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    Cleaning Your Apartment: Top Disinfecting Tips

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Cleaning Your Apartment: Top Disinfecting Tips

    Cleaning Your Apartment: Top Disinfecting Tips

    Cleaning your apartment regularly is a vital chore, but it can appear to be a daunting one at times. With that said, it doesnt have to take up your entire weekend.

    Whether you’re on the apartment search today wanting to move into a new home and want to start your apartment life without filth, or you simply want to make sure your property is in good shape, deep cleaning is practically achievable on your own, without the help of professionals.

    It is feasible to clean your apartment efficiently and leave no dirt behind if you have the proper cleaning supplies. Furthermore, you will save money that you would have spent on hiring expert cleaners.

    Cleaning Your Apartment

    Cleaning your home can take a long time before you’re finished. However, it doesn’t have to be that way every time you want to clean. A few simple deep cleaning tactics and ideas can save you a lot of time.

    People frequently put off chores until they get the apartment messier before worrying about where to begin.

    Whether you have an unexpected visitor or a get-together with your friends that has just ended and you need to get organized, the following ideas will help your ultimate apartment clean out quickly:

    Apartment Cleaning Checklist

    A cleaning checklist will assist you in a major apartment cleaning from top to bottom. You’ll find it satisfying to clean your apartment in a certain order so you don’t miss crucial spots to clean or muck around while cleaning.

    Get Everything Ready for Cleaning

    The first step in cleansing your home is to gather all of the necessary cleaning supplies. You’ll undoubtedly need to purchase some necessary products and equipment. Some tools may be expensive, but they are well worth it to make your home look and smell nice.

    Cleaning Tools

    To save money, you should research pricing from multiple sellers before purchasing the cleaning materials you require.

    Everything (cleaning supplies) youll need to clean your apartment is listed below:

    ●     Trash can/bags

    ●     Vacuum/steam vacuum

    ●     Carpet spot cleaner

    ●     Glass cleaner

    ●     Mop/steam mop

    ●     Baking soda

    ●     Step stool

    ●     Disinfectant wipe or spray

    ●     Toilet brush

    ●     Distilled white vinegar

    ●     Broom/dustpan

    This is the time to be in all out cleaning mode. As such, going from one room to another is the key to cleaning your place, and here is our explanation that will help your huge cleaning project:

    Begin with Apartment Clutter

    Many people become frustrated when it comes to cleaning since they don’t know where to start.

    Begin by clearing out the items in different rooms accumulated on the floors and the countertop. Organizing your belongings in your home will make cleaning easier.

    Woman cleaning the house

    Walk from one room to another doing the same thing because it helps you give your whole attention to each space and get it organized before moving on. Seeing the decluttered area will undoubtedly give you a sense of success.

    If you have a lot of stuff, it’s a good idea to invest in storage facilities to keep them safe and out of sight.

    Move on to the next arrangement whenever you’re through with the previous one.

    Arrange Your Couch

    Before bringing in your vacuum to start the cleaning journey, begin with making your couch presentable by organizing it.

    Fluffing and rotating your cushions helps to keep them looking new and prevents one side from wearing down. You may want to reverse the side of the cushions if the shape allows.

    Additionally, if you have a cloth couch, vacuum it to remove dust. Also, items frequently fall behind the couch; make certain that none are left behind when cleaning.

    Clean Your Coffee Table

    A coffee table is one of those places where dust accumulates quickly. If it’s constructed of glass, make sure you use a proper cleaning on its surfaces.

    After you’ve finished cleaning the surfaces, properly place your belongings on tops, such as books or magazines. If you have the time, set up the coffee table and maintain it in place.

    Since dust settles anywhere, remember to dust over the cabinets, above doors, and in between blinds.

    Clean the Living Room Floor

    It’s disgusting to be strolling around your living room barefoot and having stuff get caught on your feet.

    The living space is the focal focus of your home, and many guests will likely visit frequently. As a result, ensure that the floors are clean and comfy.

    Young woman using vacuum cleaner to clean the house

    Because a lot of that swept off dust ends up on the floors, it’s reasonable to begin by dusting off before vacuuming.

    Carpets accumulate dust rapidly, and items get trapped in them; as a result, spot clean with a spray cleaner and vacuum frequently to keep the carpet from collecting dust and becoming discolored.

    Don’t forget about the dust ball in the corner, either. It’s easy to overlook, but your guests will notice.

    Time to Clean the Windows

    Eliminate any dust accumulated on your window surfaces by using a window or glass cleaner to remove the dust. When the light streams through the window, you can immediately detect if the dirt has been removed.

    Taking care of your windows and getting rid of all the clutter will make your home feel brighter.

    Sort Through Your Clothes in Your Bedroom

    When garments are strewn about, the bedroom can appear disorganized.

    Collect all dirty clothes (gather laundry) and place them in a hamper. You may take them to the laundry room and clean them later. Fold clean clothing properly and store them in the closet.

    With that done, the room appears a little better, but not at its best if the floors are still dirty and the rubbish is not sorted.

    Remove Trash and Clean the Bedroom Floor

    It’s time for picking up the garbage bag and sweeping through the rooms. As you begin to pick through the stuff in the room, such as books and magazines, collect all of the loose trash and place it in the trash can.

    If you have a hard floor, it will most likely gather dust and debris quickly. To maintain the room dust-free, make sure you sweep, mop, or vacuum it regularly.

    Your space under the bed is another culprit for dust accumulation. Make sure you clean it as well to make your room look cleaner and brighter.

    Remember to empty your garbage cans and keep them somewhere accessible while you clean your apartment.

