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    Top 8 Farmington Hills Summer Activities

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Top 8 Farmington Hills Summer Activities

    Top 8 Farmington Hills Summer Activities

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 2, 2022

    Farmington Hills, MI is a perfectly balanced city to live in. The basics are fully secure in Farmington Hills. You get to live in a safe community with good educational institutes for your children, job opportunities for you, affordable everyday utilities, easy availability of luxuries, and a lot of entertainment options.

    It is a quiet and peaceful city. Yet, whenever you feel the need to witness a happening atmosphere, you can head to downtown Farmington Hills. There is not a single holiday or season that will be boring in this city. Farmington Hills Special Services ensure one thing for sure: from the numerous tourist attractions, to the history of Farmington Hills, MI, to seasonally appropriate events, the city offers everything you need and much more!

    Farmington Hills Summer Activities

    Though Farmington Hills Special Services might provide recreational events for the dwellers of Farmington Hills, you can avail the opportunity to come up with your own summer activities as well. Some of these activities in Farmington Hills, MI can be enjoyed at other times of the year, too. However, it is best if you make the most of the summer fun with these options.

    These summer activities are either free or highly economical. You can have the time of your life at no cost at all. Get the chance to bond with your family, make new friends, or reconnect with old ones this summer with these eight funfilled activities in Farmington Hills, MI!

    1. Wind Down on a Picnic with Your Family

    The city of Farmington Hills, MI has amazing Farmington Hills parks. Therefore, it is only fair if you utilize them on a sunny weekend. Nothing could be better than planning a casual get-together with your family on a Sunday afternoon with delicious snacks in between the nature of Farmington Hills, MI.

    Absorb the fresh air and enjoy lush grass in any open park in the city. Though you have several options available, Heritage Park is specifically ideal for a picnic. You should book the picnic shelter in advance so that you can enjoy a clean, designated space for your picnic.

    You can also avail yourself of the other outdoor activities in Heritage Park. These include sports, such as baseball, volleyball, and soccer. An outdoor play space is also open for children and young adults.

    2. Enjoy the Aquatics at the Local Community Center

    Summer and water activities go hand in hand. Outdoor fun is much better when you get to be inside a pool of cool water.

    The Farmington Hills Special Services offer you the Farmington Hills Community Center for the best aquatics in the area. Head over to Hawk Community Center, which is the local community center of the city to register for the aquatics program. The Art Aquatic Center here is truly amazing. You will find a two-lap pool with a water slide, climbing wall, lazy river, and zero-depth entry.

    Another Farmington Hills Community Center is the Costick Center. Here, you can enjoy a 25-yard pool with five lanes.

    3. Indulge in Sports

    Summer is usually the season when everyone wants to get in shape. Get into sports yourself and also bring your kids along to the local sports camp. You can enjoy your time at local parks with freestyle sports, spending your morning practicing catch. The Riley Skate Park and Heritage Park are good options to partake in these activities.

    If you want to commit to something serious, go for sports summer camps. These camps are also ideal to introduce young athletes to new sports. From volleyball, to basketball, to soccer, there is a great camp for every sport. Plus, the Farmington Hills Special Services organizes sports camps for all ages.

    4. Learn Survival Skills

    If traditional sports is not your cup of tea, Farmington Hills Special Services has something for everyone to enjoy. They offer summer camps for technical skills, such as wilderness survival skills. Learning these unique skills will help you get active, burn some calories, and learn valuable life skills simultaneously.

    Wilderness skills are taught in unique ways. There is a fishing camp, outdoor survival camp, archery camp, a hungergames-inspired camp, and a lot more. You will definitely learn new life skills that will not only prove useful, but will also help you have a good time during your summer break.

    5. Enroll Your Kids in a Writing Summer Camp

    You will find some of the best Farmington Hills elementary schools, but that is not all that you need to do for your children. Yes, a good school helps build a strong educational background, however you do have a lot more options to help them get to bigger places.

    At Farmington Hills, MI, with the help of what Farmington Hills Special Services have arranged, your child can end up with their own graphic novel. They will learn the art to explore story development, writing like an author, building characters, and narrating mysteriously. If you want your child to gain all those skills, the writing summer camps will be a great summer activity for them.

    6. Learn Contemporary Art Forms

    On the topic of summer camps, there is a lot more for you. For the creative ones out there, Farmington Hills Special Services has art camps. The use of clay, crafts, and comics might look too cliché, but that is what can spark up the inner artist in your child.

    The fun mixed media camp, such as Camp Combines Turtle and Camp Otter, are available for little children to get the best of all categories while socializing with others of their age. Music and dance camps are also offered for children who are not into traditional arts.

    Regardless of which art your child ends up going to, one thing is for sure; your children will not just come out of these camps with cute art projects. Instead, they will have a new, well-polished skill in them.

    7. Make the Most of the Nature Programs at the Nature Center

    In Farmington Hills, there is a Nature Center so that people have an organized place to visit and enjoy nature in its best form. You can experience the natural world in its raw form, but in a comfortable environment at this center.

    You can reserve the fire pit if you plan on camping or having a bonfire. For a day visit, you should join in on any ongoing events. An education session is scheduled frequently so that the visitors can learn more about the nature that they are observing. Besides, you can enjoy an easy hike, practice archery, and play outdoor games while hearing the sound of the animals in their natural habitat in the background.

    8. Attend a Fun Event

    The Farmington Hills Special Services always have something fun planned for its citizens. During the summer, there are appropriate events that you can enjoy with your family and friends. These events are distributed equally to allow the kids to have just as much fun as the adults.

    The Annual Backyard Farmington Hills Campout is not something you should miss. You will camp at the Heritage Park along with other families. Besides other camp-related activities, you can enjoy hot dogs or walk around the campfire! Yeti Fest Art Day, Summer Stadium Community Cookout, and Art on the Grand are some other summer events that will take place in Farmington Hills, MI.

    The Takeaway

    Having all these interesting summer activities on hand, your summertime in Farmington Hills, MI will not be dull. All sorts of categories of entertainment are offered to cater to people who prefer a wide array of activity options. You can enjoy the city as a child, as a parent, as a student, with your friends, and even as a lone young individual.

    You should not be missing out on this amazing city’s life anymore! So, it is time to start looking for an apartment in Farmington Hills. Once done, you can hire one of the top movers in Farmington Hills to help you start planning out your shift as soon as possible.

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