be close to all your shopping and dining needs.

    1. Fairmont Park

    Another apartment rentals in Farmington MI that is perfect for nature lovers is Fairmont Park. Surrounded by 40-acres of manicured grounds, which includes a nature trail, Fairmont Park is as scenic as it is luxurious. Rolling hills and mature trees also surround the outdoor pool and lighted tennis court, giving you a 360 view while you relax and play.

    Rent prices or average rent are between ‎$972.00 to $1,715.00.

    Upscale living is also made possible in the upgraded apartments, with regular security check and washers and dryers present in every floor plan. Fairmont Park’s 1- and 2-bedroom apartment in Farmington  also include a private balcony or patio as well as assigned parking. Some apartments even have walk-in closets and private entrances.

    1. Farmington Oaks

    High-rise living has never been better at Farmington Oaks. Surrounding the real estate building are beautiful, well-maintained grounds complete with an array of flowers and large oak trees, which make early morning walks simply perfect. The inclusion of a large underground pool is eye-catching and a great way to relax with family and friends.

    Rent prices or average rent range from ‎$865.00 to $1,393.00.

    Studio, 1- and 2-bedroom apartment in Farmington are accessible through the building elevator and include gorgeous amenities, such as an included washer and dryer and walk-in closets. Each floor plan has a private balcony or patio, energy-efficient appliances, and a dining nook and pantry.

    1. Maple Ridge Apartments

    If you are looking for apartment in Farmington Hills MI, your best bet may be the Maple Ridge Apartments. Located just off Middlebelt Road, these 1- and 2-bedroom apartments are less than $800, with a 1-bedroom apartment going for rent fee of $650 and a 2-bedroom rent fee going for $750.

    While the amenities are not as luxurious as other items on this list, many are worth noting. For example, each apartment comes with its own storage unit, frost-free fridge/freezer, dishwasher, and large private balcony or patio. There is also a convenient parking lot with carports available.

    1. Regal Towers

    Nestled on Franklin Road in Southfield’s heart, Regal Towers are for those who want an emphasis on luxury and security. Not only is this a gated community with courtesy patrol, but the amenities are limitless with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, fully equipped fitness center, playground, both a tennis and basketball court, as well as BBQ area.

    Rent prices or average rent are between $799.00 to $1,379.00.

    Each 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartment for rent in Farmington also comes with large walk-in closets, a dishwasher, as well as electric appliances. Floor plans also include niceties such as plush carpets, breakfast bars, and stellar views.

    1. Muirwood Apartments

    Are you looking for a lot of green space and the feeling that you are away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Then the Muirwood Apartments might be more your style. With 130-acres of green hills and two ponds, these apartments offer the beauty of the countryside at an affordable price. Amenities also include a pool, hot tub, sauna, tennis courts, and an on-site playground.

    These apartments for rent in Farmington are on the pricier side, with the range of rent being $872.00 to $3,390.00.

    In-home comforts for these 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments include a full-size or stackable washer dryer, or you can opt for a complete laundry room. The kitchens are all renovated, and each floor plan consists of a GE appliance package. You can also choose between a furnished and unfurnished apartment.

    1. Village Oaks Apartments

    With an award-winning landscaping service included, Village Oaks Apartments offers a quaint, family-oriented community. With these apartments for rent in Farmington, you can also get country living while still only minutes from I-275, I-696 and M-5.

    Average rent are between ‎$870.00 to $990.00.

    Each 1- and 2-bedroom spacious floor plan includes walk-in closets, laundry area, dishwasher, and optional cable and internet. Pets are welcome in the community, but there is a strict security check and pet policy that renters should be aware of. There is also a community garden available for those that love taking morning walks.

    1. Lakeview Apartments of Farmington Hills

    Located on Middlebelt Road, Lakeview Apartments of  Farmington MI has breathtaking real estate amenities, including wooded grounds, a built-in water fountain, and beautifully landscaped gardens. With a sparkling pool and sundeck, as well as 24-hour emergency maintenance, this apartment complex helps you feel secure as well as relaxed.

    Apartments range from $875.00 to $1,075.00.

    These 1- and 2-bedroom apartments come complete with a balcony or patio, security check, on-site laundry facilities and covered parking. Select homes also come with a pond and water fountain view, allowing you to enjoy the picturesque landscape from your spacious apartment home.

