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    Top Five Cities to Rent an Apartment in Oakland County

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on Top Five Cities to Rent an Apartment in Oakland County

    Top Five Cities to Rent an Apartment in Oakland County

    Justin Becker

    Updated: June 4, 2021

    When you are searching for your next apartment home, you may be considering a different city too. Looking for a different city that is convenient, but still affords you the chance to be close to work and close to the gym, can be a little tricky. The good news here is, if you are looking in Oakland County, we can help you go over the top five cities to rent an apartment in.

    Obviously, there is a wealth of towns that make up Oakland County, but there are a few places that stand out among the rest. Cities like Royal Oak, Southfield, Farmington Hills, Ferndale, and Auburn Hills are the top places to look for affordable luxury apartments. That said, let’s go over a few reasons why each of these cities is a great place to put down roots and experience apartment living at its finest.

    Farmington Hills

    Farmington Hills is definitely our top pick for cities to rent an apartment for a variety of reasons. For instance, not too long ago, Time Magazine picked this northwest suburb of Detroit as their top place to live in the entire state of Michigan. The good news here is things have only gotten better since then.

    Farmington Hills has so much to offer in the way of affordable luxury apartments, but that is not all this city has to offer its residents and visitors. Just take a quick day trip into the city, and you will find that there is so much to see and do here. Not only are there a wealth of parks, recreational spaces, museums, galleries, and more, but Farmington Hills also has a multitude of golf courses, adventure spots, historical sites, amazing local eateries, and first-rate shopping. What’s more, this city has highly regarded schools and a flourishing economy, making it a great place to live for just about everyone.


    Coming in at number two is Southfield, yet another cozy suburb of Detroit. Southfield has parks, restaurants, shopping centers, quality schools, and affordable apartment homes. This city is currently building a downtown district with even more everyday conveniences.

    The nice thing about this city is that it is located right next to Farmington Hills. As a result, you can have access to comparable city-wide amenities, if you will. In terms of housing, Southfield has a handful of apartment complexes, townhomes and rental homes. This city is also ideal for growing families, young professionals and retirees.

    That said, Southfield does still have a few kinks to work out like its roads and limited dining options. If this city can get a handle on these two things, then it may just give Farmington Hills a run for its money.

    Royal Oak

    To many people’s surprise, the continually reimagined city of Royal Oak comes in at number three for several reasons. For starters, there is no denying this city has one of the best downtown districts around. However, when it comes to affordable housing, space, available parking, and privacy, you might be a little disappointed.

    Sure, you can live in posh apartments/condos here, but if you are on a budget, you may want to look elsewhere. Despite high rental rates and limited space, there is a lot to see and experience in Royal Oak, like its nightlife. In fact, Royal Oak has one of the best bar/pub/lounge scenes in Oakland County. Thus, it is a great spot for young professionals and those who can afford to live in a pricey part of town. Since it is a bustling city, it is not necessarily ideal for growing families or retirees. Nevertheless, younger people do seem to enjoy this lively part of Oakland County.


    While in Royal Oak, if you are wondering what is across 10 Mile Road or 696’s service drive, it is the city of Ferndale. Similar to Royal Oak, Ferndale has more houses for rent than it does apartments. Thus, this is why Ferndale is not ranked too high. Nevertheless, the available apartment homes that you will find in Ferndale, for the most part, are reasonably priced.

    Once again, this is yet another lively city that attracts a lot of young professionals, students and people just starting out in their careers. Notably, one issue with apartments living in Ferndale is that there is limited parking. That said, many people that choose to live in Ferndale also decide not to have a vehicle. As a result, if you do not have a car, then living in Ferndale is one of the better choices since you will find all of your everyday conveniences within walking distance. In addition to standard amenities, this city has a multitude of restaurants, shops, year-round events put on by the town and more.

    Auburn Hills

    Number five on the list is Auburn Hills. This lovely city in Oakland County has a wealth of apartment complexes at affordable prices, which matters. This city also has excellent schools, parks, and a thriving economy thanks to various corporate headquarters and Oakland University.

    In fact, the only downside to this city is that it is further out from most things like the airport, major cities like Troy, Birmingham, Farmington Hills, Novi, etc. Consequently, if you do not work in the area or go to school in the vicinity, then Auburn Hills may be too far away from key points of interest for you. Regardless, Auburn Hills made it on our top five places in Oakland County to rent an apartment list because you will find contemporary apartment homes, great amenities and convenient access to major freeways.

    Bonus City – Birmingham

    Our bonus city for apartment hunting is Birmingham. This cozy, yet posh, area of Oakland County has apartment homes, townhouses, high-rise condos and other rentals for lease. Moreover, Birmingham has great schools and a must-see downtown district with shops, restaurants, yoga studios, plus more.

    All-in-all, Birmingham is a wonderful place to put down roots if you can afford to. Clearly, the one caveat here is that Birmingham is a pricey place to live, and your dollar only goes so far. Thus, if you want a large, contemporary apartment home here, you are easily looking at $2,000+ a month for even a 1-bedroom apartment. Of course, if you can allocate thousands of dollars a month just for rent, then, by all means, check out this bonus city in Oakland County.

    The Best Option

    As you can see, all of the cities mentioned above in Oakland County have a lot to offer, but if you are looking for a city that you and the whole family can enjoy, then your best option is more than likely Farmington Hills. Not only does this city have great schools, affordable contemporary apartment homes that offer tons of living space, ample apartment and street parking, endless entertainment options, plus more, but it is also a well-maintained city.

    Final Note

    Ultimately, Oakland County has several cities that are worth considering. These cities mentioned above are just the ones that stand out amongst the crowd. Consequently, if you are short on time and would like your search to be narrow down for you even before you begin looking, then you should utilize the above top five cities for renting an apartment in Oakland County list. That said, if you need additional assistance or would just like to know more about the apartment communities available in these specific cities, then feel free to contact a knowledgeable team member at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments today.

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