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Botsford Place Terrace Apartments are managed by Brookfield Management, a family-owned and operated company that always puts its residents first. Brookfield Management prides itself on customer service and attention to detail.

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      • Need to check anyone’s credit over the age of 18 residing in the apartment. $40.00 Application Fee for one applicant, $45.00 Application Fee for two applicants (only if ran at the same time)
      • Move-In Costs are based on Credit Score
        • 700+ Credit Score = $299.00 Security Deposit + 1st Month’s Rent
        • 650-699 Credit Score = One Month Security Deposit + 1st Month’s Rent
        • 649 or under Credit Score = One and a Half Month SD + 1st Month’s Rent
      • Applicants with the following will be Denied:
        • Criminal History (felonies)
        • Bankruptcies or Evictions within the last Five Years
        • If proof of NET Income does not equate to 2.5 times the amount of the rent after monthly debt.
      • Must have the following information to run an Application:
        • Copy of Driver’s License (all applicants)
        • Copy of Social Security Card (if they have it)
        • Proof of Income (at least the last month’s worth)
          • Pay Stubs
          • Bank Statements
          • Proof of SSI or Disability
          • Letters from Employers does not count as proof of income
      • If Applicant is approved, they must put down a minimum of $200.00 to reserve the apartment, or the next one that comes available. The $200.00 must be paid in either a Money Order, Cash or through the online portal and it will go towards their Security Deposit when they move-in. Note: Applicant must sign the Welcome Sheet immediately after putting down deposit
      • In order to keep the apartment reserved, Applicants must bring in at least depending if they get paid weekly or bi-weekly: $100.00 weekly (or $200.00 every two weeks). All monies go towards their move-in cost. (Explained on Welcome Sheet)
      • If Applicants decide not to move-in to the Apartment at any time, all monies they have paid are non-refundable. That being said, if they decide to move-in to one of our Apartments at a later date, those monies will be applied to their new move-in cost. (Explained on Welcome Sheet)