    1. Independence Green

    If you are looking for inspired living, then Independence Green may be for you. It is all in the name, with plenty of green space with mature trees and well-maintained lawns. There is a heated indoor pool during winter and an outdoor pool for summer, as well as a sand volleyball court. There is also a community clubhouse for those that love social events.

    The price range for these apartments is ‎$785.00 to $2,256.00.

    These 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments provide not only gorgeous views but also come complete with a private patio, regular security check, in-home washer and dryer, and plenty of storage space. It is a wonderful place to go home and relax in the wooded atmosphere.

    1. Botsford Place Terrace Apartments

    Our top pick for apartment in Farmington Hills MI is Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, a complex where luxury meets affordability. Located on Independence Street, these apartments are in the middle of it all; just a short drive away from restaurants, shopping, and green spaces, you will be amazed at how much there is to see and do. Another significant draw for families, retirees and young professionals alike is that this is a quiet community.

    Apartments range from $775-$1,090.

    Each apartment has traditional vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, upgraded countertops, spa-like bathrooms, as well as plush carpentry throughout. You will be stunned at the beautiful cabinetry and how spacious each room is. Each 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom floor plan is designed with luxury in mind but still offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with plenty of community events and regular security check. It is a place you will genuinely want to come home to.

    Find the Apartment in Farmington, MI That Suits You 

    Living in Farmington has many perks and choosing from a wide range of fantastic apartment options is just one of them. While these apartment in Farmington Hills MI, include excellent amenities and put you in the center of it all, Botsford Place Terrace Apartments offers both luxury and affordability.

    Contact us today to schedule a viewing or do a 3d tour of your new home.

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    Renters Insurance Michigan – Why Do I Need One?

    12 months ago · · Comments Off on Renters Insurance Michigan – Why Do I Need One?

    Renters Insurance Michigan – Why Do I Need One?

    Moving into a brand new apartment often comes with a long to-do list. The good news is that if you tackle the list early on, the entire moving process will be a breeze. For many new apartment renters, getting your own place may not involve getting Michigan renters insurance, but the truth is that packing, moving, signing your lease, and possibly obtaining renters insurance is all a part of the process.

    That said, not every apartment complex requires its tenants to have Michigan renters insurance. So, in the event that your lease does not say you are required to have renters insurance or a policy, you may be left wondering if you even need renters insurance. Thus, in order to help you tackle this portion of the program, let’s go over a few reasons why you need renters insurance.

    Renters Insurance Michigan

    Accidents happen

    For starters, accidents happen, and it is better to be covered with insurance coverage than not. While living in your apartment complex, there are a whole host of things that could go wrong like your neighbor setting your common wall on fire or a friend coming over and injuring themselves while at your home. Since things like this are out of your control, having Michigan renters insurance will help protect your belongings as well as yourself and your guests.

    A homeowner’s insurance policy does not protect you when you rent or lease a home

    What’s more, if you are not renting an apartment, but you are leasing a townhouse/condo, a residence, or a duplex, then you need renters insurance in Michigan. Of course, if you are renting a home of sorts, it is only natural to think that a homeowner’s insurance policy is what you need. However, this is simply not the case. Just like when you are renting an apartment, any place you are leasing actually requires renters insurance.

    Landlord policies do not protect tenants

    The reason having some form of renters insurance Michigan is because your landlord’s policy is not designed to protect you. In other words, your landlord does not have a vested interest in the protection of your personal property, so in the event that your belongings are damaged or stolen while in your apartment, it is really not their problem and it could really hurt your financial budget or credit cards expenses.

    It costs more than you think to replace everything you own

    Typically, you will come across people who believe that paying $12 or $20 a month is too expensive (but they pay more for credit cards debt) for a renters insurance policy. However, having to replace all of your personal property or belongings due to circumstances outside of your control will probably cost you more. Though it may be a hard pill to swallow, having most kinds of insurance (health, medical, renters/homeowners, car, etc.) is in your best interest.

    You can get a discount on your auto insurance policy

    Along those same lines, most insurance companies offer other forms of insurance. As a result, you can get your renters insurance through the same people you have your auto insurance policy with, which typically equals major savings for you. Thus, it is highly recommended that you do yourself a favor and bundle your policies to save a few bucks a month. Doing so may even cancel out the cost of having best renters insurance if you are lucky.

    Many landlords require proof of renters insurance before you move-in

    As briefly touched upon, most landlords do require their tenants to have Michigan renters insurance coverage. Moreover, many of these landlords actually will not let you move in until you show proof of having renters insurance. Clearly, on moving day, finding out that you cannot unpack your stuff in your unit until you secure renters insurance is not the goal.