    Make Your Bed

    If you desire a tidy bed, wash your bed linens more frequently than you think. Even if you don’t realize it, you sweat every night, and your sheets are soaking it up.

    Also, who knows what your pet is bringing into your bed if you sleep with them, pet hair at the very least.

    Making your bed is now a simple task that will make a significant difference, and it won’t be long before you’re finished. Check to see if the sheets are clean; if not, now is the time to replace them.

    Nothing beats resting on freshly laundered linens! The reward will be a sparkling clean apartment.

    If you have time, while in the bedroom organize your closet and make sure your clothes are well-organized according to your preferences.

    Bathroom Towels and Mats

    If you don’t wash your towels and mats after each usage, try doing so at least once a week.

    It may not appear to be a major concern, but your towels and mats discreetly keep dirt. When you use a towel to dry yourself, it still accumulates dirt and, more importantly, bacteria thrive on dampness. As a result, keep track of how frequently you clean the towel.

    Clean the Bathroom Sink and Tub

    If you can see the filth in the sink and tubs, wipe them down with a cleanser, like bleach, once a week.

    Fortunately, sinks and tubs aren’t difficult to clean. Take your actual spray and wipe them down for a few minutes to remove any coatings formed on the surfaces.

    With a quick wipe, you’ll have an easier time when it comes time to complete a deep cleaning later.

    Also, many people overlook the importance of wiping the shower curtain. Water splashes while bathing, leaving filth on them. As a result, it’s a good idea to wipe them down for a few minutes or completely clean them.

    Clean the Toilet

    It is vital to clean your toilet, but how frequently should you do so? Water rings and stains on the toilet are common, so use a toilet bowl cleaner to remove them.

    Cleaning your toilet regularly can keep it clean and looking new every day.

    Take Care of the Bathroom Mirror

    Normally, no one can shower without splattering water on the mirror. Furthermore, whether brushing your teeth or washing your face, splashes remain on the mirror. A filthy bathroom mirror implies a filthy bathroom.

    Wipe the mirror clean with a glass cleaner. Make it a habit to do this regularly to prevent dust from accumulating on the mirror.

    Bathroom Floor

    The bathroom is the least pleasant part of the apartment to clean; as such, you don’t want it to take you long before you’re done.

    When cleaning your bathroom, or your home in general, it’s a good idea to start at the top and work your way down. This will assist you in avoiding doing double work.

    As a result, after wiping the bathroom tub and toilet, the ground should be the last thing to be cleaned.

    Since you can’t identify what bacteria and germs reside on the ground, begin by sweeping the floor to collect all the dirt and dust. To disinfect, use a store-bought cleaner and soak the ground.

    Then clean the ground with a mop or a cloth. You are now finished with the bathroom and can go to the kitchen.

    Wash Your Dishes and Dry Them

    Roaches are frequently drawn to dirty dishes, and they aren’t picky. They’ll eat anything from meat to cereals, when it comes to food. As a result, any debris left on your dishes will most likely get a warm welcome.

    Fill the sink with warm and soapy water and let the plates soak for a couple of minutes before you wash them, then later rinse the soapy water.

    Also, remember to dry them if you’re washing them by hand. It is harmful to the cabinets to leave them damp.

    If possible, use a dishwasher to do your dishes. A dishwasher will save you time.

    Counters, Cabinets, and Appliances

    Although your countertops, cabinets, and appliances should be cleaned regularly, a thorough wiping will eliminate any dust or debris that has accumulated on them. For stubborn surfaces, use dusting spray or a mix of vinegar and water.

    Also, remember that some disinfectants are not safe for food surfaces; instead, use baking soda or vinegar.

    It’s simple for someone to have dirt on their kitchen counter, cabinets, or appliances. Besides, no one wants to cook in a messy kitchen or on a dirty surface.

    table spray

    Once the dishes are clean and dry, wipe down the counter and remove any items accumulated on top by storing them in the cabinets to make room.

    Every day your kitchen gadgets easily catch culinary scraps. Due to this, you should clean these areas everytime after making a meal. This will not only keep your equipment clean, but it will also extend their life.

    For example, the inside of the microwave, including the plate, should be cleaned once a week. Since it is easy for food or liquid to leak in the microwave, clean, using a damp cloth, inside and remove all the dirt.

    Check your fridge regularly and throw out anything that is no longer edible. Most people are guilty of putting off eating what they were supposed to consume that evening or the next morning. As a result, it’s easy for the fridge to emit an unpleasant odor.

    As a result, make sure you wipe out anything that has lasted too long or gone rotten.

    Clean the Kitchen Sink

    Clean the sink once you’ve finished wiping the dishes and wiping down the counters.

    The sink is one of the dirtiest spots in the kitchen. Wipe them down on both sides with dish soap and hot water.

    After that, rinse the sink well with diluted vinegar or any other disinfectant.

    Kitchen Floor

    The kitchen floor, like any other element of the room, needs to be cleaned.

    The floor has acquired a lot of filth due to the major clean out of the cabinets, counters, and so on. Sweep the floor, then wet and dry it with a mop.

    Dirty floors will invite pests into your kitchen, which I’m sure you don’t want to happen.

    Final Thought

    Cleaning your home is necessary not just to keep it nice, but also to keep uninvited guests away. If you forget to clean your apartment, roaches are one of the most common pests to infiltrate your home.

    happy woman dancing

    Even though cleaning can be overwhelming, the tips above will help turn your cleaning fun and leave your apartment spotless.

    If you’re moving to a new apartment, a deep clean is necessary. After move-in, break down the chores of cleaning your apartment weekly and daily before doing another deep clean.

    Lastly, if you’re cleaning to prepare for a move-out, these will help you get your full security deposit back!

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