    Renters insurance is affordable

    Thankfully, renters insurance rate is affordable or rather fairly inexpensive. Normally, cheapest renters insurance policies will cost less than $50 a month without bundling all your insurance. As mentioned above, when you get auto and renters insurance from the same renters insurance companies, the chances of you paying even less for your renters insurance policy increases exponentially. So, even if you are a student or have a fixed income, you can afford renters insurance at very low renters insurance rates.

    Renters insurance policies are customizable

    Besides being relatively inexpensive (unless you are going for the renters insurance premium), renters insurance rates in Michigan is also customizable. This means you can pick and choose how much replacement cost insurance coverage you want, pick the right deductible for your needs, as well as what items are covered in terms of personal property. You can also make changes to your covered personal property, like adding your new computer and taking off an item you sold or no longer have. You can even customize your policy so that you are covered if you move again or if you travel a lot.

    Losses can come in many forms

    The nice thing about renters insurance is that it covers more than most people think. The reality is that losses come in many forms. As a result, most renters insurance covers not only theft but also things like water and fire damage, plus any damage done to your belongings by movers is included at insurance coverage. A prime example is the fact that renters insurance cover policy often includes damage liability, i.e., if your kid accidentally breaks your neighbor’s window and now that window needs to be replaced, you do not have to scramble to come up with the money for repairs.

    Insurance coverage also includes bodily injury. If someone is hurt while at your apartment, then your insurance will cover their medical costs; however, there is a caveat here. Your policy will not protect you or your immediate family members in the event of injury in your unit.

    Renters insurance have perks

    Nevertheless, a Michigan renters insurance policy still has its obvious perks, so you may want to reconsider your stance on obtaining a policy at good renters insurance rate. Note, though your policy may include more than ever before, it is still important to read over your insurance policy to know exactly what renters insurance cover and what is not.

    Peace of mind

    Another reason you need renters insurance is because it gives you peace of mind. Nowadays, computers, cell phones, TVs and even furniture cost a small fortune. Likewise personal property, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other keepsakes may actually be irreplaceable. Thus, knowing your stuff is protected with renters insurance in Michigan, and you are entitled to assistance in the event of an accident or another type of loss, even when you are out of town or on vacation, is honestly somewhat freeing.

    Housemates or roommates can increase the risk of suffering a loss

    Of course, you want to think the best of your housemates and roommates, but there is no denying that the more people you live with, the higher the risk is of your stuff being damaged or lost/stolen. Therefore, having a Michigan renters insurance policy can minimize that risk, while still affording the savings that come from having a roommate or housemate.

    Flexible coverage

    Finally, renters insurance in Michigan offers you flexible insurance coverage. For instance, if you lose your luggage at the airport, your bike gets stolen, or the family pet plays a little rough, it is covered. Thus, protection or coverage like that is worth a few bucks a month, wouldn’t you say?

    Take away

    Ultimately, you may not be legally required to have renters insurance MI, but we think it is pretty safe to say that you need it. Nevertheless, if you are still unsure about getting a policy to protect your belongings and more, then we suggest you research a policy or two at any insurance companies in Michigan. That said, there is a strong likelihood that your apartment complex will want proof of renters insurance in Michigan, so you may just have to give in on this one and get the cheapest renters insurance to start things right.

    Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment!

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    Why You Should Rent an Apartment Over A Condo?

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on Why You Should Rent an Apartment Over A Condo?

    Why You Should Rent an Apartment Over A Condo?

    Choosing between condo and apartment living can be a little challenging. The truth is many people do not know the actual difference between renting a condo and an apartment, which is essential to making the right decision. That said, there are a number of pros and cons for both living situations. Thus, at the end of the day, you will have to decide what matters most and what exactly you are looking for in a home. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s go over the basics first.

    Difference Between an Apartment and a Condo

    Typically, the most obvious difference between an apartment and a condo is often ownership. Normally, when people are looking at condos, they are interested in purchasing one, however people do opt to rent condos in certain situations as well. Therefore, if you are considering a condo for rent, then this difference does not apply.

    With that said, there still are a few other notable differences. For instance, condos tend to offer more living space, fewer neighbors, and have a few more amenities like guard gated communities or concierges. Of course, additional space and extra perks are not free. Rather condos tend to cost more and may even include HOA fees, even if you are renting.

    On the other hand, an apartment tends to be located in a larger building and offers slightly less space than a traditional condo. Apartment complexes tend to offer similar communal perks these days, but may not have a doorman or valet parking. However, the nice thing about apartments is they are generally affordable and tend to be more modern/updated more frequently.

    Pros of Renting a Condo

    Looking at the pros of renting or purchasing a condo, then, are fairly obvious. If you want a few more upscale amenities, more living space, and fewer neighbors—this is probably the best choice. Moreover, condos tend to be in good overall condition because they have exchanged hands less. In other words, despite being available for rent now, more than likely, your future condo was purchased by someone previously and maintained as though it were someone’s property versus as a rental. Along those same lines, if you are renting from the actual owner of a condo, then you will likely have more facetime or direct contact with your landlord. Thus, any issues that need to be addressed can be brought directly to your landlord’s attention for a quicker resolution.


    There are also a few disadvantages to renting a condo as well. For starters, as briefly mentioned, there are typically HOA fees. You may think as a renter, these fees do not apply to you, however the owner or landlord is still responsible for these fees. Consequently, these HOA fees are often factored into the rental rate.

    Furthermore, renting a condo unit means you are likely dealing with an individual versus a property management team, which can sometimes be bad if the said individual does not have ample experience when it comes to managing a property or being a landlord.

    Other condo cons you can expect to deal with are maintenance fees and availability. Generally, condo owners are responsible for their unit’s maintenance and repair costs. So, as a renter, this could either mean you are expected to cover these costs on your own or again, those fees have been worked into your rental rate. Lastly, finding a condo for rent is definitely not a walk in the park. Many condo communities do not even allow owners to rent out their units.

    Pros of Renting an Apartment

    When it comes to renting an apartment, there are a few benefits. Besides being more affordable, renters/tenants are typically not responsible for apartment home maintenance or repair costs. Furthermore, with less square footage, there is less to clean up, and your renter’s insurance is typically cheaper. Utility bills also tend to be more affordable when you are renting an apartment.

    Other reasons renting an apartment can be beneficial include communal amenities like playgrounds, covered parking, nearby schools, and an abundance of everyday conveniences. Often you will find that apartment communities are in heavily populated areas. Therefore, it is easier to get what you need and feel like you are a part of the surrounding community.


    The only disadvantage to renting an apartment is you usually have less of a say in decorating or remodeling. When you rent an apartment home, you cannot paint the walls crazy colors or request that a wall be knocked out to create an open concept floor plan like you can with a condo. Overall, this is a small price to pay for more flexible renting terms and more money left over each month.

    Other possible cons you may encounter with an apartment include loud neighbors, parking issues, and less square footage—finding a 4-bedroom apartment these days is next to impossible.

    Things to Consider

    If you are still mulling over the pros and cons of both and need a little more assistance, that is perfectly understandable. Moving to new housing, in general, can be a lot of work, so it makes sense to be sure of your decision. Thus, the things you need to consider here are your overall budget, whether or not you need additional space for a pet or a home office, if you want added perks like a doorman or valet, and if you can afford unexpected maintenance cost or repairs. Chances are you would prefer to have a little extra spending money at the end of each month, so unless absolutely necessary, there is really no reason that an apartment cannot meet your living requirements.

    Flexibility and Location

    Another thing to keep in mind when making your decision is flexibility. In both scenarios, you are a renter, which does give you more flexibility than purchasing a home or a condo/townhouse. However, since apartments are generally more affordable, you can seriously consider month-to-month leases, or short-term leases without it costing you an arm and a leg.

    In addition to flexible leasing terms, finding an available condo in your desired location that you can rent might be a little tricky. So, you should keep that in mind when you are looking for your future home. Remember, being closer to your job or your kid’s school matters more.


    Plus, the available amenities may not be that different when you narrow down your options. This is especially true if the condos in the area were once apartments that have been renovated and are now being marketed as condos. So, you should make sure you are not opting to spend more for comparable communal perks when it is all said and done.

    Where You are at in Life

    Finally, it helps to think about where you are in life when deciding between an apartment and a condo. If you are a young professional who is always on the go, then a condo may not make sense for your needs at the moment. Likewise, if you have a large family, then neither a condo nor an apartment may be right for you plus four kids.

    You should also keep in mind how long you are planning to stay in the area. If you have recently relocated for work, but it is only temporary, then an apartment is the better choice financially and socially. Ultimately, only you know which housing situation will work best for you and your family, but at least now you can make a more informed decision.

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